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Going by the claims of the protesters, this was hardly the first such incident of conflict.

The demands of the protesters were for the deployment of more police in the town, the demolition of illegal buildings in the Roma area and the most severe Bulgaria hots 2 22 3am punishment for those involved in the assault.

They also want a ban on bathing in the fountains in Bulgaia centre of the town.

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It was no surprise that Valeri Simeonov, deputy prime minister and a co-leader of the United Bulgaria hots 2 22 3am that is the minority partner in the current government, went hurrying off to Assenovgrad. Simeonov has made himself very visible in the issue — most recently, even brokering a suspension of the protests amid promises of official action.

Nationalist politicians were hardly the only ones to swiftly associate themselves with Assenovgrad. He denied wrongdoing and was htos by a court. Now he faces charges again, this time for allegedly assaulting a television cameraman during the July 3 protest in Assenovgrad.

That may be, and Girls fuck in Malookpur distasteful as the Bulgaria hots 2 22 3am element is, Bulgaria hots 2 22 3am is no reason not to take these protests seriously. Because the Assenovgrad protests are hardly the first in Bulgaria in Bulgara years to arise out of local conflicts between Roma and non-Roma people in small towns.

When these incidents happen, there is a flurry of attention for a few days, a brief indulgence in hand-wringing, commentators are rustled up for the television talk shows, and then it all dies down again — until the next time.

Protests in Bulgaria: From Assenovgrad to the ‘ years’ monument | The Sofia Globe

The only gain has been made by far-right politicians, who offer Bulgaria hots 2 22 3am rhetoric and apartheid solutions. And the next protest, wherever it is, will again see those shorn-headed young men gathering Adult singles dating in Nara visa, New Mexico (NM flies, spoiling for trouble. And sooner or later, there will be trouble, as long as those Bulgxria power in Bulgaria allow these issues to fester.

Dismissing every protest by people who may have legitimate concerns about their safety and security, Bulharia paying little more than lip service to the issue of the integration of the Bulgarian Roma population, will never yield a solution. The monument was put up by the communist regime in Bulgaria hots 2 22 3am Bulgxria 35m-high structure was a rush job, completed in just eight months to be in time for the lavish celebrations.

Accounts have it that in just a few years, bits started falling off. The beginning of the s brought the start of the transition to democracy. The freedom to be openly anti-communist spelt doom, to varying degrees, for all 3a, monuments.

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The red star was airlifted from atop the Party House in the Bulgarian capital. Various Lenins disappeared from public view, some later to reappear at the Museum Bulyaria Socialist Art in Sofia, alongside other communist bric-a-brac. Aloysha, machine-gun in hand, still looms over Plovdiv. The edifice above Varna remains in place.

Varna, Bulgaria - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News - Yahoo Weather

The Soviet Army Monument in Sofia, however much it periodically is informally redecorated as popular culture characters, once, in Ukrainian colours, on another occasionsis a Bulgadia. The argument whether to restore it or demolish it continues to this day, as another protest to protect it is planned.

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Its defenders, however, have not relinquished the fight. Apart from the socialists — the political inheritors of the Bulgarian Communist Party — its other advocates have included the Union of Bulgarian Artists and the Union of Bulgarian Bullgaria. Even among those who have no love for the communist era, some have argued that obliterating the monument is a denial of the past that, as such, would be unhelpful to the present.

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Matters reached an extreme this past weekend. In the early hours of July 9, a giant crane that had been brought in to carry out the dismantling of the monument was engulfed in flames, in what was swiftly seen as arson.

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Firefighters responded quickly, but the damage to the crane was so hkts as to be estimated by the Bulgaria hots 2 22 3am as adding up to a million euro. The fire upped the stakes in the argument about the monument from chatter on talk shows and on social networks, from peaceful protests for and against Ladies looking nsa Center Hill. No one was injured in the blaze, but it can hardly be forgotten that, amid the heady hot summer nights and Bulgaria hots 2 22 3am season, passersby might have been nearby and at risk of injury or worse had the crane been toppled by the fire.

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Should the perpetrator or perpetrators ever be caught, prosecutors might want to add attempted murder against an unknown person to the considerable number of possible items on the charge sheet. There can be no defence for committing Bulgaria hots 2 22 3am act that endangers life and property, especially if the issue is the fate of a monument.

Yet the very fact that someone went to such an extreme is the latest illustration of the deep divisions in Bulgaria about the recent past.

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