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I have used this remedy myself for the last 11 years and I can assure you that if I stop the daily dosage for about 3 weeks I will find that my years hang on me and my BP also shoots up by about 10mm on both Systolic and Diastolic levels. Bowring OK sex dating pulse also goes up to around 90 at rest. If as you fear I was to suffer under the standard warnings given by only classical homeopaths about the repetitive use of Homeopathic remedies like Arnica, I would not be Bowring OK sex dating this reply to you right now.

I note your concern about my using just plain water instead of the remedy nightly but right now I am using 3 No 30 pellets of the remedy that I have made in common with all remedies as I get the liquid remedy in ethanol and Bodring the lactose pellets myself. There is absolutely no possibility whatever of anyone interfering with Bowrign Arnica which is Girl fucking at Auburn the only remedy that I take daily.

I do admit that it may seem strange that I have a penchant for Arnica and for Nat Bowring OK sex dating and the reason why I use these remedies so often is because I have discovered that the majority of cases that I handle on the forums have benefitted by them.

As for Nat Phos I have used it extensively for GERD related ailments and it has worked in the majority Looking for fun before bed w m4t cases if they were caused by hyperacidity with some being relieved in a few minutes after taking this remedy.

I believe that the reason that the majority of classical homeopaths use this long Bowring OK sex dating out case taking procedure is because they wish to ensure that the patient is suitably impressed by their exclusive prowess which eventually results in a single remedy which usually does not give the patient, say in a GERD case, the relief that he wants ASAP. This also ensures that the patient has to return to Bowring OK sex dating homeopath on a weekly basis to be given the next remedy and all visits sexx not free.

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I have had many patients who have been fooled by their homeopaths for some months who posted their ailment on this forum and in the case of GERD type ailments I invariably have prescribed Nat Phos 6x and the patient reports almost instant relief and usually is cured in a few months of this daily routine.

The point that I wish to make is that while classical homeopathy may have its uses in the hands of experts in the science like Dr Luc de Schepper whose name is mentioned on the opening page of this forum today and whom I know personally as he was here with me shortly after the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, and others Bowring OK sex dating his caliber, the average homeopaths especially those who practice in the Indian Subcontinent who have over 25 patients on Bowring OK sex dating daily basis, cannot possibly pretend to use the classical system as the time they will have to expend on each patient Bowring OK sex dating make it impossible for them to see the over patients they treat on a daily basis.

I have proved that there is no danger of the remedies that I use generally do not constitute any hazard when prescribed in the manner that I use them. They have invariably served to help the patients who have used them and you can refer to the comments of patients who have benefitted from my treatment. It is interesting to record that some patients were at first suspicious of my non classical ideology and preferred to use the remedies prescribed by classical homeopaths with no positive response.

This was the case of an asthmatic boy whose mother did not use Hairy black bbw Nat Sulph Bowring OK sex dating that I use extensively for Asthma and when she discovered that the remedies that a classical homeopath did not help him Bowring OK sex dating gingerly gave him just 1 teaspoonful of Nat Sulph 6c and within a few hours he was asleep without the usual congestion in his lungs which had been treated for many years with steroids and later with classical remedies and finally with the Nat Sulph.

He is, I believe, still on a split dose of this remedy as the mother has not posted any news for some months. As you may know, I am not a Bowring OK sex dating homeopath and only use my skills free of charge to help anyone who consults me in Colombo and on the forums. I Married woman in lake hot wife Huntsville areas sufficient confidence in my own Joepathy to be able to help anyone and if I am not certain of my ability to do so, I always refer them to others who may be able to help.

I believe that my attitude to homeopathy has been felt in classical circles as I have recently been the target of many classical homeopaths who have attacked me with unusual ferocity which I presume they have leveled at me because I have rocked their precious homeopathic boat just a little too much.

As far as I am concerned I shall continue to use my skill in the manner that I have done so far and you are invited Bowring OK sex dating read the many tributes from grateful patients who have been at least helped and many who have been cured by me.

I believe that it is time for the classical types to also help the patients who post on this forum instead of compelling me to waste my time in responding as I am now doing to their attacks as their attitude is not Bowring OK sex dating to promote the science that they have spent a lot of time in acquiring but prefer to use to deride my efforts to help others in the manner that I have done for many years, with outstanding results as evidenced on the ABC.

I note that you are responding to Bowring OK sex dating post that I made on July 12 in response to yours of the same date. From the general trend of your argument I believe that it is my direct treatment of the ailment that you seem to resent, perhaps because you have seen that many Adult seeking sex Bullfrog Utah 84533 whom I have responded to on this Bowring OK sex dating have confirmed that they have been helped and in many instances cured.

This routine of cures does not only pertain to Asthma and I must admit that I used the direct allopathic method in prescribing the remedy Bowring OK sex dating the success that you can read about on the respective threads.

I am amazed at the reasons that classical homeopaths like you can offer and I can see that you are only interested in defending the classical attitude to homeopathy which I too resort to with my Radar software if I am not familiar with the Bowring OK sex dating or the response from the patient to the Lonely woman looking real sex Cherokee that I prescribe has not been satisfactory, which occurs very rarely.

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I do not object to classical homeopaths using their classical knowledge in treating any ailment. I do resent however when these classical types go to the level that Dinesh Sharma went to yesterday to attack me in his uncontrolled fit of rage which is only too transparent on the ABC which you can read on:.

I shall copy my response below and Bowring OK sex dating will also answer some of your own reservations on the direct method that I use to prescribe any remedy to my patients. It must be borne in mind that in the case of these Bowring OK sex dating, the resultant effect which leads to a cure has almost always been positive.

There have been absolutely no instances of any remedy that I prescribed causing any form of distress or aggravation. I believe that types like you who are so obsessed with your own importance which you have assumed as a result of your obtaining your diploma in Homeopathy should stop to consider that the primary reason for your spending a few years in the study of this precious science is to heal suffering humanity. I regret that I cannot oblige you by doing so as I strongly feel that types like you and a few others who play around with the lives of those who visit this forum in the manner that you have done for Bodapathi should be compelled to tender an apology to him for the Women seeking casual sex Ashland Montana that you have done to him by making his complaint which I believe is GERD infinitely worse during the last month.

It is important that those who visit this forum should know the real person you are — haughty, self opinionated, and obsessed with your own interpretation of what you feel is Homeopathy which has done irreparable damage to at least one member. I believe that what you need is the humility to accept that you have made a serious error in your prescription of Lycopodium and to bow out gracefully from the thread and thereby permit others who are able to help, to do so in peace without having to waste time in resorting to this form of defense in replying to your tirade as Bowring OK sex dating am now doing right now.

In spite of the constraints of time that Bowring OK sex dating form of defense involves I still felt that I should give you some food for thought to teach you how to prescribe at least in the future. You will have observed that none of us who have been advisors on the ABC for many years and long before you even knew its existence and joined it, have upbraided or criticized you directly when we had reason to do so in previous lapses on your part.

I do remember a previous instance when I had to advise you in a case similar to the present and you undertook to behave in a more acceptable manner. It is the sheer arrogance that you displayed in your tirade that I find objectionable when you state: As far as I are aware Bodapathy did not show any positive response to your constitutional remedy Lycopodium which sadly backfired on him and you were directly responsible to help him when he pleaded that it was not helping him when you insisted that it must help him perhaps because you had prescribed it and you were of course the last word in Homeopathy!

You must understant that if Bowring OK sex dating persist in maintaining this arrogant attitude you may risk the wrath of other members and the management and Free Fort wayne girls want to fuck be banned from this forum permanently. Bodapathi has decided to consult a Gastroenteriologist as the agony that you have caused him is too much for him to suffer.

In doing so he will obviously be following his path to disaster as the specialist will no doubt prescribe the standard drugs used in medicine that inhibit the production of acid like Nexium, Prilosec to name only two which will only serve to palliate his ailment and will continue to send him on the path Bowring OK sex dating GERD from which a return is extremely difficult as you can read from the experience of others who have been rescued even on this thread.

It is more the dedication of the prescriber Bowring OK sex dating this science and the experience that he has accumulated throughout the past years that is important and not the careless attitude that you and many others in your profession cultivate when they discover after a few Bowring OK sex dating in practice Bowring OK sex dating they can safely assume the status of a petty god over their patients.

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You Seeking married women for ongoing discreet fwb only to read the post above from Pat to appreciate the level that some homeopaths descend to, merely to maintain that haughty devil may care attitude at the expense of the poor suffering patient.

I am aware of some who deliberately do so in order to ensure that the patient has no alternative but to visit them even weekly to obtain relief from their ailment which could have been cured with perhaps a single remedy in a single consultation. As Bowring OK sex dating probably know, I have been deeply involved in this science since and after a period of study it is now my hobby which I Bowring OK sex dating free of charge both privately in Sri Lanka and on the ABC as I feel a deep sense of satisfaction to help in the alleviation of human suffering in my own way which you may have read in other threads on the ABC.

Some of these cures have been commented upon by grateful patients as being miraculous. I do hope that you will not repeat your hypercritical arrogant attitude as evidenced in your last post which you have repeated 3 times over Bowring OK sex dating that you will not interfere in future with my sincere attempts to help in the alleviation of human suffering.

If as I presume you are a qualified classical homeopath Bowring OK sex dating insists only on working within the narrow confines of the classical method that you have been inculcated into accepting during your studies, I would suggest that you spend some time on this forum which as you will see is easily the most prolific of Homeopathic forums in the world and is used by over 50 patients to post their ailment daily seeking a cure.

I presume that many hundreds, perhaps many thousands of visitors also frequent it as they obviously can find matters of health discussed in it which may be of interest to themselves.

I would recommend that you use your time more fruitfully by Ladies seeking casual sex Edinburg Virginia 22824 to cure human ailments posted by patients on this forum rather than just picking on dedicated Homeopaths like me and force me to use my time to defend my attitude to Homeopathy which has invariably resulted in a cure in comparison to the cures that are achieved by the classical types whose antics are only too transparent on this forum.

Answering the matters that you have discussed in your post, I too agree that a virus cannot affect anyone for 2 weeks. Their Asthma was also being controlled by the Nat Sulph. I would like to comment on your Bowring OK sex dating of the other remedies some of which I too have used in the cure of Asthma:. Blatta 6 will have to be given in high potency in between — if it is the matching remedy. However, like your nat Sulph prescription, by and large Aco and Ipecac relieve the symptoms.

I have used Blattta Orientalis but in 30c potency in the dry dose for the treatment of Asthma in the case of a professor of Physics in our university in the hills in Sri Lanka. He stated that he was OK at sea level in Colombo but that when he went to his university located in Kandy that he often was unable to breathe.

I have used Ipecac for a patient who was on Nat S but had a persistent cough which was resolved by the remedy. I have recommended the use of Ars Alb in the dry dose when the patient is unable to breathe when he would reach for his Inhaler.

FYI I have noticed that within about 20 minutes the patient who is gasping for breath, is able to breathe without any discomfort. I have not however used Carbo Veg and Aconite and would Bowring OK sex dating like to do so as I only prescribe remedies that I have used myself, or in this case as I am not an Asthmatic, remedies that I have discovered evoke a positive response from the patient.

You may like Bowring OK sex dating know that almost all cases of Asthma that I have treated have responded positively to Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose and later the split dose which I use after about a month on the remedy direct from the bottle.

The principle of a doctor or practitioner is to heal. To heal you need to know all you can about the system you are using, its theory, its tools — all the remedies. I am not against you because you are a lay practitioner. If it is permanent it can be considered a cure but otherwise it is palliative.

In the case of Asthma the cure especially in the case of chronic cases is sometimes long drawn out and may take some months. The healing process continues throughout the period the patient sips the one teaspoonful of the remedy daily and this is a far cry from the tablets and inhalers usually multiple inhalers all of which are loaded with all the choice steroids that the patient has been used to using for a lifetime.

I do not agree that I as a lay practitioner must know ALL about the remedies I use which are the standard remedies that anyone can get from a Bowring OK sex dating. It would be quite impossible for me to Bowring OK sex dating ALL about the ailments that I prescribe for. I believe that it is that streak of originality that I seem to have been born with that makes me deviate from your obvious classical outlook which has resulted in my identifying many remedies in the classical Homeopathic texts for ailments that are not listed in them.

If as you state you have read some others of my post on this forum you may have noticed that I have responded to the majority of the posts Bowring OK sex dating patients have made and it would be safe to presume that the real reason for my success is that patients seem to appreciate my methodology in helping them as I Bowring OK sex dating that they have realized that they have resulted in more cures than those that the classical homeopaths have offered in terms of constitutional remedies and other experimental Bowring OK sex dating of remedies which in a recent case was carried on for over a month when Fuck dates Axton Virginia text casual encounters Goldvein Virginia patient was virtually screaming in agony while this homeopath continued to insist that the aggravation was part of the curative process, which in this case seemed to be unending.

As you may have read the patient decided to seek an allopathic cure in sheer disgust at Beautiful lady looking nsa Benton Harbor homeopathic aggravation. It is also a shame that some of these classical homeopaths use this forum to drum up business for themselves by contacting the patients directly.

Their Mature woman from North Wildwood looking for sex operandi is to pose a questionnaire to the patient within a few minutes of the original post and when the patient responds the reply from the homeopath is often delayed.

Excuses are made that the ailment is under consideration as the selection of the remedy usually takes time. Some of these patients have contacted me and a few of them have even copied the original emails of these homeopaths. I also have evidence of the direct approach to the patient from the homeopath with the offer to help for a fee. This ploy is resorted to when the patient does not have his email address in his profile when the homeopath requests the patient to send him photographs of the ailment to Bowring OK sex dating him to treat it better and Adult looking casual sex Sedgewickville obtains his email address.

It is a matter of some concern to all of us who treat anyone for the joy it gives us to see a patient cured which in my opinion is far greater than the money that others who practice for a fee professionally derive from curing someone in distress.

I earnestly request you to please take some time to study, to use the repertory and, since you have the time and the inclination, to serve better. It is not my intention to offend or Bowring OK sex dating you down. I give you credit for trying, but you are Bowring OK sex dating optimizing. All I ask of you classical homeopaths is to permit me to continue with my mission of healing in the manner I choose which I feel is best for the patient.

You are aware that this is a forum which is open to anyone who would like to voice an opinion and I would welcome any constructive opinions Find Pitman single for fuck of the destructive insults that I have often had to suffer in the past this does not include you on this and other forums dedicated to Homeopathy. In conclusion I would like to refer you to the first 2 Aphorisms of the founder of Homeopathy which I shall quote below:.

The mere fact that I have to brave the criticism from people like you and even insults from others who pose as classical homeopaths shall not Bowring OK sex dating will not make me deviate from the Free adult casual sex that I believe I am correct in following.

All truth passes through Bowring OK sex dating stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Since it is recognised even by the search engines as a different therapy,why all this comparision with classical homeopathy? Joe made us study deeply about Arnica, Naturm Phos and Nat. We use these three medicines often. My younger brother had severe eczema on his hands, my all medicines worked in the begining but later on eczema came back.

With just a tablet of nat sul 6x I made it to 6c his eczema is gone. For the last 6 months he is eczema free. Thank you for your kind thoughts even though I datinng to detect that undercurrent of sarcasm Bowring OK sex dating them.

Bowring OK sex dating

Please note that I was not responsible for the term Joepathy and I was quite surprised when someone pointed it out to me and I was intrigued that it had been picked up by the Search Engines, fating because they have also followed my outspoken attitude to that holy cow Classical Homeopathy.

I have no qualms in using my own Joepathy as I have used some remedies in a manner that they have never been recorded for in the texts. The point that I wish to make is that if datng discovers Bowrjng remedy will help some ailment like for instance Arnica helps so many including Diabetes, why should not this remedy be also used by others? I have records of many patients who were chronic Diabetics who were using the standard drugs to overcome their ailment and after I put them on Arnica and Cinnamon, they discovered that they were suddenly free of their Diabetes.

The main point to be considered in my use of remedies in the manner that I do, is that they have invariably helped the patients who use them. You have the possibility of reading the records of successful cures in the archives of this forum. You will appreciate that this is a public forum open to the eyes of the world and many thousands may read about the goings on, on the ABC and the Bwring that I have been attacked for standing up to the classical onslaught, I hope successfully.

You must realize that these constant attacks leveled against me by you datinh others of your ilk will only increase my exposure more and I hope that in your own interest you will keep your attacks down, or at least modulate them, in your own classical interest.

It is dafing that the dxting Bowring OK sex dating attack me Bowring OK sex dating more people will wish to know the real reason why I am being attacked, which is bad Bowring OK sex dating your classical business. Joe Edit Post Report post to moderator Re: By your own admission, we are helping you to make Bowring OK sex dating more popuular.

There is no cure, only palliation, Bowring OK sex dating in a few rare cases, where the remedy given was the one which was ACTUALLY required for the case, hence…accidental. It is very strange however that the Bowring OK sex dating membership, still seems to favour using my therapy, although one would have expected them to at least stop using them and to stop addressing their latest postings addressed to my attention, for fear of the dire danger that my therapy may, according to my detractors, pose to them the patients at a time hitherto undetermined, in the future.

It is possible that they still continue Bowrinv use the remedies that I datig prescribed as they have discovered that they invariably help to allay their pain and in many Lets meet tonigh cure them. It is also dsting that these patients still persist in contacting me as there do not seem to be others who are dedicated like me to deal with each of their cases as I do, with that special touch which may have precipitated this constant attack datinng, anti Joepathy.

It will be noted that my detractors compel me to respond in my own defense which involves wasting my time on a daily datkng, on what I feel is a negative approach to healing.

I call upon them individually and Bowring OK sex dating to put their money where their mouth is and use their combined talents to prove to me and the rest of the membership that their own high faluting classical theories pertaining to daitng ailments are superior to Bowring OK sex dating own Joepathy.

I remember another person …here on ABC who was 75 years …said he had been taking a dose of Arnica everyday for Adult want casual sex OH Mc dermott 45652 than two decades.

I think he was from South America. Will take me time to dig out the post. Meds that take care of a variety of ailments.

Bowring OK sex dating Wants Vip Sex

I am glad that you brought up my pet remedy Arnica in your Latin women fucking white man and was very interested to learn that there was another 75 year old who had been taking Arnica for even longer than I have been taking it, Bpwring is since What defense are you claiming when you are so short-sighted that you are unable to gauge from symptoms following your faulty recommendations that you are not curing but causing other problems?

That your Bowrimg is shallow and undefined, which is why you will South Bend Indiana woman looking for a shag or cannot do anything other than practice allopathy disguised — and therefore mislead those who think they can depend on you? That you think nothing of not Bowring OK sex dating your remedies — even the remedies you constantly employ -thoroughyly? If you were a homeopath, you would not need arnica every day.

You would have found a remedy that cured you. Its effect is certainly not homeopathic. However, I concede that arnica has multiple uses — but so do most homeopathic remedies.

Please go back and read the threads — classic palliation, and very likely Bowrinf too. Sorry to be harsh, but just as you refuse to understand my point, I refuse to pander to yours.

I have enough to do, but because Bosring my very great regard for homeopathy and the nonsense that goes on in the Great guy seeking someone special of homeopathy, Dwting will continue as far as I can to refute what is misleading. Please also go and read the introduction to the Organon and you might see some advice for yourself.

You are still a good man, but certainly no homeopath. You remind me of those people who keep boxes of drugs like paracetamol and other OTC remedies and some antibiotics, creams, etc.

Phos, find it very very convienent to carry out their self-glorifying nuisance without any social or moral sense of responsibility.

Homeopathy is a specific and precise razor-sharp art in medicine. Such patients will never Bowring OK sex dating know, what datiing actually caused such complications. The distressed patients will lose hope and his trust in Homeopathy and in forums like this one.

A ssex by Nesha-India: It will be noted that some of the ailments that were successfully cured are not listed in the Repertories and the Materia Medicas now in use, and it is hoped that they are datiing for listing in future editions, after more tests are carried out by those who can count Bowrimg the facilities to datign out these tests.

I believe that I owe to it my sense of wellness. I invite others to Bowfing it and to record their response to this remedy. When I regained consciousness I noticed the Morphine Boowring attached to the IV line and promptly ordered it removed to the consternation of the nursing staff and the surgeon, who warned me that I could even suffer from a major shock due to the pain sating the morphine.

I stated that I will Bowring OK sex dating my Arnica alone to control the pain and they were very surprised to note that I was relatively free of pain after a few hours. I was able to leave my bed on the third day without any pain eating except for the Arnica I used every 2 hours at first and every 3 hours later.

I was discharged on the 5th day and walked to my car. They were all amazed at my extremely quick recovery at 73 years. I Bowrint a slight wound for which I used Arnica 30c and discovered that it was far superior to the other remedies I used for BPH and I stayed sxe it from up to my surgery in and used Beautiful adult want group sex Broken Arrow after on a regular nightly basis.

Arnica gave more time between visits to the toilet and in many cases it stabilized the incontinence in a few months. Others use it on a twice daily basis. Always in the water dose. Dosage is 1 teaspoonful taken 3 times on the day before departure. Dry doses to be taken every 3 hours on board and 3 times on the day after arrival.

Drugs that were prescribed were not effective. This case was referred to datinng and my response was an act of datinng on my part in giving him Arnica 1M which I gave him in the water dose. He was completely cured in 2 months. The Bowring OK sex dating used was 1 teaspoonful capful twice daily. He is now quite mobile and does not use the remedy any more.

He is now permanently on the Arnica. Dose 1 tsp daily. It is also useful for chronic back pain due to previous injuries. Sciatica is also helped by a twice daily dose. INSOMNIA 30c Almost everyone who has taken 1 teaspoonful of this remedy in the water dose prior to sleep has noticed the deep unbroken sleep that they experienced during Bkwring night. They wake up quite refreshed with a zing in their steps. ECZEMA 6c I have used it in over 30 cases some of which were chronic sez over 10 Bowring OK sex dating and within a week, the patient is usually cured.

I recommend that the remedy is continued but those who did not do so after about 3 months do not use it anymore and can be considered permanently cured. She had been to hospital every 6 months on 3 occasions for about a week each time where she was treated with the most powerful antibiotics which left her drained out like a rag.

When she came out on the last occasion I gave her Arnica 30c in datihg water dose and she takes 1 teaspoonful before sleep. She was also an insomniac and Bowting enjoys deep sleep and for the Bowring OK sex dating 2 years she has not suffered from any reinfection from her Cellulitis.

I have also used it for 3 other patients also in the same age group who had been hospitalized at least twice before in each case and Bowring OK sex dating do not have any reinfection after many months or years. The Arnica seems to help by increasing the blood flow in the capillaries under the skin which in turn prevents reinfection.

They have however to be on one dose of Arnica permanently. I use Weisbaden c for the stubborn cases which is taken every other day. For daily use as a prophylactic the patient uses Arnica 30c twice Bowding and is not affected by the angina any more. It is however important that the patient has his condition checked regularly.

The Arnica helps to dissipate the blood and reduces dafing swelling. Datingg use Lachesis Bowringg for open cuts which bleed profusely and this arrests the bleeding in about 15 minutes.

Prior to this therapy the boy had to be rushed to hospital for a drip with every fall or cut. I can vouch personally for its efficacy to control Bowrring which I used to get weekly with painful results. I treat the Arthritis with Rhus Tox 1M and Hypericum c to alleviate the pain both taken in the water dose. This remedy is only effective as soon as the tonsils show signs of discomfort. Chronic cases have to be treated with an antibiotic.

This remedy controls the formation of Tonsiloliths daging it Thick sexy black women to be taken on a daily basis to be effective in this control.

He informed me on the day after he took 2 doses that his Blood Sugar had dropped drastically and refused to use it anymore as he felt that it was some Bowring OK sex dating medicine which he did not wish to experiment with as he was already on Insulin which he injected himself 4 times daily.

I then gave this remedy to two Type II Diabetics and discovered that Bowring OK sex dating had the same reaction when their BS dropped considerably similar to the drop caused by Bowring OK sex dating.

I shall be glad to reply any questions that those who read this article may like to pose if any clarification is required on any matter pertaining to my use of Arnica listed above.

I shall be glad to reply any questions that those who read this article may like to pose if any clarification is required on any matter pertaining to my use of Arnica listed above Edit Post Report post to moderator Re: Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only, and those views are not necessarily those of ABC Homeopathy.

It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis or prescription, and should not be Bowrung as a substitute for a consultation with a qualified homeopath or physician. It is possible that advice given here may be dangerous, and Bowrinv should make your own checks that it is safe. For example, taking mother tinctures can lead to serious side effects, and stopping prescribed medication without Poland mature women sex consulting Bowring OK sex dating physician can also endanger your health.

If Bowring OK sex dating persist, seek professional medical attention. Bear in mind that even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your doctor could save your life. And, once again, you rating to Bowring OK sex dating criticizm of your practices as seex attack on your person, which is not the case. You may be a very wonderful person, but that does not mean everything you say is Bowring OK sex dating. Vating, if what you do is perceivably wrong and therefore xating out, it is not to impinge on your character.

It is done to mask or drown the earlier posting with a huge lengthy post, so as to confuse the next reader, who typically read the last post. Hot Girl Hookup Big flats NewYork 14814 you notice, he will post a Bowring OK sex dating nuisance lengthy post immediately after my post and also of anybody who Bowring OK sex dating him.

Persons suffering from A. AND he Bowring OK sex dating supported immediately on the next post by the back-stabber sadistic pervert, whom Bowring OK sex dating have caught using dozens of multiple proxy login i. If I decide tomorrow to start singing paeens Bowring OK sex dating, say, Nux Vomica and how it can cure everything from diarrhoea to constipation to eczema to GERD to sleeplessness, it does not mean that that medicine would work on everyone or should be prescribed Bowring OK sex dating everyone.

However, some bookish self-styled-homeopaths, feel that they have invented the next generation of Homeopathy and to justify their own theories, will monotonously self-glorify, Ladies looking nsa Point marion Pennsylvania 15474. Some people will profess the need to change with present times and challenge the old school. Read this links throughly before attempting self-medicating.

It is the diluted extract of the Arnica Herb that is working like a herbal medicine and giving benefits to the user. If it benefits the user, where is the problem. Such a diluted dose is not datong to cause the provings…about which a xex of Classical Homeopathy is making out to be.

This is exactly happened with Mr.

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I am Bowring OK sex dating trained homeoapth but also I am well Bowring OK sex dating that beside homeopathy many other systems can help the mankind. The Arnica was giving benefit to the many aliases false multiple login i. It is a big lie big issue out of nothing small issue Remember, the almighty God is watching.

Hanneman is squirming inside his grave. Let him be in peace. That would be surprising! Sulphuric Acid tip for alcoholism From dr mehmood on There is no need to throw away Bowring OK sex dating fundamental. Problem appears when we try to dis-approve a medicine versus a fundamental and made a declaration.

The mere fact that I do not subscribe to the classical formula does not mean that my use of existing Homeopathic remedies is wrong. I refer to the case where Silicea used for a Fistula seemed to have caused a breast Bowring OK sex dating. It is strange that many Bowring OK sex dating who have graced this thread seem only to be determined to show up the danger of using my Joepathy, but do not at least appreciate the fact that in the majority of cases, my therapy has worked wonderfully well.

It must be remembered that this term Joepathy was first used derisively but it seems to have stuck and many now use it with, I hope, some reverence Women looking for sex in Riverside it may be the beginning of a revolution in the use of remedies in a non classical manner that will help suffering humanity.

I must admit that I fail to understand the reason why my therapy which has been proved to be effective in a manner that the classical method has not helped in the case of some ailments like Fistula which I have been treating with a combination therapy including an Antibiotic ointment which is directly inserted inside, can be classified as dangerous and can lead to future manifestations of doom. The patient is the final arbiter of the efficacy of my therapy and if he is helped, I cannot understand the reason for this consternation on the part of a few members to shadow every one of my posts with the avowed intention of only creating that doubt in the mind of the patient at least one of whom left the forum and surrendered himself to his surgeon for yet another surgical adventure for his Fistula.

It Bowring OK sex dating amazes me to read the language that the female pseudo classical homeopath has use to describe my efforts to help patients but she must realize that the more she vents her anger and waspish language on me, the more she succeeds Bowring OK sex dating increasing the interest of patients Bowring OK sex dating my Joepathy.

She should realize that all her efforts are counter productive and she only succeeds in making a bad situation for her even worse as she insists on displaying her scant knowledge of spelling daying the English language where almost every one of her posts are replete with bloomers like PLACEIBO meaning Placebo, all of which when coupled to her Indian interpretation of the English language which is used universally, dzting entertainment to people like me whose mother tongue is English which is a language that I have specialized in for as long as I can remember.

I notice that she has in sdx recent past started to criticize me for my somewhat lengthy posts and I presume that this may be due to eex problem associated with ADD Attention Deficit Disorder which she often attributes to me by some quirk of her imagaination. She has often been warned by members to maintain her cool and to try to Bowring OK sex dating members instead of going into paroxysms of vituperation and anger which provide members with at least some light relief to read and most of all to pity the abuse of what was once an intelligent mind.

This is indeed a new departure for this erstwhile classical homeopath who has often criticized me in the past and I hope that this attitude of cooperation will continue as this will benefit members on this forum.

I am gratified to note that many who have contributed their thoughts on this thread Bowring OK sex dating this includes the staunch classical types may now be seeing some faint glimmer in the horizon through the trees that occlude their ssex of homeopathy due to their continued brainwashing process during their formal studies.

They would not however dare to confirm this Ladies want sex tonight Wharton in their official attitude as long as they do not state so in a manner that they can be quoted.

It is just persons like me who have nothing to lose by exposing Bowring OK sex dating double standard which has fortunately been Bowring OK sex dating by a few classical homeopaths, some of them academics and close friends, that keep Bowring OK sex dating going in this dqting that I must admit I do enjoy, to expose it to the public, in the hope that others too will make bold to state their inner convictions about homeopathy and thereby serve to lower the threshold that classical homeopathy holds in the eyes of the Bowring OK sex dating patient, complete with the hocus pocus associated with the case taking procedure which is often criticized by the patient and the constitutional remedy which follows which is the sine quo non of the classical homeopathic treatment, all of which is only designed to increase the revenue that the proponent of this art can gain by increasing the number of visits of Bowwring patient whose ailment can be cured on the very first visit if only he used my Joepathy approach to healing.

Parts per million or parts per billion. Say… Phosphorus or Selenium or Zincum Metal etc. Can you do me a favour? I wanted to express the 30C in terms of parts per million or parts per billion or even parts per trillion or qazillion for that matter.

I tried the help of the dictionaries. By the way 3C is equivalent to 1 ppm. Also what about the 10M? Can you give me the English word which represents the dilution of raised to the power 10, times? I will be very grateful to you.

I really admire your persistence in trying to find matter Hung looking for you 21 Imperatriz 21 terms of ppm and ppb in potentised remedies. Thanks, Pankaj Varma Bowring OK sex dating post to moderator Re: They just know about some medicines, and some of their uses.

They also know that c is more potent than 30c. They feel increasing the potency is achieved by increasing the dilution. They never heard the names of masters that are always on our lips, and talk disparagingly about them, despite not Bowring OK sex dating about them.

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And worst Bowring OK sex dating all, they try to get up after being thoroughly mauled, and try to declare themselves as winners.!! All this is turning out to be a big joke. There is no Bowring OK sex dating on this earth who can detect a trace of matter in a 10M or a 50M or a CM potency. Not as of now at least. Not in the next few decades. The more you insist on it the more sympathy i feel for you.

If you say that it would have been nice to see a scientific breakthrough which could really explain why or how the high potency remedies work, then i could understand and would have supported you.

ATleast there is time available for writing such a long boring and monotonous post. I have to be a qualified lab technologist to say what. That is the reason they have refused to believe that such non-material things as so Housewives wants sex Minidoka Idaho 83343 homeopathic remedies could have any effect on human body.

All this is easily available Bowring OK sex dating anyone who wants to do a little research. Now, we are not even talking of 12C or 13C. We are talking of 10M. A dilution which is of the order of 1 drop of the remedy in raised to the power of 10, drops of alcohol. The part per billion has been breached at the 5C itself.

Bowring OK sex dating Because for them such a dilution is meaningless. So, forget the 10M. Why i need to be a lab technologist to understand this simple thing that matter as we Science understand it, does not exist at the level of 10M or 50M or M? All of Science has debunked homeopathy for this very reason. That these so called remedies have no trace of matter in them. It Sex Dating in Twin falls ID Adult parties a known fact in scientific literature.

Just do a bit of googling and you can find a lot of information. Read about Benveniste and his experiments and the criticism that he received and come back for further Bowring OK sex dating if you still wish. They will try to defend the undefendable, however absurd their argument may look to even slightly knoweldgable people. Once they know,that they are exposed, and that there is no way for retreat,they start pouring in personal invectives.

If I had not seen the working of high potency homeopathic meds, after reading your excelelnt analysis…even I might have concluded that it is palcebo effect. Anyway, I have seen the impact of high potency meds on patients. This leads us to the logic that manufacturers who make high potency Horny woman Candeleda meds …by their action…generate an energy in the medicine. If it is energy …there has to be a form of the energy.

It can be electrical energy, mechanical energy, sound energy, light energy, Bowring OK sex dating energy, nuclear energy etc ,etc, etc. Thank you in advance, Bowring OK sex dating Varma Report post to moderator Re: A clarification is needed from your side. More then once a question was addressed to you but was replied by Mr. Do you agree that the answer came from your behalf too. I am simply amazed at the tenacity of Murthy who first confused you and even Bowring OK sex dating continues to do so merely because he wishes to have the last word.

It is unfortunate that his last word is always to criticize even more the advice that I have given you which naturally confuses you the patient, which seems such a shame and requires some action on the part of the moderator of Bowring OK sex dating forum which does not seem to be forthcoming. It is only too obvious that Murthr is being attacked by other members of this forum who have been helping patients for the past few years in comparison to his own pathetic efforts in the recent past which did not seem to go down with the members, especially the new members who have by now, discovered that he is just a windy old gas bag, who although he professes to be the ultimate classical homeopath has yet to show his prowess by condescending to help someone in distress with his hyper classical version of homeopathic remedies.

He prefers to sit on the side lines and continues to insult the prescribers and to confuse patients like you who wish to be helped by a remedy for your ailment. Those of us who still are Bowring OK sex dating on this forum have to weather on a daily basis, his insults as also the insults of a female member who feels that she is cute in her analysis of homeopathic matters. She often feels that she can interject the skills that she has gathered in her hair dressing career into homeopathy and so obviously fails miserably in doing so.

She does however provide tactical support to Murthy as she seems to shadow his posts and swoons on his pontifications which give her some vicarious delight whenever he makes a pest of himself on the forum, insulting me and other members who are present here purely to help those who seek assistance.

It is strange that the moderator of this forum has permitted this form of licentiousness as it detracts from Bowring OK sex dating avowed purpose of this forum which is to help to alleviate human suffering with our own individual use of homeopathic remedies which as you can see from the many posts that I personally have made which have now reached almost the Helicopter wreck at the horny chatline Cypress mall over a period of over 4 years have been focussed on helping the afflicted.

The large majority of patients whom I have helped with the remedies that I have pioneered have confirmed that my therapy has helped them and the surprise is when Murthy continues to attack me and the patients for following my prescriptions which is fully aware have helped them to recover.

I find this behaviour Bowring OK sex dating strange and as a member reported may be due to some alcoholic haze which clouds his reasoning. Is he working for some other party to derail this website?? This question has been asked by more Bowring OK sex dating one person and more than once: Is he working for Bowring OK sex dating third party to kill this site.

Deoshlok Sharma has alread predicted: First of all, accept my congratulations for your sheer honesty and KO admittance of the fact that you had not thought along the lines i suggested in my post. But as you have seen yourself in your long experience as a prescriber, the high potency remedies the 10M, 50M, CM etc. It is sure that some energy is released in the process of dilution and succusion of the remedy.

Add on drop to drops of water. Do not shake or Bowring OK sex dating at all. Simply take one drop from this solutio and again add drops of water to it. Do not shake again. Repeat this process 30 times. Now you have Arnica Bowring OK sex dating in terms of dilution.

So, that is the only difference. Now just add a few drops of alcohol Bowwring preserve this solution. Next time someone gets hurt, give this unsuccussed Arnica 30 to the person. It will have no effect as the matter molecules of Arnica have been diluted out of existence. And it will work like the magic medicine that it Bowring OK sex dating. How and why is still Bowring OK sex dating by Science of today. Bowring OK sex dating there are many attempts to explain but no definitive explanation that is accepted by all.

In this connection, to those who are interested, they can google for Single moms horny katy Buxton and read about his experiment Housewives looking casual sex Harborton Virginia a photograph.

It is known in Science as the Poincare Effect. Poincare stretched a photograph in a certain fixed manner in all directions.

This was done in a number of iterations. And after a few iterations, it is no longer the photograph of a man. The face is totally lost and after a while becomes totally lost. But when he dxting on repeating this stretching, after a number of iterations the same face started to appear again.

Everyone could see that it is the same face, but with lighter colours and finer features. This happens till infinity. That is the face reappears in a finer and finer manner and then disappears.

Many of us…by this time know that you have come here to kill this site. Becoz…no aomount of reasoning with you has helped anybody. Be assured, we will not allow you to kill this site…as we have nurtured it for a long time.

Now, in your post about potency medicines you say: There is no aex scientific method. Some of the methods Bowring OK sex dating science involve logic, e. Because, Science has not been able to understand the nature of this energy. To measure something, you need to have instruments that will register this energy.

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Till Bodring no such instrument has been built. No lab technology exists to measure this. Such ideas sxe to your mind because you have not read or thought enough about this. The quantum physics may one day be able to explain or understand this. But as of now, it is a long way off. The desire to measure it with a meter or something is still a long way off. I am happy enough to Bowring OK sex dating this much. The energy level is readable in the liquid bottle Bowring OK sex dating homeopathic medicine.

When the homeopathic high potency med touches BBowring surface or Bowring OK sex dating portion of ssex tongue…some energy is released. There are electronic sensors Ladies wants casual sex Roxbury Massachusetts 2119 can read this also…and there are trained medical lab technologists who are very well versed in this kind of exercise. This can also be measured fairly accurately. So if dynamic energy really exists in a high potency homeopathic medicine…it can be measured.

Thanks and wishes, Pankaj Varma Report post to moderator Re: Quartz crytals release energy on application of external mechanical force….

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Further more, law of energy is that it cannot be released from nothing. It is only transformation from one form of energy to another. Electrical to light in bulb, mechanical to sound in guitar, mechanical to electric in hydropower Bowging, electrical to mechanical in a mixie. A permanently-polarized material such as quartz SiO2 or barium titanate BaTiO3 will produce an electric field when the material changes datingg as a result of an imposed mechanical force.

These materials are piezoelectric, and Woman wants casual sex Switz City phenomenon is known as the piezoelectric effect. Conversely, an applied electric field can cause a piezoelectric material to change dimensions. This phenomenon is known as electrostriction, or the reverse piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric materials are used in acoustic transducers, which convert acoustic sound waves into electric fields, and Bowring OK sex dating fields into acoustic waves.

Transducers are found in telephones, stereo music systems, and musical instruments such as guitars and drums. Quartz, a piezoelectric Bowring OK sex dating, is often found in clocks and Bowring OK sex dating.

An oscillating electric swx makes the quartz crystal resonate at its natural frequency. The vibrations of this frequency Bowrimg counted and are used to keep the clock or watch on time.

It is the drug picture vs. I have said what i had to say. I have said nothing new. It is all very well known that homeopathic medicines work. That there is no matter in them. That there is something which happens in the dilution and succussion process which makes simple alcohol into a homeopathic remedy. Forget the poor lab technologist. Not till now at least. Arguing beyond this is meaningless. Let us stop it now. Otherwise i would have apologised. I wanted to make my point clear and hence Anyone looking for a Sioux City Iowa hump use of superlatives.

You can do your research and find out if what i said is correct or not. Bowring OK sex dating the end, what matters is that these remedies work. There is Bowring OK sex dating rich philosophy, tradition and current practice which supports this subject. A homeopath hardly needs to worry about when or how Science will be able to explain this. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge. I dont understand your exact age. This entry was posted on Sunday, March 11th, at You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can leave a responseor Wanted sex girl iowa from your own site. I am a 60Yr old person, a teetotaler with frugal eating habits.

I was put on drugs and led a fairly normal life till April, when I had Chest Discomfort.

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On discharge, I noticed chest discomfort, muscular pain in arms on minimal exertion. I thought I will improve with time. Not really, 11months gone the discomfort on minimal exertion is still there very nominal improvement. Example, I take one full round of park and halt for min and then resume Bowring OK sex dating ease my chest discomfort. This way, I walk for 30min daily min wex or at times twice. Similarly sometimes after meals, it takes may be min to feel better ie pain in arms Bowring OK sex dating chest discomfort gets eased.

My major parameters are normal ie regular appetite, defecation,body temperature, no sugar, hypertension managed with Bowrin, cholesterol always normal, sometime hypothyroid test shows above normal range but without any corresponding symptom. Recently, I started homeo and take adting medicines: So OOK we could improve blood circulation to the heart and whole body and relax the coronary arteries and the system, It will make me fine.

I look forward to your valued advise and do believe you can help Boaring in leading a normal and better quality of life. Thank you for alerting me by e-mail and I datjng glad to note that you finally succeeded in posting your problem on my website after a few days of frustration when you could not do so Bowrin some reason I did not understand.

I must admit that your case is indeed extremely complicated and it does pose a challenge to me in helping you. The remedies you will use are: Arnica Bowring OK sex dating in the wet dose taken twice daily to filter and thin your blood. This will also reduce the Cholesterol and Triglycerides and other ddating in your blood and dtaing hopefully help your Bowring OK sex dating which is due to eex lack datihg blood flow datihg your cardiac muscles which I consider is surprising after your Bypass Surgery.

Nat Naked babes in Selma Alabama 6x dose tablets taken twice daily after meals. This remedy seems to help patients like you in some mysterious manner that I do not understand, but I have evidence that it does help the patient to recover in a manner that drugs cannot do. It is the combination of both remedies that seem to work and I would like you datint visit the link below of Robert Ray whom I helped back to normal health after a period Bowring OK sex dating over 8 years when he first suffered from 3 strokes Bowring OK sex dating left Bowring OK sex dating first a paraplegic and later enabled him to shuffle around with a cane.

He made contact with me in and subsequently in when he surprised me by stating that he was absolutely cured and back to normal health which also included an almost daily session of intensive exercise, about which I had to caution him. It is my hope that you will also respond in a manner similar to Robert, but it must be understood that your recovery may take a few months into the future in view Bowring OK sex dating the fact that your datint problems first started in and you have had many surgical procedures done during this period.

I feel that you should experience relief of your angina within a period of 2 weeks, and the flatulence and gas that you complain of should virtually disappear within hours Bowring OK sex dating your taking Nat Phos 6x. It is kind of you to have responded promptly and I appreciate. Just wanted Hot girl in Rock Hill South Carolina to know, that Aug procedure was angioplasty with one baremetalstent to LAD and then it was only Aprilthat another angioplasty was done with 3stents DrugElutingStents.

No bypass surgery was done. And the intervening Bowrinv of 10years was also without any cardiac event. How come, Doctor you consider my case extremely complicated. I thought this Bowring OK sex dating a simple one cause you have dealt with many far more complex cases successfully. Nonetheless, I have faith in joepathy and value daring advise. Please let me know as to my homeo medicines whether I should continue that as well or not. I found the video on You tube interesting on: The main point you must always be aware of is that all your major cardiac arteries are blocked and it is unlikely that Sed are the answer and can cure you.

You are now having the first signs of further cardiac distress and all I can do at this stage is to hope Boweing my therapy — Arnica and Nat Phos can help you even at this very late stage.

If only you had contacted me init Bowring OK sex dating very likely that you would not Bowring OK sex dating having any blockage today. Singles colorado search xxx see that I prescribed Arnica 30c but I believe that Arnica 6c should serve you better and I shall therefore amend my prescription to Arnica 6c which you Bowring OK sex dating take thrice daily for a week and report your response when we can dzting discuss the next step.

I base my assumption on the fact that I have helped scores of patients who were suffering from chronic Angina with Arnica 6c in the Wet dose who were prescribed the standard TNT tablets to be popped under their tongue by their doctors, who all reported that within 3 days on Arnica 6c in the Wet dose they did not require the TNT tablets.

Bowring OK sex dating presume that you would have read the thread on Robert Ray and this too reinforces my theory that Arnica can help you, in a manner that drugs cannot. In his case the potency I used was Arnica 30c in the Wet dose but his problem was different from yours as it comprised dissolving blood clots in his brain which Arnica 30 did in conjunction with Nat Phos 6x. It is indeed a shame that the medical profession refuses to use this simple Arnica therapy which I have pioneered as a replacement for the TNT pills and in your case Stents, as they are all temporary while my therapy seems to be more permanent as patients do not experience OOK pain from Angina after a few weeks.

You will of course continue xating take the drugs prescribed by your cardiologist Housewives wants real sex Keystone Colorado 80435 you will stop the Homeopathic remedies as it is most likely that they can antidote the ses remedies that I have prescribed. Many thanks for your response. So I Bowring OK sex dating go with arnica 6c wet dose and nat phos 6x as advised.

I presume that you know how to make the Wet dose prescribed of Arnica 6c but since I have not spelt it Wives want nsa Kayenta for you I shall copy my default instructions below:.

Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably Bowring OK sex dating a dropper arrangement. Get a ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket. Pour out about 3cm of water from the rating to leave some airspace. It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. It does me no good to second-guess that. And the sense of betrayal, you feel that soften a little bit.

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The beauty Bowring OK sex dating television is the sense that, unlike any other medium, you develop relationships of such depth and length, more so than films or even theater. Bowrung see these crewmembers that work so hard and give so much and help contribute and collaborate to make the show what it is. You see them more than your own family.

So the bonds are really deep. That was very tough for both of those actresses; they had to do a lot of heavy lifting. I just had to lay there. Christine and I have become incredibly bonded over these last four and a half years, and it was a hard time for us.

Tough scenes, tough grieving. Was it weird to shoot your Bowring OK sex dating scene and then turn around and come back? And that really was my last time At local xxx tonight only on the show. And the script is extremely powerful. The shock is in Episode 15, but Episode 16 is where you see the ripple effect of how everyone is taking the news. Reading the script was very hard for me. The scenes between Alicia and Diane… it really broke me up reading it.

It was beautifully written and crafted and I was thrilled to be a part of it. Bowring OK sex dating think we did about five or six takes. This emotion came from some sort of deep place inside of me.

And I had to kind of contain it somewhat. But that was when it hit me. That moment was one I will remember for Bowring OK sex dating long time. I love the structure of television. I love being able to craft a character over a long period of time.

I think more than likely it would probably not be 22 episodes a year.

For me, just newly-married and wanting to have a family and wanting to do other things, the more likely scenario is a 10 or episode situation. It really is about the material.

is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her. Mahapadma Nanda became King of Magadha and created what looks like the first "Empire" in Northern India. While Indian history begins with some confidence with the Mauyras, the Nandas are now emerging into the light of history with a little more distinctness. I am copying a long series of posts on the ABC Homeopathy forum which visitors to my website may find interesting as it dates back to and is a record of my own progress in Homeopathy and records the evolution of Joepathy which term was coined by the classical homeopaths on the ABC to derisively describe my own therapy which they maintained was not Homeoapthy as I did not abide by the.

TV has been very good to me.