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Come use me like the slave sex

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Visiting Yuma for work next Tuesday. Someone a little bit crazy like me and open minded for new things. Ive been divorced for 8 years, no children, and am a slvae employee for over 10 years. I work too hard and play too little. Please send pics or we will not respond.

Age: 19
Relationship Status: Divorced
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City: Launceston
Hair: Dishevelled waves
Relation Type: Valero Female Datings Phone Sex

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So the day started like any normal day. I woke up and got ready for work doing my usual morning routine. Work went fine and when I got off I drove over to the apartment complex where I spend nearly all my free time. Oh but see I don't live there. I may just as well considering the time I spend there every day and night.

You see this apartment complex is where my master lives. In case you are confuse let me back up a bit. I'm a 27 year old normal male in most ways. About pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. My body hair is kept completely shaved Come use me like the slave sex my figure remains athletic but not muscular really.

I appear to be a straight somewhat metrosexual male to most. Adult seeking hot sex West farmington Ohio 44491

Come use me like the slave sex Looking Teen Fuck

But in private I am certainly anything but straight. My master can testify to that because over the past year he has made me his personal cock slave. It started out innocently enough. Just a fantasy and occasional internet chat while jerking off. Then it became phone sex so he could hear me sslave him personally how much I lusted for his cock. Come use me like the slave sex

How A Normal Girl Like Me Became Somebody’s Sex Slave | Thought Catalog

The next obvious step was to meet in person and after several attempts ending in me chickening out I finally did meet him. After that first meet I was hooked.

He took complete control over me and used my need for humiliation to keep me enslaved to his cock. I quickly learned my place and soon I was eager to suck his cock every day. I longed to feel my lips around it and couldn't wait to have it stretching my hole.

My master starting making me dress up in womens lingerie for him during our sessions. It made me feel so slutty ans sexy I loved it.

Then he started dressing me in normal womens clothes. Uss soon learned why when he took me out of town one night and made me go out in public to a club while dressed. I didn't look like a chick I Come use me like the slave sex like a guy dressed as a chick. That's what he wanted was for me to feel the embarassment of everyone knowing and I guess deep down I wanted it too. Things continued on in this manner until yesterday.

I got off of work and went over to my masters place to serve him as I do everyday.

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He had requested I start showing up dressed so I didn't have to waste time changing when I got there. So I would keep clothes in my car and change in the parking lot usually. When I went inside and knocked on his door he opened it and smiled. I dropped to my knees to kiss his crotch which was my required greeting but he stopped me.

I wondered what was goin on but I stood up and followed him inside. He began Hot housewives want casual sex Londonderry speak once I sat Come use me like the slave sex the sofa. You enjoy it and I know you do.

You have shown me in so many ways how much you love my cock He reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. Today is the day you tell the whole world about who you truly are. About your secret life. You are gonna start by posting a message on facebook to your wall.

It will say that eex have an announcement.

I Am Searching Couples Come use me like the slave sex

You are and always have been gay. You will say that you kse a stud boyfriend who has used you Come use me like the slave sex his sex slave for a year now and you can no longer hide your devotion to him.

Do that now erica" I sat there shocked Ill lose everyone that I care about please don't make me do this! Whether Come use me like the slave sex do this slage not trust me everyone is goin to find out because I'm going to tell them. And you know I have the proof. So either you can do Looking for my peanut butter lol and make it PG or ill do it and they will all see ghe rated X version of your announcement!

I had let him take pics and videos of us together. I decided I had to do it and started typing the post. With every word my stomach tied up into more knots as I typed my coming out address.

When I finished my master stopped me before I hit send I don't want you to post that just likf. It was a pair of daisy duke shorts and a small pink t shirt.

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High heels and a black thong underneath it all. When I finished changing he said "ok come on".

I didn't plan on goin anywhere like this but he drug me out Comee his car. He told me not to say a word and just do as I was told. About 10 min later we pulled into a driveway and my heart sank. I started to beg and plead with him but he wouldn't listen.

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I melted into his arms as his tongue explored my mouth. He broke the kiss and spoke softly now.

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Or I will move on slavf you. Come inside and let's get it over with". I started to cry a little as we got out of the car and made our way up to the front door. Ill never forget the look on their faces when they opened it. As the door swung open My dad said "Eric? What the fuck is going Come use me like the slave sex My master broke the silence.

That's why we are here. Eric is gay and now he answers to Erica. It makes sense considering how he likes to dress but u can see tha yourselves.

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For the past year he has been He does whatever I say and is completely subserviant to me. He lives to fulfill my sexual desires now. I told him he needed to come here so you could see for yourselves.

No more hiding it. No more sneaking around.

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Everyone us to know who he really is. Isn't that right erica? Not making eye contact with my parents I could still feel their shame and embarassment and anger. My master Sweet woman seeking hot sex Amelia Island me again but harsher "I said isn't that right erica? Tell your parents that you are mine now. Tell them you love being my bitch.

I took a deep breath and confessed. I am his bitch and I do as he says now. Then right in front of lsave he put his arm around my waist and pulled me in for a deep kiss. Yhe tried to fight at first but as his tongue entered my mouth I melted Come use me like the slave sex him once more wrapping my arms around his neck and enjoying his loving embrace. My parents slammed the door and retreated inside completely disgusted.

My master brok the kiss and said "see erica no more hiding. Post the facebook Come use me like the slave sex.

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You are mine now. You are going to come live with me and be my personal sex slave 24 7. Matter of fact I'm getting pretty horny right now. How bout you show me how much you worship me bitch. I want you to blow me right now.