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We receive email from people that have visited IsthmianLines. It comes from ex-crew, their families, ex-passengers, ex-employees or people just interested in merchant marine shipping.

Often, these notes contain information that should be viewed by the public or questions that might be better answered by the public.

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We will respect your privacy. Search for an old shipmate.

Tell us about yourself or a family member who sailed for Isthmian or States Marine. Tell us a good sea story. Do you have any old photos or memorabilia that you would like to Date hook up Livermore CA us about?

We are all looking forward to hearing from you. Steel Lvermore Export Co. Through Farrell's friendship with J. The first major orders were for railway equipment.

Upon receipt of a contract with the government of Chile for railway equipment, working Date hook up Livermore CA Lilly, U.

As trade to South America continued to expand, C. All of the "Lines", were in name only, just trade names as none owned any vessels. Farrell named President of U. From that position pu he occupied for decades, he continued to support the activities Hippy girl wanted the Isthmian Line.

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The opening of the Canal had fueled plans of many Date hook up Livermore CA to enter shipping, Isthmian being a prime example. Steel Corporation with a capital ofpounds to operate under the British flag, it's own vessels and others it chartered as needed. Isthmian was a wholly owned British subsidiary of U. Federal Steam Navigation Co.

The Isthmian flag, a white cross of St.

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George on a field Hot Saint-Louis ladies blue with a red diamond in the center of the cross, was taken from the Federal flag. On the American side, the company was managed by the Norton Lilly Agency, Lilly having been made a partner hoo the firm.

Actually Isthmian was six extra accountants at Norton Lilly who ran the fleet. The aDte was chosen in honor of the Panama Canal, whose opening scheduled for was expected to provide new opportunities.

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The line was a creation of James A. Steel, who ahead of anyone else, realized the key to steel exports lay in providing cheap and reliable Date hook up Livermore CA transportation. Farrell Naked ladies Tucson mt ships of any status for the transport Date hook up Livermore CA his steel cargos. Farrell said the first Isthmian ships were purchased to carry out contracts overseas, principally for railway materials, and for economic distribution of supplies to distant warehouses.

The Line loaded the parent company's steel cargoes for India, returning profitable jute Date hook up Livermore CA burlap on the return voyage. Isthmian closely associated with the Ellerman Line, which secured the return cargoes from India in exchange for a portion of the steel freight. During its first years Isthmian operated more like a collection of "tramp" vessels, because as a proprietary company, the ships sailed to one port or another anywhere in the world where steel had to be carried.

Steel to transport iron and steel for the development of the Chilean railroad system. As a private carrier, a large portion of the southbound cargo was for the owner's account. Remaining cargo space was sold to the public. Northbound shipments were rarely a problem, as space for nitrate and ores was at a premium.

Kentra, tons, acquired from Kentra SS Co. Newcastle, England Isthmian service: Buenaventura, tons, acquired new from New Northumberland SB.

Date hook up Livermore CA

Santa Rosalia, tons, acquired new from W. Aside from the three owned vessels, some 20 to 40 tramps were also normally used in San Francisco, tons, acquired new Date hook up Livermore CA N. During the first years, Isthmian operated more like a collection of tramp vessels, which sailed wherever and whenever steel had to be carried.

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The following vessels were acquired from C. Charlton Hall, tons, acquired. Craster Hall, tons, acquired. Crofton Hall, tons, acquired.

Howick Hall Lkvermore,tons, acquired. Foxton Hall, 4, tons acquired. This brings about the end of the London based company. These were subsequently requisitioned by the U. Craster Hall aground in the Straits of Magellan with both forward hatches flooded. She was refloated, arriving at Punta Arenas on August 12th.

Damage repaired and ship subsequently U. Bantu is first ship placed under U.

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On same date Buenaventura U. By the end of December, 10 vessels were flying the U.

First foreign build vessel to transfer to U. Foxton Hall caught fire and abandoned off San Salvador in the Bahamas with no loss of life; the first Isthmian vessel to be lost at sea.

Santa Rosalia is second Isthmian vessel to transit the Panama Canal. From September 13, to April 2,when record keeping was stopped for security reasons, Isthmian vessels made 40 transits of the Panama Canal. Steel enters the shipbuilding industry, buying 60 acres on Newark Bay through its subsidiary the American Bridge Co.

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Steel announces it hhook build a second shipyard at Mobile, AL, supplied with prefabricated Date hook up Livermore CA from the Fairfield plant of Tennessee Coal and Iron Co. Howick Hall requistioned by the Shipping Board. Craster Hall requisitioned by the Shipping Board in Norfolk. Buenaventura requisitioned by the Shipping Board. Bantu requisitioned by the War Department in New York.

Isthmian's seven ships requisitioned by the U. Crofton Hall requisitioned by the War Department.

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First keel laid at the Federal yard. Kentra requistioned by the War Department in New York. Charlton Hall assigned to the U.

Army, later taken over by the Navy. Charlton Hall Circa Built by: Glasgow, Scotland Isthmian service: Bantu refloated following removal of most of her cargo having been aground for 2 weeks in the Delaware Bay just below Marcus Hook.

Craster Hall assigned to the U. San Francisco rechristened St. Kentrastranded at Cullin Point, Chile, 20 miles north of Talcahuano; 43 on board, 0 lives lost. First vessel, the Date hook up Livermore CAlaunched at Federal Shipbuilding. Buenaventuratorpedoed a Liberty delivered to the Shipping Board.

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Three officers and 27 crew from Buenaventura arrive in Corunna, Spain. Francis rechristened San Francisco. Charlton Hall returned to Isthmian by the U.

Craster Hall returned to Isthmian by the U. Crofton Hall return to Isthmian by the Shipping Board. Chickasaw yard begins production of its Date hook up Livermore CA vessel, the Chickasaw Citythe first of its order from U. This yard never received the orders expected from the government, as the war had ended before they were able to begin production.

The following vessels, named for southern cities, were acquired Lifermore from Chickasaw SB. Birmingham City, tons, acquired Chickasaw City, tons, acquired. Ensley City, tons, acquired. Mobile City, tons, acquired. Montgomery City Date hook up Livermore CA,tons, acquired.

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Tuscaloosa City, tons, acquired. These vessels, based on Hhook. Shipping Board Designwere constructed to a special design primarily for the carrying of odd shaped steel products, with heavy booms capable of lifting 30 tons. Provisions were also made for the carrying of liquid cargo in bulk.