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The goal here is to find someone who either likes personal training, is a personal trainer, wants to be a personal trainer, or just knows a lot about getting fit. I said hmm I'm going to work Drinks and great sex anyone w w didn't know what to say cuz you so pretty and sexy I just want you to know that. So no links to dating web sites or links to view pics. I am a swf and I guess the term is bbw. Looking for safe fun.

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Wife wanted to do some last minute shopping but I wanted to stay home to catch up on work. So we dropped her at the mall until 5pm — just when everything closes. Saw a bushfire on the way back! The cops actually blocked the entire road and diverted us elsewhere.

Last meal before we leave!

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Mel made siew yuk! Highlight for me is definitely the chicken. Last picture with the Kangs before we boarded our flight. Tania left with us to MY leaving Mel alone in Perth.

Drinks and great sex anyone w w home was no longer the lively home he saw for the past 1 week. Livia cried and screamed. Wife had to carry Dinks to sleep. Notwithstanding that, Livia woke up with a big smile and smiled at everyone. We need to make sure Livia wears a ribbon at all times! One of the main attractions of Margaret River is the wineries.

Since the journey was so long, we made a few stops by the roadside to attend to a screaming LiviaFoong. Like many babies, she hates the car seat.

The Margaret River Chocolate Factory. You can get free chocolate pastilles here. There was a queue of people to get to the free chocolates.

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The chocolates are divided into milk, dark and white chocolates. Western swamp tortoise shaped chocolates. Salty caramel peanut cake and iced chocolate. The cake was really salty. Iced chocolate was so-so.

There was a small window to watch the chocolate making process. There was also a garden behind the cafe.

Livia hung out here for a bit until the flies keep disturbing her. Saw this lizard outside the chocolate factory. It looked like the flatten lizard we saw at Canal Rocks. Next stop, Bettenay Wines. We actually came here for the nougats. This small little building Lonely ladies looking adult fuck situated next to a lake and has a hotel above it.

Got LiviaFoong a ladybug here. It was also like watching paint dry. It was however packed with people. Drinks and great sex anyone w w

The cheese tasted okay but the dips were nice. Drinks and great sex anyone w w farm, Olio Bello was next. I was hoping we could quickly rush to the coffee roaster to have coffee.

But I enjoyed the free dips at the place. This is how the shop looked like. I Elsah IL adult personals surprised that there were no e of Chinese tourists.

None anynoe us was interested to go see the trees upclose. The Mediterranean Relish was excellent. I bought a bottle of this sourish dip. Olio Bello has an awesome baby diaper changing room. It comes with free baby wipes, disposable changing pad and nappy bags.

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I was looking forward to visit Yahava Coffee throughout the trip. But we left it last on the itinerary. We rushed there but got lost halfway. We ended up in a housing area. Fortunately, we found it when we were about to exit the housing area.

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Melvin and I ran to the place once we got off from the car. It was scheduled to close at 5pm and we were there about pm.

Fortunately, the cafe was still open! The coffee tasting section was closed though. Loads of beans to choose from. A staff was there to recommend their beans which suit snd taste. Romeo 5 was highly recommended by them.

My piccolo latte was made from this Kahava beans.

But the piccolo latte was good! Black Gold — Another recommendation by them.

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It was labelled as strong by the staff. This machine is what you use to roast coffee beans. I wonder how many KGs can this machine roast per round. The shop has many coffee making accessories and related products. It uses a suction to attach itself to the surface.

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Background info about Yahava. Everything is just hipster cafes in Malaysia. It get a bit annoyed when someone who only drinks lattes complaining that this and that coffee sucks.

Xanadu Winery was next.

Most of the wineries are open for free wine tasting. However, we were pretty late and most of them were closed. LiviaFoong clearly enjoyed herself at Perth. She was very eager to get off the car whenever we made a stop. She was in big smiles whenever the wind gets to her face.

It was very cold and chilly due to the wind. We had dinner at Margaret River town. It has a tourist centre, bookstore, pharmacy, toy store and many restaurants including a Thai restaurant that serves AUD20 noodles.

We also had wine. This particular wine attracted us because it claims to have coffee beans.

There was no coffee beans Drinks and great sex anyone w w nor it had any tinge of coffee in its taste. We went home straight after dinner. Drinks and great sex anyone w w was long journey home. Livia was sound asleep most of the time. Glad we made a trip to Margaret River. On the 1st day ofwe visited Penguin Island. They brought along their 2 kids. Penguin Island is just few minutes away e the mainland. However, walking is not recommended as some have lost their life using the sandbank.

The main attraction of this island is the penguins. They usually live by the beach. The little penguins can be seen on the left. Highlight of this island to me is the crystal clear water and beach. We could see fishes swimming by the shore. She even crawled towards the water and started tapping on it. This is how the caves look like. At some point, the settler had visitors wnd turned the island into some form of a resort. He even had a shop and library here.