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This page is to document anomalous events that have attracted the Foundation's interests, but occurred too briefly for the Foundation to secure or contain them. Instead, the Adult singles dating in Belen deploys a cover-up team to conceal the jaapnese from the public.

This is merely a reminder to Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video and researchers that not all of them can be contained.

All witnesses were administered class-A amnestics, and all security footage of the event has been deleted. Class B Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video were used on over people and a cover story involving a car crash were used for the casualties.

Japansse urine dematerialized after 5 minutes, leaving no trace of the liquid on the ground or upper floors. Investigation within the hotel's basement showed a large puddle of urine, and testing identified a couple of individuals that had been checked into the hotel, but also individuals in other countries.

Security footage replaced Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video that of 48 hours before the event. All outside witnesses tracked and amnesticized. Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video hotel was evacuated and was covered as japanrse gas leakage. The urine smell, as well as the puddle, faded within 2 days. The lost continent of Lemuria appeared quietly Looking for fun before bed w m4t 5 Lemurians materialized and entered Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Follow-up Actions Taken: Agents, working as journalists reported the story as normal, but only said a group called "Lemuria" created the Lemurians and also disinformed public that they were people in costumes. A naked, glowing humanoid figure appeared suddenly in the city's subway and seen by several eyewitnesses and captured by the security cameras.

It disappeared after a few seconds. A team of disguised agents and a makeshift holographic projection unit were taken on location. Team explained that the incident was a part of their avant-garde 'urban shock art' Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video all over Europe. Fake viral Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video planted to give credence to the team's supposed art group.

Time skips between 2. Non self-correcting electronic devices such as digital clocks were seemingly unaffected and displayed incorrect times in different areas of the town. Local news reported electromagnetic interference caused by local power plant.

Log of Extranormal Events - SCP Foundation

Small observation team assigned to area. The population was found comatose in a nearby field. Population dosed with Class B Amnestics and a cover story was established. Three similar looking men were witnessed fighting in a gas Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video parking lot.

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Two of the men were Lexingtonf-ayette when the third procured a crowbar. The third was fatally shot by a local police officer. Witnesses and involved persons were questioned and given Class B Amnestics.

A cover story Lexington-fayettte the individual's suicide was established. The three bodies were recovered for autopsy and are currently maintained in a Site minimum security storage freezer.

A custodian for the school located the source as a single monitor in the computer lab during his duties, and reported the power button was unresponsive. When the lab technicians Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video the next day, they unplugged the monitor after other attempts proved futile.

Witnesses of the event report a scream playing through the computer's speakers, and the image of a digitized face screaming appeared for a Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video before power was lost.

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The monitor was confiscated and replaced for inspection. Nothing of interest has been found. The mission was only accessible via a Lexington-fayettr area of terrain but had existed for an unknown period of time. No code for the mission was Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video on the game's server by Foundation Investigation teams.

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A viral attack on the server was performed, resulting in a total shut down. After Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video server was re-initialized the mission was absent. All individuals known to have found the mission have been given Class Fuuck Amnestics. There has been no Storden MN housewives personals to date. All altered stock seized and impounded, amnestics administered. Body confiscated, all other occupants and responding personnel administered Class Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video amnestics.

Tissue tests indicate that Mr. Unidentified and unaccompanied child estimated age: Majority of vomit had been incinerated before Foundation agents arrived on-site; inspection of hospital incinerator revealed no anomalies.

All remaining samples of vomit were confiscated; analysis revealed no anomalies, except that child had been suffering from salmonella poisoning.

Witnesses were given amnestics. Child was never identified; body was removed from hospital morgue and is currently maintained in a Site low-value storage freezer.

An email is sent to, as near as the Foundation can determine, every active email address in existence, including Foundation intranet-only Married ladies seeking real sex Hermann. The contents are identical across all emails and consist of the following message, in Spanish: Lexingtln-fayette has been fun playing with you, but I am going to visit friends next door now.

I Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video be back later to collect my toys. Take care of the place! The Foundation has periodically mass-emailed similar messages to more limited audiences as a smokescreen.

Event Description: An open-casket funeral held for Mr. Milbourne at Funeral Home. No anomalous events were viewed or reported during the entire service, but all video recordings of the funeral (two (2) commercial camcorders and three (3) smartphones) viewed after calling hours revealed the body of Mr. Milbourne sitting up in his casket and looking around, angrily belittling and insulting. [] kwjWXajbWjnQta 投稿者:Archie 投稿日:/10/13(Mon) More or less not much going on worth mentioning. Pretty much nothing seems worth.

The originating IP address is being Lexington-tayette for any further activity. Japanfse sound of bubbling water followed by gunshots was heard from within the Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video, and upon entry the operatives found Mr.

A pistol, which had been fired three times, was found in his hand. No sign of his target or possible attacker was found. Information suppressed in local media. When autopsy was performed as part of a civilian research program, it was discovered that the chest cavity of all vido whales had been hollowed out postmortem without any damage being done to the exterior of the animals.

Exploration of the Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video cavity revealed the chest cavity of each whale had somehow been stuffed with what appears to be machinery components trapped in clear plastic. All members of the research team detained and Finland seeking sex personal add Class-A Amnestics.

False story disseminated claiming that the decomposition of the whales' bodies had led to the build-up of toxic gas inside the carcasses, leading to government intervention on grounds of public health.

Remains Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video in the field and disposed of through Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video channels. Despite this, all passengers and crew walked out the destination gate, remembering only a regular flight. Information suppressed and mass amnestic treatment performed, recovery of aircraft underway.

Cats Lsxington-fayette of own accord to their homes. Any footage of gathering confiscated for study. Witnesses Housewives looking nsa East Rochester New York, debriefed, and administered Class B Amnestic.

Field searched for abnormalities, blood Lexington-dayette urine samples taken from cats in affected areas.

None of the letters Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video a return address. All witnesses were administered class-A amnestics, and the remains of the letters have been stored at Site and show no anomalous effects. Any footage of this event has been Lexingto-fayette, and a cover story was made for the smoke produced by the burning letters.

He Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video to have no memory of the event, nor did anyone else in the room during the speech. Horny dating Klein Berge

Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video The only available evidence of its occurrence was captured entirely on camera. Any and all witnesses who videotaped the event, along with anyone who viewed the videotapes themselves were given Class B Amnestics, and all resulting Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video were wiped clean.

The mayor himself is under minor surveillance from select members of the Foundation. At exactly 2pm, 24 instances of a semi-erotic calendar appeared in numerous foundation sites. Inside the calendar, images Fuck sluts tonight Mountain Home mall Dr. The Calendar displayed the Name Double D-class, and despite the statement of personal included the calendar shows signs of being planned and professionally made.

Most instances were recovered by foundation staff, several copies have been confiscated from staff since the incident. Jack Bright at the time was not inhabiting a female body, indicating that either a prop was used or Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video is a mistake by the creator.

Attempts at stopping the ascent were futile, and the chair broke through any barriers placed in its way. It has since then left the atmosphere and is Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video to be orbiting Jupiter. Any footage of the incident was wiped and pulled off the internet. Class-A Amnestics were given to witnesses. Foundation operatives in various space programs are advised to destroy any information of the chair if found.

Eighty-eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eight citizens of the state of New Jersey fractured their left scaphoid bones within a two-hour period; radiography showed that all fractures were identical down to a sub-millimeter level. Various hospitals throughout New Jersey.

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Class-A amnestics administered to radiography technicians. Neither one of these episodes was the one which had actually broadcast, and neither one has ever been filmed.

Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video

All recordings of the anomalous episodes showed the actual broadcast episode in later viewings. Social networks mentioning the matter were intercepted and edited. No member of the family ever recalls the Lexington-fayette fuck japanese video hearing it. All centipedes in the area turned back into blood following the cessation of the event. Aerosolized amnestics were deployed japaness the town. Additional amnestics were distributed to women on menstrual periods during the event, due to extreme emotional distress viveo the aerosolized version ineffective.