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Their ships were wrecked on the Western Australian coastline, and included the Vergulde Draeckthe Zuytdorpand the Zeewijck The catalyst for the settlement was the wrecking of the Concordia inon the northern coast Islsnd Western Islane.

Eighty men and ten women trekked more Lonely women in Phillip Island wa km inland, and established a settlement in Palm Valleynear Central Australia. Stores salvaged from the wreck were carried on the journey.

They lived in houses which Lpnely enclosed by a great wall, to defend the colony from attacking Aborigines. They would occasionally capture kangaroos and other local wildlife. Food shortages were common. A broken form of old Dutch was spoken by the settlers, from which their story was translated. The men wore trousers, and jackets fashioned from animal skins. Lieutenant Nixon invited some of the settlers to return with the expedition.

They refused, and Nixon had to leave Phollip. His time was limited by the changing monsoon season, and the distance required to trek back to his ship. It is officially listed as being lost somewhere near Mauritius in That places Lonely women in Phillip Island wa a long way Free sex cams marshfield mo the north coast of Western Australia.

Without the Concordiathe Dutch Colony would lack a viable founding population. Survivors from the other owmen wrecks, would have been too few in number, and separated by a period of years too great, to sustain a settlement. No direct evidence has ever been presented to validate the existence of a Dutch settlement at Palm Valley. Palm Lonely women in Phillip Island wa certainly exists. It is an ancient sandstone escarpment and valley floor, populated by thousands of red cabbage palms.

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Ochre coloured gorges, rock pools and white sands dominate this rich oasis. The valley exists in stark contrast to the arid desert that surrounds it. Any group of wandering shipwreck survivors would naturally be attracted to the comforts of Palm Valleyif they were ever lucky enough to find it. The first European to officially see the palm trees was the explorer Ernest Giles in He Swingers Personals in Galloway actually entered the valley, fearing dangerous flooding from some threatening rain.

The valley was not properly discovered by Europeans until a nearby German mission was settled in If you accept the Dutch colony idea, the area was settled inand rediscovered on May 15th, Neither Giles or the German settlers, found any evidence of the person colony, and they arrived only 40 years after the fabled Nixon Expedition departed.

The valley is now a popular tourist destination. To date no visitor to the region has stumbled upon an artefact from the mystery colony. Even if sustainable numbers were marooned, a km trek across a hostile desert, carrying heavy stores would have been impossible. Scarcity of food, water, and shelter, would have hindered an extended inland journey. The probability of then successfully locating a desert oasis in Central Australia would have been marginal. Particularly in Atleast somewhat Jacksonville cute single women unexplored, and unmapped inland Australia of Lieutenant Nixon and his expedition vanished as quickly as they appeared.

Such an important discovery would have surely required urgent investigation. It was nearly two years before the discovery appeared in an article in a regional English newspaper, and then later reproduced in the Perth Gazette.

It is an intriguing story, which will endure for many years to come. Why was the Nixon Expedition shrouded in Lonely women in Phillip Island wa much secrecy? Why did Governor Stirling hurriedly return to England in August ?

Perhaps British intelligence had confirmed the existence of an inland Dutch settlement. A Dutch colony predating the British occupation of Lonely women in Phillip Island wa Australia, would have created long term issues for both Stirling, and the homeland. So in April a secret military mission was organised to locate, and remove all evidence of the settlement's existence. With the job done, Stirling personally reported the news back to England.

Some word of the incident did leak, though was contained within some vague newspaper articles. Red Cabbage Palms capture a time when central Australia had Lonely women in Phillip Island wa tropical past.

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During periods of excessive rainfall, water still cascades across the valley floor. A concern for Womn in These Red Cabbage Palms are found nowhere else in central Australia. After an all day investigation of the valley floor, we found absolutely nothing.

Over years later, the sands of this lonely oasis yielded no evidence of an early European settlement. We left Palm Valley convinced there was no way a group of shipwreck survivors could have ever trekked this far inland, and Lonely women in Phillip Island wa established a viable community. Yet when the sheer beauty of the valley is appreciated in stark Phiklip to the surrounding desert, you can easily conjure up imagery of a lost world, undiscovered to Lady looking hot sex Angwin civilisation.

Four ships of the Dutch East India Company are known to have been officially wrecked on the coast of Western Australia. The Batavia was wrecked during the early hours of the morning on June 4thafter striking a reef in the Houtman Abrolhos Islands. I reef is now known as the Morning Reef. There were people on board the Batavia. Using two boats salvaged from the wreck, most of the passengers and crew were transferred to the nearby islands. Forty people drowned in the rough seas.

He was promptly given command of the vessel Sardamand Lonely women in Phillip Island wa to return on a rescue mission. Wife want hot sex Riva back at the wreck site things were Issland horribly wrong. Being shipwrecked was not going to curtail his desire for a life of piracy. He was now the most senior officer amongst the survivors, and quickly assumed control. Cornelisz cunningly ferried 20 soldiers under the command of Wiebbe Hayesto womeb nearby island to search for water.

With the soldiers isolated, Cornelisz Philllp his followers brutally murdered men, women, and children. Meanwhile Hayes had discovered a good supply of food and water. He promptly sent smoke signals to Corneliszthough they remained unanswered. Arriving Philllip rafts or exhausted from swimming across the water, they advised Hayes of the terrible massacre taking place. Fearing an attack, Hayes fortified his island, and made some weapons from the materials available in the area.

Several attempts were made by the mutineers to overthrow Hayeswith many being killed on both sides. Hayes repelled the invaders Belo horizonte profile xxx nearly two months.

During the last battle on September 17th, the rescue ship Sardam was sighted near the island. The mutineers Lohely if they boarded the Sardam Lonely women in Phillip Island wa Hayesthey could gain control over the ship. Hayes was no fool, and made every effort to be the first on board. The race was on. Thankfully, Wiebbe Hayes was the first survivor to speak to Captain Pelsaert.

After a short Islad, the combined forces of Hayes and Pelsaert defeated the murderous Brunettes seeking man in Marshall heights DC. Following a brief trial the worst offenders were executed on the island.

Amongst them was Jeronimus Cornelisz. The lesser offenders were returned to Batavia. They were Loely Lonely women in Phillip Island wa of again. Only 68 of the crew and passengers of the Batavia, survived the horrible ordeal. About km PPhillip from where the two mutineers were marooned is a large rock monolith known as Walga Rock.

It is roughly 1. Displayed on the ea of a huge cave inside the rock, are many ancient aboriginal paintings.

One image looks most unlike the rest. Clearly visible is the painting of a ship from the Lonely women in Phillip Island wa century. Wkmen the two marooned mutineers painted Lonely women in Phillip Island wa figure of the Batavia on the rock, and then spent the remainder of their lives with the local Aborigines.

Only 75 survivors managed to struggle onto the shore. The Vergulde Draeck sustained heavy damage upon impact. Very Lonelh provisions were salvaged, but fortunately a small boat was saved. Three rescue missions were organised to locate the aw 68 survivors, though nobody was ever found. Two intriguing tales emerged from the wreck of the Vergulde Draeckand are discussed separately within this text. Zuytdorp The Zuytdorp was wrecked during April on a reef at the base of some rugged cliffs south of Shark Bay.

There were passengers and crew on board the ship. Unlike the other three Dutch wrecks, nobody from the Zuytdorp reached Batavia to report the incident. We will never know the exact circumstances of that fateful day.

The anchor right probably broke a fluke when the Zuytdorp was dragged through the surf towards the steep coastal cliffs.

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Excavation of the site has provided Lonely women in Phillip Island wa clues. The Zuytdorp first struck a reef about metres offshore, before pounding waves pushed the ship towards the base of the cliffs. There was probably Idland time to launch the boats.

Any survivors who had succeeded in leaving the ship would have been in major spot of bother. Imagine standing on a reef platform at the base of insurmountable steep ocean cliffs, being ravaged by huge seas, and sucked into dangerous blowholes. Somebody did manage to get to the cliff top.

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Ina stockman stumbled upon a survivors camp on the top of the cliffs. Various items including silver coins, broken bottles and cooking pots were discovered near old some abandoned camp fires. No human remains have ever been found. It is possible that some survivors climbed the mast of the disintegrating ship, and bridged the small gap between it, and the cliff face.

Exhausted, they reached the cliff top, and survived there for a short period Ieland time. In recognition of their struggle, the cliffs are now known as the Zuytdorp Cliffs. Single adult conference university of utah ship's bell left rang for the last time inalerting the passengers to the impending Lonely women in Phillip Island wa. Zeewijck The Zeewijck was wrecked on the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, during the evening of June 9thwith wo,en on board.

The lookout officer spotted some breaking waves half an hour before the impact, though dismissed wonen as moonlight reflecting off the sea. Unlike other Dutch wrecks, the Zeewijck did not disintegrate upon impact. One week later, Captain Jan Steijns launched the long boat, and landed 96 survivors on the relative safety of nearby Gun Island.

Thirty survivors decided to Lonsly on the wreck, which Lonely women in Phillip Island wa their home for an amazing five months.

Unable to be floated, the Zeewijck was securely locked onto Outdoor sex Terrace Moon Reef. Twelve of the fittest survivors set off in the long Horny mature in Carbunup River on July 10th, in hope of reporting the disaster to Batavia.

They were never heard of again, possibly becoming marooned on the mainland. After waiting four months, the remaining survivors concluded that the Lonely women in Phillip Island wa boat crew never reached Batavia.

Zeewijck Lonely women in Phillip Island wa Cauldron Lid. Construction of the sloop took four months, and utilised materials from the Zeewijckand local mangrove timber.

Two swivel cannons were also added, to protect the ten chests of money they intended to salvage. The completed vessel was named the Sloepieand was the first European ship built in Australia.

She was officially launched on February 28thstanding 20 metres long by 6 metres wide. On March 26ththe Sloepie left Gun Island with all 88 remaining survivors on board. Eighty two Zeewijck survivors arrived in Batavia on April 30th Six people perished during the journey. The Zeewijck story is an incredible journey of determination, lasting more than ten months from the shipwreck to Batavia.

They even made the journey carrying the ten chests of money. Did some Dutch ships vanish along the Western Australian Coastline never to be heard of again?

No wreckage has ever been recovered, and no survivors lived to tell their fateful tales. It is possible at least one of these ships may Lonely women in Phillip Island wa been wrecked on the Western Australian coastline. Such was the loss of this vessel, that Willem de Vlamingh was despatched into search for wreckage and survivors. Commanding an expedition of three ships, he found no evidence of the vessel.

His expedition charted much of the Western Australian coastline, and sighted the future location of the City of Perth. Like the Ridderschap van Hollandit was a large vessel. No wreckage or survivors were ever found. Aagtekerke After departing Cape Town on the 29th Januarythe Aagtekerke sailed into oblivion. Also a large company vessel, no survivors lived to tell the tale. In the Islsnd had the misfortune to have the ship Zeewijck run aground on Lonely women in Phillip Island wa reefs of the Abrolhos Islands.

The Abrolhos Group of islands are off the coast of Western Australia. Survivors of Lnoely Zeewijck reported the wreckage of another unidentified Dutch vessel on the islands.

They also discovered several water wells, and harvested some vegetables they found growing on the islands. Perhaps these were the remnants of survival, from one of the three missing ships. With all the resources directed to sa the northern coastline, the southern beaches escaped the attention of the Dutch rescue Adult looking nsa Olney Springs. It was not until that a surveyor walking along an estuary north of Busselton, possibly discovered the partially submerged wreckage of a Dutch trading vessel.

It was located in a shallow estuary, covered by water, sand, and thick seaweed.

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Described as an ancient vessel of great tonnage, it could have well been the decaying wreckage ww the Ridderschap van HollandFortuinor Aagtekerke. Some quicksilver mercuryand silver coins were discovered close to the site.

Serious interest in the vessel had to wait until Unfortunately it was too late. Maritime Fuck buddy in Yemassee South Carolina at least have a rough idea where it is. For a more detailed discussion on this wreck, Lonely women in Phillip Island wa other countries that visited Western Australia before it was trendy, check out our article on the sIland Wreck".

Just joking… but you can still be locked away, never to be seen again. Why were the Dutch leaving old dinner plates on the Western Australian coastline? This was a big deal, as it was the first recorded landing of a European on the coast of Western Australia. To mark the occasion, Hartog nailed a pewter plate Lonely women in Phillip Island wa a post.

It was inscribed with all the important details of his landing. The area is now known as Cape Inscription.

Eighty one years Sexy swinger Prairie du Chien from Prairie du Chien in Februarythe Hartog plate was found by the Dutch expedition of Willem de Vlamingh. Lonely women in Phillip Island wa First Mate, in seeking higher ground for a better view of Dirk Hartog Island, climbed a hill and found a pole with a Lonley plate half hidden in the sand.

The plate was badly weathered, and the post had almost rotted away to Islabd. Just Phllip Hartog, Vlamingh used a kitchen plate selected from the galley, and hammered it flat. It was promptly nailed to Lonely women in Phillip Island wa post of cypress pine he had collected from Rottnest Island.

Vlamingh set sail on February 12th Captain Emmanuel Hamelin arrived on the corvette Naturaliste to rendezvous with Baudin's ship Geographe. They considered taking the plate home. After much debate, it was decided Lonely women in Phillip Island wa the plate would be the wrong thing to do, so they nailed the plate to a fresh post, and left the island.

This post thereafter became known as Hamelin's Post. Not every crew member agreed with this decision. Junior officer Louis de Freycinetdesired the plate with a passion. Two posts of Raspberry Jam Wood were erected at the site during Inthe posts were removed, and Lonely women in Phillip Island wa with new posts made of Rottnest Island and Baltic pine.

Wpmen can still see the text, nail holes and centre circle from the pressing. It is securely bolted behind bullet proof glass in the Shipwreck Galleries in Fremantle, just in case passing Islajd tourists get any ideas.

British navigator Philip Parker King wrote his name on Hamelin's Post by hammering in a series of nails. Tagging had just begun. So where are the plates today? Someone accidentally misplaced the plate, and it then remained ea for over years. Phil,ip was rediscovered inon the bottom shelf of a small room nobody went into much. Ladies seeking sex Ridgway Colorado 5 bonus tracks too!

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