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Andrzejki is celebrated in Poland on the night of the 29th to 30th of November.

The name Andrzejki came from St. In old times, the feast was only for girls. Boys had another holiday — Katarzynki.

Initially, the fortune was being told only within four walls, by individual questions about the future. With time, the custom gained popularity and began to be practised in groups of both women and men.

It involves pouring hot wax from a candle through a hole in the upper part of a key a bow into a pot of cold water. The figure from the congealed mass can be interpreted by looking at its shadow.

This way, young girls are trying to guess how their future husband will look like. To perform this divination unmarried women should meet in a large group.

Put your only left! The girl, whose shoe crosses the door will be married first.

You can also blindfold the participants. Pierce the piece of paper with a pin to figure out with whom you will tie the knot.

The simplest ritual to perform requires only an apple and a knife for peeling no peeler! Dogs indeed played a huge role in this feast.

Young girls were listening, from which side the dog barks. That should be the direction from where the future husband arrives. You could even say, that lucky dogs had their own celebration that night.

Often, the girls were baking delicious cakes, which parts were given to the dogs. The girl, whose cake was first eaten, could start preparing for the wedding.

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