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Need a mature female friend

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Do you read missed connections. Matuer didn't mean to fall in like with you, but you are so wonderful, loving, kind, tough, unique, and you have the best soul.

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Live-in GF is insecure about our friendship? This friend has been there for me through thick and thin especially when I needed a friend. My GF doesn't believe that My GF doesn't believe that because my friend is attractive.

My friend was actually happy for me when my GF and I started dating. My GF would have me just end our friendship. Out of respect to her I totally limit my contact to perhaps one phone call a Need a mature female friend.

I have told my friend how my GF feels, so she does femmale request coffee or anything more than a phone call.

Yet my GF gives me grief whenever I tell her I spoke to my friend. Or if she see the call on my call log.

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I told her I am not going matrue my friend or limit contact even more than I have already. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

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Sounds like you need to show your live in GF who's the boss. Because right now that's her.

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Grow a pair and tell your woman that you choose your friends, not her. Also - Important note - women who are this eager to accuse guys of having someone on the side are usually overprojecting their own guilty behaviour onto you.

Any time a chick accuses a guy of cheating, it's because she has cheated on him. Need a mature female friend are a few points to consider: First, is Need a mature female friend GF wrong to ask you to cut ties with Neev female who you have known for a long time? If your GF had a BF from frirnd ago that still hung around, would you feel insecure about it?

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I certainly did when my wife's best friend Need a mature female friend I met the first few times, and I might still be insecure if he lived in town. Second, if you must choose, who wins and who loses? Either choice makes you lose. But the real kature is if the GF is worth it?

Will she replace your friend and be around as long? If you know she will, consider what your future wife is asking.

How old do you want your friends to be and why are you looking for older friends ? If your answer is because you feel that your 23 yr old friends. I'm in my 20s and I have an older female friend. I would not say she's my 'best friend' by any means, but I do enjoy her company. A friend of mine jokes that I accumulate older women with weekend I may have reason to be more comfortable with a friendship age gap than.

Third, She is certainly demanding that you change to meet her standards. Will you be OK with that change or will you resent it later? What is really a fair balance in this situation? It would be easy for me to say what you should do, but my advice is Need a mature female friend what you should decide.

If possible, find out if the two of them could co-exist in your life by becoming friends with each other. It may be a long shot, but if they are friends, then the tension may go away.

Need a mature female friend

No cemale right to not diss your friend but you also have to look at it from your GF point of view. Most if not all omen are insecure to a certain degree even if they won't admit it.

It's these insecurities that make your GF want you to distance yourself from your friend. She's afraid that your friend knows all you good qualities and matjre that your friend might be more compatible with you than she is. She also fears there might be a past history between you two that you Need a mature female friend want to admit.

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Maybe it's just me but I think your girlfriend should be more reasonable. I bet she makes it hard to compromise.

And ending the friendship would not end there. I think the better way to prove that nothing's going to happen is to continue the friendship you have. On the other hand, you know yourself better than I do when it comes to the extent of the restraint.

I only take the fact that you went so long without something happening so I only assume nothing WILL happen. She has to understand this is her problem not yours, so stop making it yours!

A friend of mine jokes that I accumulate older women with weekend I may have reason to be more comfortable with a friendship age gap than. How old do you want your friends to be and why are you looking for older friends ? If your answer is because you feel that your 23 yr old friends. Female Friendship Has Never Been More Important. Here's As we get older and high school and college feel further and further away, strong female bonds can fall by the Here's what you need to know to make it happen.

fridnd She'll probably behave this badly with every female you come across in your future together; because she's insecure. If you want a future with her, you have to tell her how it is. She's being unfair, mistrusting and unloving. The discussion has to take place where you define your grounds and the limits.

How would she feel if you got moody when she had a friend who happened Need a mature female friend be male? You can only demonstrate your fidelity, while standing up to her selfish behaviour Your GF is being way pushy, it would be understandable if your Ebony jugg lover was an ex but she isn't. Honestly, Need a mature female friend don't think you are wrong, you might need to try and do something maybe special for your GF if you really love her to show her that you only want her.

If you aren't willing to drop your friend for your GF you shouldn't have to if you don't want to then maybe its time to re think. Don't let your girl friend control you like that. If she does not want you having female friends that is tough.

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She honestly can not expect you to ditch your friend just because she showed up with her insecurities. Don't drop your friend because friwnd Need a mature female friend girl friend. If your girl friend can not accept that you are going to have female friends then she can scoot along to someone else.

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Stand your ground buddy. Is your girlfriend included in your talks or activities?

If not that may be something that would change how your girlfriend feels. I don't nature you should have to msture your friendship, but I think it's up to you to blend it together so everyone feels comfortable and not threatened. Who are you sheldon from the big bang theory? Related Questions Should I tell my female friends that I Need a mature female friend want to have a platonic friendship with them? My Girlfriend is jealous of 20 year friendship with a female friend, is this reasonable?

Should I tell my female friends that I only want to have a platonic friendship with them? I ended an emotional platonic friendship yesterday with a married friend after our years?

Mature Adult Christians Only Please: Do I End This Friendship? Answer Questions Do I give my twitter friends my phone number? My mzture is so frickin annoying?

Should I forgive my friend for wasting my time?

Need a mature female friend

She makes me soo angry????? How did you become friends with your best friend? What is the kindest way but most helpful way to tell someone close to you, that they are often boring.