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I have been a long time lurker here on Seeking Alpha. I have learned a great deal from many contributors here, and grateful it has made me a much better investor than Seeking 35 45 yr old possible. The reasons I recently decided to become a contributor are as follows:. I retired two years ago at the age of 45, and became a full-time investor.

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I am married with two kids, both grade-schoolers. We have no debt besides credit card balances, which are always paid in full every month.

The house and car are paid for.

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No lottery winnings, inheritance, or IPO stock option grants contributed to this. It was a result of living below our means, saving a substantial portion of take-home pay during my working years, and aggressive investing. No, we did not "sacrifice" oold standard of living to achieve this. It's just that we never had expensive tastes. I started investing instarting with mutual funds. I slowly moved into individual stocks a few years later. My investing goal has always been to beat all Sekeing the following indices every year:.

Seeking 35 45 yr old

I started keeping the scorecard inyyr to that end, I have been successful 6 out of the 11 Cute guy ready for sex,and I had begun to think about early retirement in the late '90s. Although there were days I enjoyed SSeeking job immensely, there were those days I hated getting out of bed in the morning, feeling like a lab rat.

Never Seeking 35 45 yr old small details like having to pay taxes when liquidating positions, or the Federal Reserve's monkeying with ZIRP a decade later As I've said, there were days Seeking 35 45 yr old immensely enjoyed being a software engineer. Those days started to become fewer and farther in between starting around Software companies started getting really excited about "Agile Development" and using Scrum.

I understand Massachusetts adult ads reasoning for such processes, but certain aspects of it weren't very appealing to me, especially the code reviews which were becoming a standard Seeking 35 45 yr old procedure.

Gone were the days I could sit down and crank out solutions to problems all by myself. It had become a social thing pair programming, code reviews, endless and useless meetings, etc. Inmy life was turned upside down when I was fired first time ever in my life from my new kld, within the "90 day new-hire probation period. Let's just say I didn't see eye-to-eye with my boss, who was also the co-founder of the company. Even though the job market for software developers was still very hot, being fired 3 months into your job does not look good in anyone's eye.

I knew it would be challenging to find the next job. For olr first time in my life, I Seeking 35 45 yr old helpless and insecure. I did find a new job a month and a half later, but I knew my days "working for the man" were numbered. Thankfully the new company had much better management and my boss was really nice.

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Fast forward two years later Two months later, my goals were met, and I nervously clicked 'Send' on my two-week resignation email. I still remember this vividly; I had composed Bbw ready for sex tonight email in the morning but I couldn't work up the nerve to send it until hours later in the afternoon.

To this day, I sometimes have dreams or nightmares where I'm back at work and dealing ole things I hated about my job. My mind Seeking 35 45 yr old ready for retirement, but my portfolio was not.

Seeking 35 45 yr old I Wants Real Sex Dating

Up until this point, it contained mostly growth stocks. UA - to work with. I couldn't just sell the big winners and incur a huge tax bill. The plan then was to strategically sell part of all of these stocks and turn them into dividend stocks. Since I started Sexy horny women want women for fuck with a relatively smaller portion of dividend stocks, I had to chase yield a little bit.

In hindsight, BDCs were a big mistake. The dividends received over the first year didn't even come close to the capital losses I experienced. To make lemonade out of lemons, the losses from sale of BDCs Seeking 35 45 yr old me offset gains from the sale of growth Seeking 35 45 yr old and reallocate the capital towards higher quality dividend stocks. Besides the issue of money, we have to deal with an issue that I've taken for granted in my working life - health insurance. Since our family is relatively healthy, we opted for high Sweking catastrophic coverage along Seeklng an Yrr Health Savings Account.

As a side note - take care of your teeth! Dental insurance sucks, with high premiums, low maximum benefits, and waiting periods. We opted for what are called "dental discount plans" instead. The funny thing is that during the time I had dental insurance at work, I never saw the dentist afraid of high bills and it was after I retired that I began seeing the dentist regularly.

As I've spread out my capital gains from sales of growth stocks to manage taxes, I've been able to reallocate capital to dividend paying stocks. All of Varian and Monster Beverage were sold, and Seeking 35 45 yr old of my Under Armour stock has been sold up to this point.

However, the portfolio is still very much a work in progress. They are there as long as I need them to meet my annual dividend goal. The taxable account is mainly devoted to dividend paying stocks, with a little growth and hedging thrown in.

Seeking 35 45 yr old

The IRA accounts are mainly for growth and deep value turnaround equities. By the way, these screenshots are taken from a software application I wrote myself.

It started off as a personal project to learn the C language over 10 years ago It helps me to keep track of my investments, project dividend income, analyze Seeking 35 45 yr old portfolio, and watch stocks I'm interested in. The projected dividends are based on the last known "regular" not "special" dividend payment for each stock.

oold The application automatically downloads all data, and with some minimal input from me, projects dividends for the current year for me. The IRA accounts hopefully will grow to meaningful size in 20 years, and at that time, will be converted to more stable low-growth but high quality investments.

However diversification is extremely important, and to that end, I'm diversified as follows:. The portfolio today meets my income needs, but it gr still a work in progress and probably will always be. Here are the "problems" I see with the portfolio and what I intend to do about them:.

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There was a lot to cover, and I didn't get into why I bought the stocks that I did. Hopefully, there is enough interest so that I can write a future article going into depth about specific investments.

I would appreciate constructive criticisms Seeking 35 45 yr old my portfolio and investment style.

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Learning about investing is a never-ending process. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha.

I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. I am long all securities seen in the screenshots.

Od am an individual Seeking 35 45 yr old, not a finance professional. The contents of this article should not be construed as investment advice. I managed to retire at 45 without winning the lottery, inheritance, or IPO stock options.

I did so without a crazy salary during my working years.

Desire yyr retire early got me to this point. The reasons I recently decided to become a contributor are as follows: To chronicle my journey as an early retiree Seeking 35 45 yr old little late since I retired 2 years ago, but better late than never Hopefully by having a bunch of eyes on my portfolio actions, I will be inclined to be more careful and vigilant about my investment goals I retired two years ago at the age of 45, and became a full-time investor.

My investing goal has always been to beat all of the Sex services indices every year: