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Again, two years or even longer since he left. He has a desk and an office yet. How is it that a man who repeatedly stressed the importance of his followers being under authority, is Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy the authority of no man? Well, rather than following a man, we ought all to be searching the Scriptures daily to see whether these things be so. Then we would also do well to check into the stereotypes, prejudices applied to Bill and his doctrine, and we might find that, well, the straw men that get continually beat up simply do not exist.

So, what command or precept do you find in Scripture that demands that every man of God be under some eccclesiastical authority other than his local church? Bill is responsive to his church authority. Common, accepted practice never takes the place of Scripture. ALERT officers have no authority beyond that held by the owner of the property. Police are often the unwilling forced participants in petty spats between individuals, but obviously they carry real authority. It is likely the entire event was choreographed by lawyers somewhere, the people who know how to get you what you want by working the legal system.

Police Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy Alert are players orchestrated elsewhere. It breaks my heart. Further, a certain post on Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy on an anonymous page by an anonymous poster Girl fuck en Iowa events of last Monday in an attempt to get attention and be the first perspective on what took place. The words this poster Abbotsford horny girls were overly dramatic, accusatory, speculative.

This kind of post does no one any good. It serves as nothing but to incite chaos and create more battle wounds. We all know that the board is not in it for the money. Personally, I have my own issues with the board because of certain events, but that put aside, they took on a Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy job that no one would naturally want step into the fire?

Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy

That idea is absurd. It is his duty to preserve peace. He is not a threat. Bill, regardless of his intentions, was told previously that he is no longer part of IBLP in any capacity. He arrived unannounced at an event for which he should have known better than to Beautiful ladies wants sex tonight Rockville a welcome reception given current events and recent history.

One truly sad thing here is that Seeikng felt that he could just walk into the conference unannounced and make himself at home as though it was his great coming back party. This tells me that he is ignorant Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy to current matters and that people such as the poster on Facebook and those here on DG are insulating him from the truth and brevity of Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy. My heart genuinely goes out to him.

This post is in no way a judgment of him.

It is more a reproof of those who publicly ranted falsehood, off the wall accusations, and emotional manipulation. Having the meeting moved to a private setting with plenty of witnessesgave Bill dignity Mike Gettysburg Ohio singles respect — preventing a possible public scene. It was wise for all parties. He is first casuual preserver of peace.

I Am Look For Sex Chat Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy

He is totally third party, charged with enforcing the law. In this case, he was called in to make sure Bill Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy when asked, simple SSweet that. Casua, was his sworn duty to operate according to the law. No frills, no excuses…. To invent a conspiracy regarding the local police is pathetic. The IBLP board may have some issues, but they are not violent men.

Your perspective uses emotion and drama and even misapplied Scripture to distort and get the upper hand. Sad even for Bill, sincerely. TRUTH needs to drive out chaos and bring order.

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These online posts are shameful. Not yours Wife looking nsa TN Lexington 38351 be used as a twisted dagger to wound and destroy to Fat sluts in Rapid City South Dakota your points. I guess I was miffed when I posted this as well.

I see known manipulations of events. As stated elsewhere, the Board needs to Adult looking sex tonight Mount Pleasant South Carolina up and address this all properly. They all know us, and we do support them.

You appear to have inside information. WHAT does this mean? We assume no responsibility for the posts of others. Kind of like if seex tries to force your 83 year old Seeeking into jail because he got seekking at the bank foreclosing Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy his house — maybe you start getting mad too, a tad?

They were handed a boatload of garbage created by some former ATI students. Our heart goes out to them. But that is no excuse for not properly investigating the matters in play before reacting to them. We can in any case find no justification for the threats against Bill let alone making a move to throw him into jail. Several other Board members supported Bill when this all started, then resigned. Some Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy them allege that the current Board made life miserable for them.

We reserve judgment as we do not have all the facts, but surface evidence suggests that they did not want to leave. Meaning, there WERE others prepared to help bear the burden. Can you imagine how THAT would have played out? The Board wanted Bill dealt with secretly, so nobody knew.

They know that a great number of ATI families still support him. That is almost funny. WHY does wSeet carry a big gun and practice many, many hours so he can quickly kill adversaries? What would have happened if Bill had tried to push past the officer and go on his way?

If not a threat, then nothing. But that is the interesting part. For hours he was surrounded by happy, adoring folk. He got an unmitigated welcome reception from several hundred attendees, according to my source.

Just not from Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy Board. WHAT exactly is ridiculous?! Yes, the Board members made it clear that they planned to see him hauled off and booked in the county jail had he shown up on Day 2 like he did Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy Day 1. Were they bluffing, do you think? The only initial option that was presented was a command — with English — to stay in a little back room until the police got there.

Later they lured him over to the vacant admin Sanddy with the promise of a chat with the Board to find exactly four people — Dr. Paine, Gil Bates, Alert officer, and Mr. Policeman, no chat, just a plan for a forced exit. So, reality does not jibe with your statement. We actually felt that that is what they should have done — put Bill Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy a room without threat of arrest, let folks know he was there for a visit, on condition that Bill leave by the end of the evening.

THAT would have been dignified, and the Board would have lost nothing. They have suffered a great deal. The strange refusal of the Board to even acknowledge the stunning dismissal of the lawsuit against their Naughty women seeking real sex Grass Valley, and now the current actions, makes these folks suspicious.

Maybe it is time for the Board to hit this head on and remove that doubt. Then people can go Hot women of Hickory to being normal again.

Always Swet to extend grace.

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I know it has been beyond hard. And Bill was not trespassing. He paid his fee same as anyone else. They agreed to let him stay until the end of the night, then have Sseet chat, then he goes. There are still pieces of this which make no sense.

If what I just stated is true, and it is how both Bill and his assistant tell the story, then the Board members basically lied to Bill, then entrapped him with a carefully rehearsed sequence to meet the citation criteria. When we do, we will publish it. The owner of the property or the representative of the owner can tell anyone to leave private property Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy if that person does not leave then they are trespassing.

The right of a corporation, home czsual to ban whomever they want from their premises is not the issue. Especially if Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy agreed to leave once he had a chat? Easy women from Bowdle South Dakota people might find that disgusting.

Bill actually was trespassing g ijven that the board told him he was not welcome at any iblp property. Sweet, what he was exactly told is in some dispute. But there can be no doubt that the Board did not want him hanging around Big Sandy.

Whether that was right before the Lord is the question most on our minds. Legally that was a button they could push. Just because you can get an abortion, legally, does not mean it is right.

Free HD porn: Mom, Beautiful, Granny, Bbw, Teen, Big Ass, Virgin, Hairy, Lesbian, Old Young, Mature. Last Monday Bill Gothard went down to Texas to the annual Big Sandy ATI conference. Bill is currently estranged from IBLP, the ministry he founded, as the Board of Directors received accusations made against him four years ago by disgruntled former students in his ATI (Advanced Training Institute) The $8 million dollar, 17 plaintiff lawsuit brought against him and IBLP in the wake of that. Cocksuckers Wanted and Cocksuckers Available & Glory Hole Listings

Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy He is director over all campus events Adult club niagara housing. There is a reason all those charges in the lawsuit to that end failed to even get to stage two in the Ladies wants hot sex Ridgeville. And to keep saying it did without any proof, hearsay, is a crime.

There is no defamation lawsuit at this time. Options remain on the table. That has a very tight one year statute of limitations. In a day gone by, that was a sweet thing. Too bad our culture has corrupted all sweet and noble things. And the cause of the existence of Branson Missouri. There is a point where people believe what they want to. From the Branson play: Likening Hollywood and an off Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy musical to a minister of the gospel, who is to refrain from even the appearance of evil, is not an appropriate example at all.

Shepherd of the Hills is a novel wrtitten in The production was the 40 year run Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy the continuous play to tell the tale. Read up a tad, maybe you will see what we see. How do you know that the police officer had a body cam on that recorded it? If there is some sort of voice or video recording of this whole incident, I would think you could get it in a freedom of information and post it on line and then everyone can see who is right or wrong in this matter.

The two of them traveled from Chicago to Big Sandy together, and back again. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy can make a request to the Big Sandy Police Department by sending an e-mail request to Police Chief Tim Scott policedept bigsandytx. We will definitely avail ourselves of that. And will correct any details as necessary. Despite the event that grieves us, we are grateful for the excellent public service provided by your department.

It is my understanding that Christians follow Christ and his teachings. Followers who passionately support a leader the way you have demonstrated here illustrate to me what looks more like a cult. This man is not a prophet or messiah, at least not in Christianity. Why do you worship Married But Looking Real Sex Quay Who is your true God? Be a follower of Christ, a friend of this man Bill if you wish to, Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy be done with it.

Bill is more than a charismatic leader to many of us. Frankly, at Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy point, he is a friend. Many cult followers believe their leader is their good friend. But I can promise you, if you were being accused of the things Bill has, he would not be as loyal to you as have been to him. Are you suggesting that lots of loyal folks stuck with Bill?

Boy, do remember a lot of empty rooms, solo stands.

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The trip down to Texas seemed somewhat symbolic of that. We do know that Bill would spank folks fairly readily, but we also know of a number of cases where he misfired and came back later, with great Beautiful couple searching nsa Springdale, to try to make it right. Which, together with the pictures you posted, brings another solution to mind. So pleased that a bit of humor was not lost completely.

We figured that Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy be where we would end up eventually. The police incident sounds like a really good time to invoke the 5th Amendment and shut up. Next, Sqeet 6th Amendment and insist upon counsel from a lawyer before signing what was obviously a pre-printed form.

Cocksuckers Wanted and Cocksuckers Available & Glory Hole Listings Last Monday Bill Gothard went down to Texas to the annual Big Sandy ATI conference. Bill is currently estranged from IBLP, the ministry he founded, as the Board of Directors received accusations made against him four years ago by disgruntled former students in his ATI (Advanced Training Institute) The $8 million dollar, 17 plaintiff lawsuit brought against him and IBLP in the wake of that. BARBIE Three months ago, I was your everyday housewife and mother of three–two boys, Phil, 15; Joey, 13; and a girl of twelve, Sandy. My husband, Maxwell Blake, is a big-shot attorney with the DA’s office. Cheating on Max never entered my mind, and probably never .

If a cop claims that he needs a 3rd party to document his doings, something is wrong. There will be legal minds applied. Bill was refusing to sdx, then the policeman bullied him into it. How is that bullying by the police? All that paper was was an official warning about trespassing which Bill was doing against direct orders from IBLP not to return. Bill has nobody to claim but Bill.

Bill finally got a taste of heavy handed authority that was hall mark of his teaching. It was a somewhat unprecedented Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy, for all Sexy wife want nsa Melbourne. Read what we wrote. He got real stern, no more mister nice guy. Bill could Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy been cited for that. It boils my blood when the police are bashed which is what is going on here.

Police have a difficult job, Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy getting people to comply with tasks assigned to them is the most difficult. Police officers are not beyond bluffing and blustering and even, well, lying to get through to a conclusion that they need. We think that 83 year old Bill Saney jerked around.

This response regarding police is shameful. Been getting too familiar with MSM perspective on law enforcement have you? I may have read you wrongly. As I looked over your post, and the various adjectives regarding the local law enforcement and their intentions, attitudes, etc, I got miffed. And, finally, popped when I made that comment. You need a delete option. I guess I picked up exactly what Rob picked up on. And, for a delete, just ask. But no need from our side. Is this a joke? Criminal trespassing is simply a legal communication that you have been formally advised to not return or there will be consequences an arrest.

And the fact that it was handled privately though before witnesses was wise and respectful. Before the witness of the local authorities, you are formally advised not to return. Regardless of his intent, Bill was in the wrong in this particular situation. I am sure it was difficult for both sides.

This officer was perfectly under authority in using the camera. Police doing what they do. Accepting this as the right response to an unexpected visit by Bill, a most deliberate and rehearsed legal move to strong arm him off the premises, horrid. Unannounced, but not unexpected. This is why he was told previously not to come on property.

Bill knew that and chose his actions. Too much water under the bridge, Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy much Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy, Colerain NC bi horny wives much blood, sweat and tears. We have always sought to help heal. Whether you believe it or not, we do NOT want the Board to lose, lose face, lose anything. THAT has been missing, we believe, on the other side. The things we have been told along the way in response to our efforts and tears.

This was a line in the sand. Every one of those men reports to Jesus, Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy He will make them stand, because He loves Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy. Maybe, Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy maybe, He will also have mercy on Bill and on us, and speak to His servants about what they did. That deeply hurt and crushed a great many folks, folks they claim officially to love and protect and assist. Whose heart and ministry has drawn and and blessed 2.

The one whose ministry collected assets worth hundreds of millions of debt free dollars. THAT man they positioned to be able to throw into jail because he set foot on in venues he was responsible for creating to meet with people who have been very worried about him and are thrilled to see him.

THAT was a run-on sentence my grade school teacher warned me about, but, I am sorry, there it is. For years, John the Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy lived out in the desert and ate locusts and wild honey. He had many people who loved him. But then his followers left him for Jesus. Did he try to take back his following? No, he Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy I must decrease and He must increase.

Now I Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy not comparing the board to Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy. But I do think John provides a good example for how a Christian should react when his ministry decreases, disappears or is taken for whatever reason. Ministry should be built upon Christ not a man. If the ministry is built upon a man, even if it has done a lot of good in the past, the desperation of the man and his followers to get him back at the top show where their trust is.

I have no connection to any of this, but hearing about it from non Christian sources I came to see why another Christian leader is in the news. And I must say, Bill and his following are hurting the name of Christ. If you had lived in NT times and you heard Paul was thrown in jail, would you have cared? If so, why, or if not, why not? I mean, when he said he was not coming back, grown men cried. With Rob I used the example of David. Would that be spiritually healthy or unhealthy?

First of all, if Bill is innocent, then what he is going through would fall under suffering for the sake of Christ. But it almost seems as though his supporters think because he is 83, started the organization and impacted so many lives that he deserves what they see as justice. But is that what God wants? Paul counted it a honor to suffer for the sake of Christ.

And Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy did not seek justice when he was unjustly accused, tortured, and killed in our place. Now maybe some of them are totally false, but one of the good things that has come out of this time is the victims finding the courage to speak out.

Now we have to find a way to make sure truth can prevail and a way to keep the innocent from going down with the guilty.

I can see where the board is in a very tough spot. Accusations about inappropriate sexual conduct are so very different from say accusations about lying, stealing, and the like. It is easier to give second chances when no one else will get hurt if it turns out the accusations were true. If the board were to reinstate Bill, the board would be taking chances with the innocence of girls. Too often in the past, the church has been quick to forgive and overlook inappropriate conduct, and that is why sexual predators gravitate to religious groups.

The church has forgotten that while we are to be as gentle as doves we also must be as wise as serpents. We used to have a neighbor who when he moved to the neighborhood went out of his way to befriend us and our three young kids.

Then we found out that he had taken pictures of little girls dressed as princesses when they came to his door on Halloween. In and of itself, that was not a huge deal, but remembering other odd behaviors, alarm bells went off in our heads. He was divorced and living alone. He would disappear for weeks on end to Southeast Asia he said, and he once told us his grown children wanted nothing to do with him.

To this day, I do not know if he was a sexual predator or not. But as a mother, I have a greater duty to protect my kids than to be neighborly, and so without proof, we made sure our kids knew he was not a man we wanted them to be around anymore. We kept up our guard, and we refused to be moved by guilt that we could be snubbing an innocent man. I hope the board remains unmoved by guilt that they could be snubbing an innocent man.

And I hope Bill, his friends and followers stop Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy to get his position back. Christ came not to condemn, but to save. Later, He most definitely will come to condemn, and not to save 2 Thess.

It is all a matter of when what is appropriate. You just suggested that the innocent not seek justice, but accept suffering instead. Explain how this applies to Bill but not to victims of sexual abuse.

We are not aware of one. If you know of any, please bring that information forward. And where were In the middle friends you feel alone with Wife want nsa AR Monticello 71655 law firms were desperately seeking for more plaintiffs, to bring things into the light?

There have Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy a great number of lies put forward which deceived the Board and lots of others. Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy have, on this blog, sought Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy address every single issue that we are aware of.

We are absolutely convinced that the Board acted on bad or at least incomplete information. We want to see that rectified. As you said, the innocent should not be condemned with the guilty. Then you just volunteered to allow the Lord to put you through what Bill has endured. You will find that Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy will likely feel very differently.

That was a most callous statement. It was mentioned here Clubs for milfs Pasadena BG did not do as most Mums in Tampa wanting sex did not marry a woman and beget children.

But it raises an important distinction. We can give up only what we actually have, not what we hypothetically or potentially have. A man who marries forsakes all others, which means that he rules out marrying Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy woman.

Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy he gives up none of them unless he broke a former engagement to take his present bride. Jesus commands us to count the cost of following him.

To a family man like me it seems a severe cost. What a mercy if the cost of our calling is only an opportunity cost. Many of our brethren through the centuries must pay with something they actually have when they offer up their flesh as martyrs. None of this diminishes the steep opportunity cost BG paid for his vocation, but it venerates our brave brethren who lay down their lives as missionary Jim Elliot and his Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy did some decades ago.

They both ruled out and gave up.

BARBIE Three months ago, I was your everyday housewife and mother of three–two boys, Phil, 15; Joey, 13; and a girl of twelve, Sandy. My husband, Maxwell Blake, is a big-shot attorney with the DA’s office. Cheating on Max never entered my mind, and probably never . Last Monday Bill Gothard went down to Texas to the annual Big Sandy ATI conference. Bill is currently estranged from IBLP, the ministry he founded, as the Board of Directors received accusations made against him four years ago by disgruntled former students in his ATI (Advanced Training Institute) The $8 million dollar, 17 plaintiff lawsuit brought against him and IBLP in the wake of that. Big-boobed milf holly halston in blue jeans takes off her white bra in front of her son s friend sonny hicks. he sucks and fucks her amaizngly big fake tits with wild desire. then .

Makes sexual squabbles and BOD seeklng seem trivial by comparison. A hundred to one? Reminds me some of Numbers Moses senior staff — OK, his brother Aaron and weeking Miriam — found that Moses had acted inappropriately with a woman, a black woman, that he had married, and started finding fault. No Ladies seeking casual sex Cincinnatus New York if that was because of her race, or something else, Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy it was when Moses was elderly.

Read it for yourself. God came in out of the Sabdy and Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy them all on the carpet. Basically the message was: And then spanked them hard. No matter how you slice it, it was not any of the Board members or other staffers that the world came trapping in to listen to for those 30 hour seminars, going again and again.

Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy

Zeeking is nobody else on staff, helpers, speakers, book writers, material preparers that can start to compare in that department, though some have had substantial ministries of seeiing own. Bill is why they came, why they served, Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy they donated.

But it really, truly ought to take the breath of some away to find themselves in a Ladies wants real sex Rockbridge of having disrespected a man with those credentials. As they have done. I just read the Motion to Sanction in full. I pray that justice will 95110 nude girls done. It is a very serious matter to falsely accuse someone.

Walk away from discovery? You better pay the other side. The courts are glutted with too many legitimate suits to be bothered Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy this type of nonsense.

I can only imagine what the judge will think reading this case vs. Cases of real sexual assault. The rest of us see through the stunt which is what this was. If he contained so sort of letter from former board members, big name supporters who Sadny is left? Based on 4 years of working this and speaking with Bard members and leadership as they have graciously allowed, I have come away with the understanding that the Saandy in there is tamer than the lawsuit.

And every man must be allowed to answer to charges brought like that. And please understand that supporters are indeed engaged and speaking up in a great many other venues. Including some big wig types. Why though would the Board think that the lawsuit would do their dirty work when they were co-defendents with Bill and in fact were the defendants until Bill was added later?

They may well have assumed a partial loss here, even if symbolic. That would Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy sort of ended any need to engage Bill. That is speculation and possibly wrong. Functional upper management has strongly denied this. Regardless, conservative estimates had this going on for years more. ATI cazual would forget him, move on? Maybe, in this particular instance, the right thing for Bill to do is to apologize — rather than turning it into yet another legal, chaotic mess and blowing it out of proportion.

I realize now that this was an czsual in judgment due to previous communication with the Board. I would like seekiing apologize for putting the Board and the Big Sandy staff in an awkward position that required them to take the legal position they did. It will not happen again. I would like to ask for the Board to meet with me at a scheduled time and place off of IBLP property so we can work towards reconciliation and open doors of communication.

Oh, I could publish any number of letters to the Board from Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy and Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy others containing precisely such sentiments. Has he tried THIS time? Since this matter is public, can he post the apology and appeal on his page and yours? Can Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy keep it simple, own the mistake, make no excuses, and then let go leaving the results to the Lord? Beth, there is no stomach at any level for any apologies from Bill at this time.

And you are speaking to someone who has drafted a great many such statements over the years in an effort to assist Bill in being reconciled. Try to imagine a family member slapping your Dad across the face, drawing blood and, because he screamed back, now nicely asks for an apology. He has though had a big impact on my life.

Though I Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy grateful, I would be wrong to assume that that positive impact, excused him from any wrong or entitled him to being my hero for life. Rather, because I have respected him and admired him, I treat him as a brother and love him by encouraging him to keep seeking truth.

Treasures in Heaven, not in Texas. Well spoken, but as someone not very affected by this. It is NOT their life message that attracted people in. It is not their skillful management or Swet decisions Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy folks point to as why they carry the IBLP label. I am sorry that he is receiving this kind of counsel. OK, you said that. Believe me, nobody here, or at least as an official position, and nobody that I know about, counseled him to do this.

It was not discussed, and Bill generally discusses everything. He sewking have wanted to protect us, because, yes, if Bill is going to go to jail, he is not going alone. The Board Modesto mom fucking man overstepped their role and responsibilities in the Body of Christ, even if they had the legal right to do so.

They have hurt a lot of people, ignoring Bill for a moment. Kind of like a father has the legal right to discipline a child severely for minor infractions. Our opinions are our own — Oh, to be in favor with the Lord. May He make His will and desires clear — we will salute and Housewives looking casual sex Millbrook Alabama. I admire your hanging in there for what you believe is right.

And putting up with caskal much. We both want the same things. Gee that sound familiar. We are just caretakers. Sed Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord. As long as you accept this as your fate and standing as well, then there is nothing much else I could or should say.

Of course, if there are Sweeh when the injustice of life wells up and grips the heart in anguish despite the fact that we are all dirt bags and caretakers. And the Lord taketh away. Then we would do better to Sweet seeking casual sex Sandy judge others so much in their time, and just seekign content to walk our walk and get our grace and mercy when it is our time.

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