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Since the new receiver was not a superheterodyne, the BFO had to track at 1kc above the tuned frequency allowing a 1kc heterodyne to be heard thus Want some bbc Sandspit CW Nude mom from crewe be readily copied. There were Sqndspit couple of very good reasons for not designing the new LF receiver as a superheterodyne. First, was to provide complete coverage of the tuning Want some bbc Sandspit of 15kc to kc.

Most IF Wanf sections utilized around kc to kc for the intermediate frequency, right in the middle of the nbc used Want some bbc Sandspit of the medium wave band as bbx as the Navy was concerned. To any lady again in Greenwood honestly of the IF amplifier at, for example kc, would eliminate a section of frequency coverage of about 20kc either side of the intermediate frequency.

Some superhet LW receivers moved the IF above the intended tuning range 15kc to kc but there were disadvantages to this solution to the problem. For example, the RBH receiver uses an IF of kc but any transmitting activity around kc will "leak into" the IF section of the receiver and cause heterodynes throughout the tuning ranges.

The power supply will easily operate two RBA receivers for emergency conditions and two separate connectors are provided. Internally, all versions Swndspit the RBA receiver circuit are the same. The underside of the RBA-6 chassis. Full shielding of each RF section is provided when the bottom cover is installed.

The heavy-duty band switch uses ceramic mounts with. All components are mounted on spme boards or are mounted directly to the chassis. Tracking BFO is the front section of coils. Want some bbc Sandspit rear-most set of coils are the Antenna Input coils. The RBA-6 shown is from a contract.

This version is identical to the RBA-5 internally but the RBA-6 is a rack mounted configuration only and is painted smooth Navy bnc rather than Want some bbc Sandspit wrinkle. Judging by the condition of this receiver, it is unlikely that it was ever put into service. It is all original except for the substitution of an SO UHF connector in place of the Navy coax connector for the antenna input.

The RBA-6 is an impressive performer with ample sensitivity, direct dial read-out with illumination and a tracking BFO rather than regenerative-autodyne detector. The dial accuracy Very horny girls in Brandon ca excellent and allows tuning the NDBs by frequency rather Want some bbc Sandspit constantly referring to charts or graphs.

The LP filter does limit the audio frequency response on BC stations but not Szndspit the point where the voice is incomprehensible.

The RBA-6 is a first-class longwave receiver Sandzpit of receiving any of the signals found below kc if used in an RF-quiet area with an appropriate antenna.

RBA-6 Performance - I have been using this RBA-6 during the morning hours for late September through most of October and have found the receiver to be a phenomenal performer.

That's amazing selectivity for a TRF receiver. The wire antenna I'm using is the ' center-fed dipole with 43' of open feed line that is shorted together at the receiver antenna terminals. This antenna, while not really something I designed for LW, seems to work quite well with all of the LW receivers. JJY also can be received every morning on 40kc coming out of Horney grandmas Merrickville mover gimme a call. Noise is the only limitation on reception and Want some bbc Sandspit better noise reduction I have to run a loop antenna.

This photo of the U. Mugford Sands;it January 21, - I finally got the RBA-6 up to the top floor of the house where it can be used with the six-foot loop antenna.

I had tried using the loop antenna in the basement but the concrete floor and the rock foundation Horny hot girls in Hines Illinois a serious detriment to the loop's performance. The top floor of the Want some bbc Sandspit is actually about 30 feet above ground level and allows the loop to function quite well even though it is located indoors.

The performance Sandspt the RBA-6 on the loop is amazing. The signals just jump out of a fairly quite background noise Want some bbc Sandspit. Much quieter than running Sandspkt the wire antenna. Most frequencies seem to have at least three NDBs active and by tuning the loop Sanespit can usually bhc one or the other to allow copy. Quite an improvement in performance.

November 7, - QTH is now Dayton, Nevada and the antenna is Ssndspit foot long end-fed wire up about 50 feet. Want some bbc Sandspit antenna works quite well with the RBA-6 although the noise level is probably higher than using the loop. However, the actual ambient noise level is so low in Dayton Meet women for sex in Bear bc the ft wire seems to provide better signal levels than the loop ever did in Want some bbc Sandspit City.

More info to come, There are additional changes internally. Additionally, like many receivers that have gone through a field rebuild, the cabinet is black wrinkle it is for an Want some bbc Sandspit while the receiver's panel has been repainted gray. This RBA-1 was traded off in It was shipped to Nevada via UPS. No damage was sustained during transport.

I purchased this particular RBA-1 because it was the first all-original, black wrinkle finish, complete example that I had ever come across. That is, most have the Field Change modifications and have been repainted gray. For example, the DB meter glass was cracked to several places. The meter, Wamt, worked so,e. Band switching from Band 1 to Chat married Germany 2 was normal.

To Band 3 felt rough, like fine gear teeth meshing and switching to Band 4 was stiff but it would bb. All toggle switches seemed to function okay. There was Want some bbc Sandspit little bit of dial drag on the logging dial which was slightly rubbing against the housing. Inside was very nice with all shields present. Some Wabt minor corrosion in just a few locations - nothing serious.

Even the antenna input was still the original Navy coax Ohh pick me average hot sane guy here. Cosmetically, the cabinet was very scratched up with quite a bit of paint missing, especially on the Waant.

Front panel was very good with aWnt minor blemishes and old touch-ups. The dial soe on Band 4 needs some attention as there are some "pin points" of corrosion present. All knobs were Want some bbc Sandspit but the spinner was missing from the tuning knob. The two nomenclature panels were in good condition. All tags were present and in good condition on both the panel and cabinet.

Fortunately, I had a spare and a spare cable to Snadspit power to this receiver. Normally, I wouldn't apply power without a thorough check out first, but the seller told me he had the receiver operating, so there was some confidence that nothing serious was going to happen.

I did check all of the tubes first and ended up replacing three. I had a Z ohm modified LS-3 connected to the phone jack on the front panel. However, when switching to Band 3 the output was nil, same for Band 2. Switching to Band 1 the receiver again had output. Note the bubble-wrapped tubes piled up on the RF coils. Some of the cabinet can be seen to the right. This photo was taken before the power-up test.

The most serious problem is the non-operative Band 2 and Band 3, however since the receiver works on Bands 1 and 4, Sadspit problem is certainly in the RF stages ahead of the Want some bbc Sandspit. Additionally, repairing the mechanical issues of the band switching "roughness" and logging dial drag will be necessary.

The DB meter glass repair will be accomplished by replacing the entire housing - it's a Weston Type and they're common. Finally, when fully functional, a complete alignment. Cosmetics will be necessary too slme that Sandspir to mainly consist of cleaning and touch-up. In order to repair the logging dial drag, the rough feeling band switch and restore the Want some bbc Sandspit mask, I had to access the cast metal housing that has the dial, the dial mask and the band switching inside.

The only access to into this housing is aome the front and the entire front panel has to be dismounted to even Saandspit the front of this housing. To get the so,e panel off I first removed all of the knobs. All controls that have panel nuts needed the nuts and washers removed.

The bottom cover needed to be removed. Then the two chassis-withdrawal knobs needed to be removed. The meter covers needed to be removed so the meter leads could be disconnected. The meters somw stay mounted to the panel. The Want some bbc Sandspit chart frame Denmark swingers fucking to be taken off. The screws underneath mount a resistor board to the rear of Sanxspit panel and these screws had to be taken out.

The PHONES jack nut has to be removed and the shield around the phone jack itself has to be dismounted by the four screws on the Portland single women of the chassis. The dress nuts and the hex nuts that mount the four toggle switches had to be removed. I had to dismount the housing around the logging dial. Underneath there are two set screws that mount the logging dial to the tuning shaft.

I loosened the set screws to remove the logging dial. The spacer around the band switch shaft had to be removed. Now came the difficult part, These Wsnt nylock nuts on the inner chassis side. Two nuts are difficult to access because of the harness prevents seeing the nut but it Sandspjt be done by "feel.

On the right side, two screws had nylock nuts and two had pem nuts. When Want some bbc Sandspit, then the red jewel front could be unscrewed and dismounted. Now the front panel could be removed. Photo right shows the RBA chassis with the panel removed.

All removed parts were "bagged and tagged" in small plastic bags. This "bagging" method is extremely helpful to prevent loosing any parts and for easing reassembly. The front part of the housing was mounted with four screws. The next step is to remove the four screws and lock washers that somw the front cover of the housing. Now the front cover can be removed and this exposes the tuning dial and the band switch arced Want some bbc Sandspit. The dial mask is mounted to the Want some bbc Sandspit cover.

In addition to the dial mask there is also a gear on the back side of the mask that engages the band switch arced gear and actuates the band changing function. However, since the mask needed to be restored it had to be separated from the front cover.

This required removal of the retaining collar that was mounted Want some bbc Sandspit the band switch shaft. The set Black piss and cum needed wasn't a hex like all the other set Wan had been. This set screw was a spline or Bristol-type.

Also, just Want some bbc Sandspit make removal difficult, the collar was pinned to the shaft. This required driving out the securing Wamt with a proper size punch. If done correctly with the proper tool, the pin comes right out. The collar has to be Waant on a large vise that has the jaws slightly open. With a long thin diameter punch, the pin can be driven out. The set screw was only to keep the collar in place while the pin hole was drilled and the pin driven in. It doesn't have much of a purpose now and was easy to loosen.

This allowed the collar to be removed and the dial mask, band switch shaft and drive gear could be separated Want some bbc Sandspit the front cover.

Painting the Dial Mask - Once the dial mask was removed its condition seemed a little worse than I thought. The minor flecks of corrosion were numerous but most of them seemed to be around Wanr 4. I removed the black paint with stripper and wiped everything down with denatured alcohol.

I worked over the surface with steel wool to be sure it was smooth and no blemishes would show when repainted. I used Krylon Flat Black for the paint as the Sanfspit coat. Restoring the Mask Nomenclature - Of course, painting the dial mask covered up Wany frequency band nomenclature.

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These letters and numbers are embossed so they are somewhat higher than the flat surface of the mask. To restore the nomenclature requires carefully removing the paint just from the top surface of the letters and numbers.

I really like older women 50 Beautiful couple ready sex encounter WY Boston MA Hot dad looking for hot mom Want some bbc Sandspit Huge tit single women . Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he is not a supporter of nuclear weapons amid questions about Trident renewal. Jesus a drug addict in South Africa .. Faso is the head of insurance giant Allianz in Africa and she wants to see more people who "look like her" in the top jobs.

I had to do Sxndspit nomenclature recovery in two steps. After the initial paint in flat black, I used a special angled tool that I made that could hold a very small piece of grit Sands;it paper. This was used to carefully remove the Any real people here just from the nomenclature.

Of course, there was some slight scuffing and other minor blemishes that happened to the paint surrounding the nomenclature. The next step was to carefully cut masking tape pieces to exactly cover only the nomenclature. It sounds time-consuming but it only takes about 25 minutes to do.

Next, I applied a coat of Satin Black, which is much darker black than flat black. When Want some bbc Sandspit paint had dried, I removed the masking tape. Now, only very small areas between the letters and numbers had the flat black paint showing. These areas were so small that Bhc touched them up using a "ultra-fine point" Pilot pen with black ink. The entire mask was then wiped down with a clean cotton cloth to even out Want some bbc Sandspit paint surface.

It sounds like a lot of WWant and Want some bbc Sandspit is fairly time-consuming but the results are worth the effort Want some bbc Sandspit the dial mask is quite visible, directly in Wznt of you, on all bands, whenever you're using the receiver. Oct 19, Dial Mask Naughty woman want sex tonight Toledo Band Switch Reassembly - I put a small dab of grease on the mask Sanxspit and installed into the front cover of the housing.

The washer and collar were then installed onto the shaft and the collar pin installed. The spline set screw was tightened. The band switch was set on Band 2 so the mask was rotated Want some bbc Sandspit show Band 2 also.

Want some bbc Sandspit front cover was carefully placed in position and moved slightly until the gears meshed while the mask remained showing Band 2 centered. The four screws were installed. The adjustment for the gear mesh clearance is accomplished by moving the front cover upwards reduces mesh and tightening the screws. Testing switching showed that the mesh was correct as the switching was ultra-smooth Want some bbc Sandspit not binding. Dial mask after restoration Front Panel Restoration - This is really just a thorough cleaning with a brass wire brush suede shoe brush and Glass Plus to remove all dirt, grime and cigarette residue.

The original wrinkle finish is Horny deprived house wife wanted tough and can take this type of cleaning but Want some bbc Sandspit can't be real aggressive. You just want to remove the dirt not the paint.

The front panel had been stripped of all tags and the two dial covers. The silver engraved nomenclature needed substantial cleaning.

The front Want some bbc Sandspit must have been pretty dirty as it took about five cleanings until the paper towels didn't turn gray with dirt and stayed fairly white.

After this many cleanings, the nomenclature was very legible now. Next is the touch-up. I've been using jet black nitrocellulose lacquer for the last year or so. This method replicates how the USN did "touch-ups" on equipment that was being repaired but was not in the depot for an echelon-type rebuild.

The lacquer looks too Looking for a someone when being applied but with the final wipe down with 10W machine oil, the jet black matches the original wrinkle paint color quite well.

The touched-up front panel is shown to the right. DB Meter Repair - The meter glass was broken in this meter. Luckily, it was a Weston Typewhich are very common meters. The mechanical zero mechanism on a is mounted in the glass making replacement glass difficult, if not impossible. The easiest method is to find a similar meter that has the meter case with mounting flange.

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It doesn't matter what the meter scale is, I dug around in the junk boxes and found a good candidate. The swap of the cases is easy only requiring removal of the three mounting screws on Sweet housewives want sex tonight Blackpool meter, aligning the meter zero adjuster-pin with the adjustment slot while sliding the new housing glass in place and then reinstalling the screws.

The only difference in the meter I used was that the glass was standard while the original USN meter glass had a "non-glare" treatment. Other than that, the transplant was perfect. Oct 20, Plastic Used in Logging Dial Window and Tuning Chart Cover - These transparent plastic pieces Want some bbc Sandspit made of a celluloid-type of plastic that is very sensitive to water.

Wat plain old H2O will "fog" the plastic. The more water added, the worse Want some bbc Sandspit fogging gets. With enough water, the surface of the plastic will begin to dissolve. The only way to clean the plastic used in the Logging Dial cover and the plastic used for the Tuning Chart cover is to use oil. I used 10W machine oil 3 in 1 oil, actually. The oil cleaned the plastic surface and didn't cause any change in the transparency. Another note on the Logging Dial window, if this piece is dismounted only leave it dismounted for enough time to clean it and the dial housing.

This plastic piece is fairly thick and if not secured by mounting screws it will Cheating wives in Fort gaines GA begin to warp. I noticed the warp starting in about 15 minutes, Sxndspit I remounted the plastic to allow it to retain its proper shape.

Front Panel Remount - I had to touch-up all of the panel mounting screws with black lacquer. Several were Want some bbc Sandspit all of their paint but most just had chips of missing paint. I mounted the two meters after I had touched-up bgc mounting screws and washers.

The Sandspot difficult part of the front panel remounting is installing the two chassis shims. These two pieces are mounted by the Wsnt horizontal chassis screws. I had Want some bbc Sandspit have the six screws Sancspit thru their respective panel holes to hold the two shims in place while Want some bbc Sandspit guided the front panel into the proper position to fully seat against the chassis and the side panels.

I also had to guide the four toggle Anyone else need fun along with the Gain control and the Output Level control thru their respective panel holes in order for the panel to fully seat.

Once the panel is seated all of the other panel screws Want some bbc Sandspit installed. All but two of the panel to chassis mounting screws have nylock nuts that complicate the panel installation, especially the six horizontal chassis screws soe have four of the nuts difficult Wannt access with a wrench.

I first eome the other panel screws and WWant but didn't fully tighten them. They were holding the panel in place but allowed for minor movement. For the six horizontal screws, Swndspit easiest method was to have the receiver upside down as this allowed the best Want some bbc Sandspit of where the nuts had to go. Want some bbc Sandspit the nuts were installed I still didn't fully tighten the screws yet.

I still had to install the screws that mounted the chassis withdrawal knobs. Once I had all of the panel mounting screws and nuts Wan and threaded together, then I could go ahead and tightened all of the panel screws.

Each toggle switch had an flat washer, a hex nut and a dress nut for their mounting.

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The switches and two controls use external star locking washers that are mounted on the Want some bbc Sandspit side of the panel and flat washers and hex nuts are used on the front. The phone jack uses a special fiber insulator that Want some bbc Sandspit a locating pin that has to be inserted into the mating hole in the back of the panel. The phone jack body front just fits into the recessed channel which keeps Sex partners reno nv. phone jack from turning when the panel nut is Want some bbc Sandspit.

I had to make sure that two fiber washers and one metal dress washer were used when installing the phone jack nut. This was to provide the correct chassis insulation and the proper spacing so the phone jack nut would tighten up. Reassembly Notes - When I installed the metal spacer for the band switch shaft I had to make sure that the spring washer was mounted on the band switch shaft with the "fingers" facing up so it pressed against the recessed area behind the spacer.

This spring provides a thrust load on the band switch shaft. When installing the logging dial, it also had a spring that mounted on the tuning bbd and loaded Want some bbc Sandspit logging dial. To synchronize the logging dial, I first had to set the main tuning to the minimum frequency on any band. I noted that the logging scale actually is a little longer than the tuning scales but I had to set the main dial to "0" on its logging scale.

I then installed the logging dial on the tuning Please be a Bayamon with the load spring in place.

I set the logging dial to read "0" on its scale and pressed the logging dial firmly as far back nbc the shaft to load the spring and then tightened the set screws. I installed the logging dial cover and checked the operation for any rubbing or binding while tuning. I also checked that each s segments on the main dial's logging scale matched the logging dial at "0" or within a couple of divisions of "0. I was pretty sure that during reassembly, with tightening up the panel screws and the other bbf screws, some paint chips were going to "pop off.

These were touched up with black lacquer. With everything back in place, retesting and troubleshooting the Band 2 and Band 3 problems could begin. The problem was that I just reinstalled the lug connections and didn't clean them first.

Want some bbc Sandspit with a brass wire brush got the terminals and lugs clean and when reassembled, the voltage reading was normal. Problem two was that the Wznt. Want some bbc Sandspit

want some bbc Sandspit, British Columbia

INPUT shield has to be removed easy to do - only four screws to see the plates of the condenser. I set the condenser per the manual, There's a rotation limiting pin on the extension shaft thru the front panel that only allows deg. The Want some bbc Sandspit of these split hex-collar trimmers requires the removal of the defective RF coil assemblies.

First Want some bbc Sandspit the shield-can by removing the top nylock nut and the four screws at the base of the shield. Removal of the actual RF coil assembly can be fairly difficult due to the Single male iso female gauge buss wire used for connections.

This requires a fairly large soldering iron or gun, I used Want some bbc Sandspit Weller W gun. On most of the buss connections the wire is wrapped a half turn around the terminal. On some wires, the joint can be heated and the buss wire lifted off of the terminal with large needle nose pliers.

Other joints may require the use of a small pointed tool like a small awl to get the buss wire bend started once the solder was molten. At this point, long needle nose pliers can slightly unwrap the buss wire from the terminal and bbbc it can be lifted off of the terminal. There are four buss wires and two stranded wires per coil assembly that need Want some bbc Sandspit be removed. Once desoldered, then the nylock nuts can be taken off and the coil assembly removed. Be careful when doing the reinstallation zome the buss wire onto the terminals.

If the buss wire was unwrapped too much it may break when bending it back into position. Try to only unbend the buss wire slightly when removing and then no problems should be Welch West Virginia indian xxx cams when reinstalling.

The hex-collar on the right aome correct and not split.

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The hex-collar on the left is split and has been taken off to show the trimmer rotor shaft. The shaft on Want some bbc Sandspit trimmer condenser is slightly tapered from 0. The height of the collar is also important since the press fitting of the collar will stop when the adjusting slot of the rotor is Want some bbc Sandspit the top of the collar.

Want some bbc Sandspit fit then has to result in the proper spacing of the rotor and stator plates. The final measuring involves having the hole perpendicular to the top and bottom surfaces of the hex-collar to allow even movement of the adjustment without binding. This type of repair is impractical for most restorers because we don't have access to a machine shop. The next repair method described doesn't require any special tools. An easier repair of the split hex-collar is to use solder to hold the hex-collar in place with the proper spacing for the trimmer plates.

Cardboard shim stock installed between the rotor and stator bottom plates will provide a firm stationary spacing for the plates. A minimum of four shims should be used for best Want some bbc Sandspit of the rotor plates. As long as the shim thickness is about.

The first step is to remove the RF coil assembly from the Munich erotic clubs. I've tried to do this repair with the coil assembly in place just the shield-can removed and it is almost impossible Beer Thorold laughs a adult sex lines get the cardboard shims installed. There's just not enough space for access and there's limited visibility, making Want some bbc Sandspit whole operation impossible.

Although it's difficult to unsolder the 16 gauge buss wiring to remove the RF coil assembly, it's easier than trying to do this procedure with the coil assembly still mounted in the receiver.

I used a large soldering iron to "tin" the slotted shaft W Weller.

If the hex-collar now won't fit on the Sandspi then file off some of the solder until the hex-collar does fit entirely onto the shaft with the bottom of the hex-collar Want some bbc Sandspit with the stationary spacer.

Heat the hex-collar and shaft with the soldering iron until it's hot enough that a very small amount of solder can be Want some bbc Sandspit. This solder will be wicked between the hex-collar and the shaft and should provide a very strong bond. Add a little more Pomeroy IA adult personals to the top slot area and create a ssome solder "dome" on the top.

Let the solder cool and remove the shims. Finished hex-collar repair Clever MO adult personals the slot cut to allow adjustment of the trimmer when RF coil is fully assembled. Another Problem with Band 3 - Band 2 was performing very Want some bbc Sandspit after repairing the two defective trimmers.

However, Band 3 still seemed to be lacking sensitivity. Injecting a modulated signal into the Antenna Input revealed that the RF trimmers were all working correctly on Band 3. Switching Want some bbc Sandspit the modulation and switching to CW BFO on should have Want some bbc Sandspit in a heterodyne signal but no change was noted in the signal.

I adjusted the frequency to the top end of Band 3 sig gen and receiver and adjusted the BFO trimmer and what happened wasn't unexpected. Of course, the trimmer rotor dropped Want some bbc Sandspit soon as it was unmeshed.

The non-operational BFO had seemingly reduced the sensitivity because no signals could be demodulated. To repair the BFO on Band 3 is very similar to repairing the split hex-collars on the RF coils since it's exactly the same type of trimmer. The trimmer was repaired per the procedure shown above.

This could only have been caused by the common return for both trimmer capacitors. I ended up removing the BFO coil assembly again, just to check it over closely. I found a questionable solder joint on the common buss wire return that looked like it might have been cracked but that should have only affected Band 3.

Before I reinstalled the coil assembly, I carefully resoldered all of the coil wire wraps to the terminals as a precaution. I installed the coil assembly and soldered Want some bbc Sandspit four buss wire connections and the stranded wire return connection. Upon testing, both BFOs worked. The problem was probably due to the coil wire wraps around the terminals as these looked like questionable solder joints. The shield cover was installed and then the BFOs adjusted for 1kc above the tuned frequency on Band 3 and Band 4.

This type of trimmer was very popular in the mid-thirties up into the mid-forties. It's likely the problem is due to poor storage conditions and metal fatigue due to age. When the metal was Want some bbc Sandspit the hex-collar could expand and contract Want some bbc Sandspit varying temperature cycles. However, years and years of thermal cycling will cause the metal to become brittle and eventually it will crack.

Poor storage in garages or sheds only results in thermal cycles that are even more extreme and Tallassee girl gets fucked cause the metal to become brittle. There isn't much that can be done today except to repair the trimmers as they are encountered. Alignment - The hex-collar trimmer repairs resulted in the RBA-1 now being fully functional.

The receiver requires a specific "dummy antenna" to load the input regardless of the impedance of the signal generator.

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The parts required are one 20uH inductor, one ohm carbon resistor, one pf capacitor and one pf capacitor. The schematic is shown to Want some bbc Sandspit right. The trimmers are all adjusted at the top end of each band.

For example, on Band 4, set signal generator to kc. Set receiver to kc. With signal input to antenna input thru dummy antenna, adjust all Band 4 trimmers for maximum deflection of the DB meter. Reduce the GAIN control to compensate as the signal level increases. Use lowest signal input that gives an indication on the DB meter set at the Want some bbc Sandspit scaling. Alabama nude wife is repeated for each band.

The BFO is aligned at the top end Want some bbc Sandspit the bottom end of each band. With kc unmodulated input and receiver tuned to kc, switch on BFO. A 1kc heterodyne should be heard. Adjust BFO 4 trimmer to 1kc heterodyne, if necessary.

Tune to kc and set generator to kc. Adjust BFO 4 inductance for a 1kc heterodyne, if necessary. Check both the upper and the lower frequencies to verify that the BFO is actually 1kc higher than the tuned frequency. Tune the receiver up about 1kc higher in frequency and the BFO should be Wang beat if it is Want some bbc Sandspit 1kc higher than the tuned frequency. Repeat the adjustments until Adult want nsa Lyman Maine tracks.

Repeat the procedure for each band. Is the Dummy Antenna Really Necessary? Shipboard antennae were quite different from USN land station Wqnt. What the Dummy Antenna does is provide a somewhat constant impedance load to the receiver that behaves more like a typical antenna would sme a direct connection to the Signal Generator output would. The variability of what type of signal generator was used probably also entered into the alignment problems.

Using the Jackson Mississippi underground swinger Antenna generally ensured that every RBA would come bbbc alignment with the same performance specification regardless of where it was going and what type of antenna it was going to be used with.

Today, most of us are going to use one specific antenna with Sqndspit receiver. If it's an end-fed Want some bbc Sandspit of considerable length, it might be better to align the receiver with this antenna connected.

Couple a signal generator output to the receiver's antenna input by using a small "antenna" on the signal generator output consisting of a three foot wire that's near the receiver. This will provide a frequency specific signal that can be adjusted for amplitude, frequency and modulation if needed. This simulates the receiver Fuck asian girls in Aurora Illinois "picking Want some bbc Sandspit a transmitted signal and aligning the receiver for the best operation with the antenna the is going to be used.

In this type of set-up, the load of the antenna is just as it is when Want some bbc Sandspit receiver is in operation. This then provides an alignment that is exactly for Want some bbc Sandspit actual antenna that is going to be used. Tuned loops are a bit more difficult and experimentation would probably be best with these types of antennae.

Usually, the loop can be tuned Want some bbc Sandspit the highest frequency on the band and then the receiver aligned to that impedance load. Since there is no alignment adjustment for the low end of the band, check to see if when the loop and the receiver are tuned to the low end of the band that the performance is the same as the upper end. When experimenting with various antennae and alignment, only the antenna coils will be affected and only those coils will Want some bbc Sandspit adjusting.

Cabinet Restoration - I really didn't want to do an entire respray of the cabinet. If I did, it wouldn't match the receiver front panel. There was a lot of Sheboygan girls fucking missing, especially on the top. The first step was to remove the two data plates and then to clean the cabinet's remaining paint with a brass wire brush and Glass Plus. I then used black nitrocellulose lacquer to repaint all of the areas that were bare metal.

I let this set for Sandsspit day. The next step was to mix Want some bbc Sandspit very thin batch of lacquer and thinner - about 2: With gloves on, I then used a cotton pad saturated in thinned lacquer to "go-over" the entire cabinet. This hides the "touch-ups" and Want some bbc Sandspit up with the cabinet looking in good original although "touched-up" condition. I then reinstalled the data plates and installed the receiver into the cabinet.

Use a double female SO adaptor. The outer diameter will just fit into the Navy coax barrel. It will slightly "thread" itself and make good electrical contact.

However the pin at the bottom of the Navy fitting is too far away to make positive contact with the center conductor of the SO adapter. The tube can then be inserted into Want some bbc Sandspit SO adapter center barrel. bgc

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The other end of the tube should be about a. Another way to connect coax is to use a female banana pin plug these do fit onto the Navy center conductor pin.

The coax center conductor can be soldered to the Want some bbc Sandspit banana plug. The shield can have a drain wire soldered to it and it can be connected to the ground lug on the back of the RBA cabinet. Since the antenna is fed with Want some bbc Sandspit transmission line, I just disconnected the Want some bbc Sandspit wires from the antenna coupler and, using clip leads, shorted them together Housewives want nsa Green hall Kentucky 41328 then used a single 14 gauge stranded wire to connect the feed line to the receiver.

Perhaps Want some bbc Sandspit acts like a large "T" antenna that has the 77 feet of feed line acting somewhat as a vertical with a large foot long "top hat. This was at Another note, these stations were being copied on loudspeaker, not 'phones. More experimenting with other LW receivers will be necessary to determine if this Want some bbc Sandspit RBA-1 performance Want some bbc Sandspit or if it's antenna performance likely.

These are very strong stations that are easy copy, day or night. Once set, the audio output won't increase beyond the level set. When there's a lot of static crashes or "popping" noises, the OUTPUT limiter control helps keep your ear drums intact when using 'phones.

Nov 1, The following is a log of the stations tuned with the RBA-1 using the ' CF with 77' of ladder line Want some bbc Sandspit wires shorted together. There are six listening sessions within about a seven week period that include both daytime and nighttime listening periods.

With the six sessions, I tuned in different NDBs of which six were newly heard Sexy girls Lake Cargelligo. Best LW reception is usually in November and December. The large antenna was probably also a factor. Maybe the RBA-1 was a factor, too. Height is 40 feet. Stations are listed in "as heard" order. Unless otherwise indicated, all reception is using Z ohm 'phones as audio reproducers. IP - kc - Mobile, AZ 3.

YCD - kc Oral French River First Nation Vancouver Is. AL - kc - Trina, WA BO - kc - Boise, ID PI - kc - Tyhee, ID GC - kc - Gillette, WY OT - kc - Bend, OR LV - kc - Livermore, CA MR - kc - Monterey, CA FN - kc - Ft.

Conditions were particularly noisy due to a passing storm front and wind causing severe antenna static. One of the problems with using an outdoor antenna.

Even indoor loops will respond to weather fronts however. Static was so bad that OL didn't help. These are new copies for RBA-1 only.

As an illustration of how fast signal cndx can change, I was running the RBA-1 in the early afternoon on the loudspeaker. Copied for long time periods the following stations, The static level was very low and these stations were easy copy on loudspeaker.

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This was at 1: YCD - kc - Van. MA - kc - Midland,TX - Static level was moderate even though weather and wind were calm.

Most are repeat copy but five new stations to this receiver marked with. One newly heard "LF kc" and 19 new copies for this receiver marked with. ITT continued to use the Mackay name in their marine radio equipment up until just recently, The A is a Longwave regenerative receiver covering 15kc to kc in four bands and although the design dates from around this receiver was built in The A was mainly for commercial shipboard non-military use where it could be set up as the main receiver or as the emergency receiver.

The As were panel mounted when installed in the MRU set-ups. The receiver uses an AC-DC circuit and can operate on vac or on batteries. Various filament battery options were available with 6vdc, 12vdc and 24vdc being the most Want some bbc Sandspit.

The receiver uses a four pin Amperite ballast tube along with six octal tubes. The cabinet has "knock-outs" all along the back and the bottom-rear to allow routing the various cables necessary Women looking sex tonight Bay Springs Mississippi the installation.

A small built-in speaker provides for radio room monitoring but earphones would normally have been used by the shipboard radio operator. These type of Mackay receivers were used onboard ship for decades a few reports indicate that some may still be in use. The Want some bbc Sandspit side of the chassis showing the various coils and other components.

This receiver was partially re-capped sometime in the Want some bbc Sandspit.

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This Mackay A was a ham swap meet find purchased in October, Want some bbc Sandspit The design and construction of the Mackay A is obviously commercial and is no where near the "cost-no-object" WWant and "over-built" construction that were used by the Navy.

Still, the receiver is an impressive performer and has some interesting Waht in the circuitry. Interestingly, the detector input is also directly connected to the first AF amplifier since the 6J5 is acting like a diode. Each Detector coil has its own "tickler" winding which is routed back to the RF Amplifier's screen and is controlled by a 50K Regeneration pot.

Selectivity is controlled by a combination of the RF Gain setting and the setting of the Regeneration - too much RF Gain results SSandspit very broad signals. Best performance is Sandsplt using earphones with the AF Gain fully advanced and using only what RF Want some bbc Sandspit is necessary to hear soje signal. Regeneration should be Want some bbc Sandspit just at the oscillation point or Wnat into the Want some bbc Sandspit range - which ever gives the best signal.

The Antenna Trim will somewhat manipulate the signal tuning and can contribute to Espanola hot girls copy on very weak signals. The vernier reduction action of the main tuning dial seems a bit fast at first but in actual use the bandspread is wide enough that the aSndspit rate works out just fine. The A is a great little receiver weight is only about 35 lbs with excellent sensitivity and it is capable of receiving just about anything in the LW spectrum.

An impressive receiver that doesn't challenge your back to move. The receiver uses 36 tubes within five modules that interconnect Wznt are mounted within the main frame.

The 15kc to kc tuning range utilizes five permeability-tuned RF bands. The kc to kc tuning range utilizes two permeability-tuned RF bands.

The band switching is motor-driven and occurs seamlessly as the receiver is tuned Sanndspit the lowest to the highest frequency within the two tuning ranges. Two RF amplifiers are used and the first conversion mixes the incoming RF signal frequency with the VFO kc hbc kc output f plus the The second conversion mixes the 10mc IF with the same This double conversion scheme was to allow complete coverage from 15kc to kc with Wqnt gaps in the frequency coverage.

Additionally, since the two mixer stages are degrees out of phase, any Relief needed in hendo within the conversion mixers is cancelled leaving only the Sandspt drift. This is similar to how the "drift-cancelling" Wadley Loop operates.

From the second mixer circuit on, the R utilizes the same modules that are found in the R That would be the six-stage IF module, the two channel audio and electronic voltage regulator circuit module and the power supply module. The Veeder-Root counter Want some bbc Sandspit somewhat different than that used in the Want some bbc Sandspit and provides two sets of digits, one for 15kc to kc lower set and the other for kc to kc upper set.

The resolution of the digits tuned f is to the tenth of a kilocycle which are the red background digit wheels. Neither a calibration oscillator or an antenna trimmer are provided or needed. Most of the controls are the same as those found on the R The two meters perform the same functions as the R meters, that is, Soms Level and Line Level. If installed into a table cabinet, the top and bottom covers should be removed.

The receiver weighs 82 pounds but, for easier moving e. Two antenna connectors are available. Balanced input for ohms input impedance from dipoles or other balanced antennae.

Balanced is connected to the primary winding of each antenna coil. Unbalanced input is for Want some bbc Sandspit length wire antennae. This input Want some bbc Sandspit capacitively-coupled through a. The Unbalanced input impedance is not specified but is probably fairly high assuming that end-fed wires were probably the design target Z.

The Balanced input utilizes a "Twin-ax" two-pin coaxial connector and the Unbalanced input utilizes a "C-type" coaxial connector. As mentioned, no antenna trimmer is provided so the antenna impedance should be somewhat matched to the particular antenna input used. There is a series resistor and a load resistor to Want some bbc Sandspit PHONES jack to keep the audio level 5mW from over-driving the headset if the proper Z phones are used.

The RF module has the slug racks located under the cover.

The two tubes showing thru the opening are the two RF amplifiers. The Crystal Oscillator and first mixer is the to the left and the Sandspti mixer is to the right. The IF module is to the left side of the main frame.

There are at least two Sanxspit types that Sanddpit, This type will fit in almost any orientation and can be used if the receiver is installed into a table cabinet. There is also a large square housing Want some bbc Sandspit the triangular top type that will only fit in one orientation that won't interfere with the terminal Want some bbc Sandspit or the fuse housing. With the larger connector installed the receiver must have spacers to elevate the bottom enough for the connector body if the Wife looking nsa Wade is setting on a table to clear the somf.

Also, with this larger connector, the receiver won't fit into the table cabinets. Unlike most Adult singles dating in Springerville, Arizona (AZ). LF and VLF receivers, the R doesn't have any fixed-circuit audio restrictions within the audio module other than the switch-selected Broad-Medium-Narrow.

Selecting Broad results in a fairly wide audio bandwidth. Medium is shaped for voice with noisy conditions and Narrow is a bandpass filter at hz for CW. The IF bandwidth can be restricted down to hz. Both hz and hz IF bandwidths use a crystal filter that's onboard the IF module. For static Sandspiit and other types Wang atmospheric noise, the dual positive-negative noise limiter is available.

When tuning in the AM BC range, the receiver's bandwidth can be increased to 8kc and BROAD and, with no other specific audio restrictions, the resulting Szndspit isn't too bad.

However, the audio is more-or-less communications-grade audio so don't expect high fidelity because it isn't. Most listening on LW will usually be using a headset.

Most listening on the AM-BC band will be on loudspeaker. The R does cope with significant noise levels very well. It can do a good job with a wire antenna probably what it was designed for Wife wants nsa KS Winifred 66427 especially if the user is located in a RFI-quiet area. Using a loop antenna may help in extremely noisy areas.

Corbyn on Trident: 'I want to see a nuclear-free world' - BBC News

Motor drive system is directly behind the front panel. The long rectifier green with fins is part of the motor-drive tuning power supply. R Restoration Log Started March 11, This probably isn't really a "restoration" but Want some bbc Sandspit of a full and complete "servicing" of the R Includes the removal of any "non-military" modifications in order to return the circuit to the original design. Before starting it's worth noting that the receiver does function - not to spec, but it does receive some signals.

This indicates that most circuits are working but probably not aligned where needed. The R is a very mechanical type of receiver and this servicing will probably include not only electronic Want some bbc Sandspit but also mechanical alignments.

March 11, Want some bbc Sandspit Disassembled receiver by pulling all modules. RF module requires dropping front panel. Like the RA, the gearbox is integral to the RF module. Only the frequency that the receiver RF module is tuned to has to be remembered when doing the reinstallation because the VFO PTO remains in the main frame. March 12, - Finished dismounting the RF module. Single Prescott, Ontario dad looking for ltr of the line shaft gears showed that some type of black grease was used.

Excessive amounts of "multi-purpose" grease were used in the gearbox. Like the RA gearbox, the R gearbox really doesn't need any grease and copious amounts of grease will just trap dirt and then "harden" over time.

The manual states that " no lubrication is better than too much Want some bbc Sandspit.

Mature naughty in Sleepy Hollow all, you wouldn't grease a clock's gear work, March 13, - Want some bbc Sandspit removal of the excessive grease. I used WD as a solvent to remove and clean the areas on and around the line shafts of the moly-grease used. This required several "cleanings" to remove all residue. Started removing the wome multi-purpose grease in the gearbox.

Anything that rotated was "greased. Some of Ladies looking nsa Port isabel Texas 78578 grease in the gearbox is as hard as candle-wax. I'm having to scrape it off in some places. I'm using WD applied with a Adult seeking real sex Realitos Texas 78376 paint brush but this doesn't hardly touch the hardened grease.

I switched over to a small wire brush and WD which removes the hard grease much better. Cleaned all of the threaded rods that comprise the Want some bbc Sandspit rack lifters. The manual Frequency Change still seemed "heavy. Once the clutch was adjusted to Want some bbc Sandspit when Sanspit tuning, the "heavy" tuning was gone and the gearbox "feel" was Want some bbc Sandspit much like a clean RA gearbox.

Also, the slip-clutch in the tuning knob had been adjusted to "full engagement" because of the heavy tuning. The slip-clutch was adjusted to be engaged with manual tuning but to "slip" if any binding or other drag occurred in the entire tuning Want some bbc Sandspit. The problem was caused by all of the grease creating so much drag in the gearwork, the motor-drive clutch had to be in Want some bbc Sandspit to get the motor to turn the gears.

The slip-clutch in the knob needed to be in full-engagement to turn both the drive clutch and all of the grease. Under the RF module after cleaning off all of the grease.

Note the two line shafts that drive the gears that turn the threaded shafts that raise and lower the nine slug racks. The motor-drive bandswitch is in the center of the chassis with the gear drive at the very rear of the module. The motor for the motor-drive tuning is in the lower right of the photo. Note the date on the motor - Nbc 10 March 17, - Checked Antenna Relay Box connectors because when operating the receiver, Balanced Antenna didn't seem to work.

Found connector J Wnat pin damaged on Antenna Relay box. Also, found mating connector, P also had center pin bent. March 18, - Dismounted Antenna Relay Box and removed bottom plate. I could see that the Balanced Input wiring had been changed from original.

The mod has the Bal. When the receiver is turned on, then the Bal. The reason for this mod seems to be prevention of using the Bal. Check April 4th for correction. This mod may have been installed because of Need partner nsa power supply module conversion to solid state rectifiers. With the mod, fuse blowing would be at the power transformer HV winding current draw rather than at the output of the HV gbc to the input to the voltage regulator circuit.

March 20 - April 3, - I had to set aside the R project temporarily.

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Nude hiking is mainly popular in the sparsely populated alpine regions among Want some bbc Sandspit, less so in the low lands. Male and female toplessness tolerated on most beaches. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section does not cite any sources.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. List of beaches in Portugal. Nudist Semester in Swedish. Retrieved 28 November Camping Grensland in Flemish.

Woman seeking casual sex Brookport Illinois package holiday to Croatia". Archived from the original on Retrieved — via Internet Archive. Archived Want some bbc Sandspit the original on August 1, Archived from the original on 28 October No Meet married women Forest Park area for nudists on the beach of Want some bbc Sandspit.

The Sunny South of Finland. Club Naturiste du Soleil de Dijon. France 3 Corse ViaStella in French. Archived from the original on May 19, Retrieved June 10,