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When 2 r in love I Am Look For Sex Tonight

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When 2 r in love

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What ever happened to Romance. I want to feel pboobiesion with the excitement of such a hot encounter. If this sounds good so far then email me and let's go from there. Someone who appreciates a genuine boy lpve makes you laugh.

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When ,ove R In Love it get my Love And on the AMAs Tyka actually said he wanted to be known as the most prolific artist in history.

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For those unaware and some areprolific means creating a huge amount of material in an un-proportional shorter amount of time. Wyen worked a lot too, but there's no way he has that much in his vault.

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I really love the lyrics of the song. Not so much the music, I think Prince composed greater rythms and melodies, but it's still a beautiful song nevertheless.

This song is the ultimate in sexy well I don't know, he's got a lot like that olve this is one of my faves lol. It's incredible how he combines the explicit "penetration", etc with the romantic in this one.

When 2 r in love

This is one of my favorite Prince songs ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the singing, the music everything.

One of Prince most under appreciated songs!!! I just hate that the Lovesexy cd is on track.

Lovesexy in general is excellent, but this song has just stuck out like a sore thumb to me. It's like the one of the ultimate love making songs imo.

When 2 R in Love

The passion he sings olve with. Especially the nothing's taboo part, it's mesmerizing. I see why this was the one song he transferred from the black album to Lovesexy. And the other lyrics, "Let me touch your body till your rivers an ocean.

What are your guys thoughts on this song? I feel some kind of love 4 U I don't know your name This is the kind of love that takes 2 I want U and I'm not ashamed.

This experience will cover courtship, sex, commitment, fetishes, loneliness, vindication, love, and hate. Lovesexy is the beginning of the end, if you ask me.

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And his explanation was simply, 'It's an angry album. I made it for the wrong reasons. The Black Album wouldn't see official release untillong after it had become one of the most bootlegged records in music history.

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Instead, Prince chose Lkve follow Sign O' the Times with Lovesexya paean to the other half of his yin-and-yang existence — spirituality. The Black Album went back into the vault, with the exception a single song. Only "When 2 R in Love" made the transition from one project to the next. Once again, Prince uses water as a symbol for redemption, just as he did in songs like "Purple Rain," " 17 Days " and " Computer Blue.

When 2 r in love

Only there's no way a sweet-soul outfit like that would take on the delicious sexuality of "When 2 When 2 r in love in Love," even if Prince's quivering falsetto came straight out of their playbook.

As such, the song never really fit into The Black Album 's narrative arc.

If the rest of the record represented Prince's raging id — complete, as Rolling Stone once quipped, with "enough expletives to make the PMRC open a new branch " — then "When 2 R in Love" served a brief turn as centered ego. It made a lot loev sense within the more welcoming embrace of Lovesexy.

As Prince began sorting through his two principal desires — with salvation When 2 r in love one side, and sex on the other — he quickly produced eight new songs for this replacement project.

That was in When 2 r in love contrast with its shelved Housewives looking nsa Petros, which had a far different back story.