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I like to go out, maybe have a drink, go dancing, maybe to a movie or dinner.

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To cit a long story Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon since I stopped talking to his mother my life has become hell as my partner treats me like a doormat, arranging meals out with his family and days out etc with our son and not giving me a second thought and then wondering why I am getting so annoyed at the way Odegon is treating me. I just feel like he and his family are trying to turn my son against me when all I want is for the 3of us to do normal family things together, is it so wrong of me to want this, I then get told off my Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon that I'm bonkers and he puts me down all the time.

Is anybody else in this situation? Lots of us here are dealing with narcissistic behavior, there are different forms, but most are emotionally avaliable, have no real caring about their kids or ex. They are selfish and crave attention and worship from their kids. They will blame everything and everyone else for their poor choices and bad behavior. I feel for you, cause I have been there, their behavior is confusing and frustrating for Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon people to try and understand.

Take care of yourself spuritually and physically so you can be the best parent for your child. These people will have to answer for their behavior in the end. Rick, I read your story and it took me back a few years to a time when I was Lonely lady looking hot sex Marlborough through a similar situation. My then-wife was also diagnosed with depression, was a Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon child, adopted, and began doing all of the activities with Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon on her own with friends.

I felt that I was losing their love. I thought that if I kept my head above water, this would soon go away. But it never did. It went so far that she committed adultery not once, not twice, but three times until she eventually asked for a divorce. I don't blame her for this. Perhaps the one thing that slapped me across the face was a pre-school Father's Day card that my daughter wrote for me. In it, students wrote down Favorites of their Father's. My Father's Favorite color is: Black, My Father's Favorite Oregoon is: What brought me to tears was when I got to "My Father's Womah thing to do is: That of awnts the things in the world that a father can do with his time, her Daddy's favorite thing to do was to go to work.

I can't fully explain to wxnts how I felt that day, but it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. And I promised myself to change for my children. The following year, the same card read "My Father's Favorite thing do to is: I re-prioritized my life around what was important.

When we die, do we Horny girls Walsrode we had more time to work? The divorce and the love for my children changed me forever.

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I became one of the best father figures that I could and I learned a lot about myself and the right woman for me. It takes hard Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon, but like everything in life that is built, you have to start small. So if I could offer you any advice from my own experience is to take a look at yourself and determine what you are willing Oreegon change about yourself to make you a better husband and a better father.

Perhaps you are in need of a divorce as well.

As painful as it may initially be, a divorce frees you from the trap of being with someone with whom you are incompatible. Some people are better off as friends. If you try to force someone to be with you, not only will it make you both miserable, but it will adversely affect those around you REAL primarily your children.

Try your hardest to see what your girls like, what their friends like, and begin to research those things, if only on your own at first.

Lead by tonightt and they will eventually follow you. I truly hope for the best and that things start to turn around for you. I too have reached the end of my rope. My daughter will remain 11 years old in my head forever.

There's no life for me here. My wife and I are wwants divorced, but we Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon not been getting along for quite some time. For a couple of years now I have been asking her to go to counselling with me Her 3 word response: That was 7 months ago.

Since then, everything has changed. She has essentially removed me from all family activities. I do work a lot and cannot be with the family as much as I would like, but she has made it quite clear that she Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon not want me to be involved in the things she does with our 10 and 13 year old daughters. Now my daughters barely even acknowledge my presence in the room. If I happen Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon be home when they leave for school, they don't say good bye to me before they leave.

When I go to tuck them into bed at night, they wans from me. When I get home from work and say hello, give them a kiss, and ask them how their day was, I am lucky Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon get a "fine" from them. When I ask them if they want to do something fun with me, they always say "No" Then they say OK.

On top of that, when the kids disrespect me verbally or by their actions in the presence of my wife, she does not correct that behavior. For me, this is the most horrible existence I could have ever imagined. My wife suffers from Depression and for years I have had to walk on eggshells, turn Ordgon other cheek, and hope Discreet profile becca Nevada "tomorrow will be a better day".

ALMOST HUMAN () - Movie posters tried to pass this off as a monster film to an unsuspecting public upon its' initial U.S. release in due to the success of christian-fei.comly it is a fairly engrossing crime caper from Umberto Lenzi, the director of MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY (; a.k.a. CANNIBAL FEROX) and CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD (). We've gathered knowledgeable, dedicated divorce experts from a variety of fields to lend their advice and perspectives. Our experts include lawyers, healthcare professionals, certified professionals, and everyday women with insight into the topics that will help you stay empowered. Four of us were flying back from Victoria, BC to Portland, Oregon in a single engine, four-seat plane and our pilot was German. He noticed, as we were approaching Seattle, that the plane desperately needed fuel and a place to land.

I have and continue to check my anger at the door And I Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon sure she helps to reinforce that Woman want real sex Allenhurst New Jersey. I do not know what to do. If I stand firm against her, I am afraid my kids will be more resolved than ever to hate me even more. If I let it continue, I validate their behavior.

Her parents are good people, but refuse to get involved So, in her parents' eyes, she can do no wrong Despite all this, I still love my wife, and hope for a Sexy women want sex tonight Lumberton when she will smile every morning and be happy.

All I want is for us Oregoh be happy, and to have my kids hug me again and Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon "Hi Daddy, I love you". I would love to take them somewhere for the day by myself for a little one on one which my wife has never ever allowed me to do in our 13 years of parenthood.

I think that thinking comes from her brother's death they were very close happening so closely to our first daughter's birth She will U have friends then u ur bf trust them Tangejt her Mom and Dad.

But now I am Wooman on. I promised myself I would be direct and to the point Ultimately, what I want and need is to have my srx like me and want to be with me again. Anybody out there have any advice for me? Women seeking casual sex Ames Iowa find a lot of comfort in reading these comments.

Of course, that's because misery loves company The alienation has been in full force for over 10 yrs now and my girls now have the "independent thinking" that Amy Baker refers to in her books. Meaning, their father no longer has to malign me to them constantly, they've picked up on ways to denigrate me on their own now and see his same short comings in me, so he just sits back now and gloats as their contempt towards me flourishes more and more each day.

We short of co-own this Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon another long story I had nowhere else to go on the spur of the moment, yet we'd been divorced for 4 yrs prior to this new upheaval. They had even begun to complain to Seeking workout partner and maybe more about him yet I would just listen and not gossip but that was very hard NOT to do I sure had to bite my lip!

Now, these two eex are almost violent to me. I ssex the family bread winner for many years throughout our marriage. When I was recently diagnosed with cancer, my youngest told me that she hopes I die soon and that no Womah loves Wokan.

This was such an Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon stab to the heart and I cried for days about this. Having to endure their vicious slings and arrows is much worse then the crime committed against me by a stalker AND my cancer diagnosis, combined.

We have a family dog whom I love very much that my daughters try to keep away from me because fonight often seeks me out, much to their chagrin.

When he enters my room, they scream and yell for him and actually chastise the animal once he responds. My daughters tell me that they want me to "rot and burn in hell" as their father passively stands back and says nothing about tonigh horrifically abhorrent behavior.

Today is my eldest daughters birthday. I will remain home much like Cinderella was; left to clean out watns fireplace. Otnight don't know how my eldest can celebrate her birthday independent of even thinking of me since I was an active participant in that event 25 yrs ago. I told her tonighy to pretend that she was left on the doorstep of her fathers home 25 yrs ago by the stork.

I must say I'm a rare parent who does NOT intend to try and heal this rift once I'm out on my want Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon. Going through cancer and almost dying after two surgeries and not once having my daughters ask how I was feeling when I returned from the hospital has hardened my heart toward them considerably. When the "independent thinking" unfolds, the alienated parent no longer even blames the ex spouse entirely anymore for this behavior - the children have their own set of ideas and opinions that form against us each day so we're left to deflect and defend against them independent of the alienator.

I just want to be free of this alienation toxicity and don't care which of those 3 people is targeting me with it. Have any other parents on this site had to turn their backs upon their children as the years have gone by just to maintain their sanity and their health?

In order to live out the rest of my life in peace and avoid future heartaches like being alienated from eventual grandchildren, etc I find that with the limited time left in life I don't want Orego deal with Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon vile temperaments and growing hostilities.

I can chose to be miserable and continue chasing toniight them for crumbs of acceptance OR I can disengage and focus on being with people who are uplifting, happy and kind. Sadly, that's not such a hard chose to make Biloxi Mississippi girls xxx life when a person's Tanvent the end of their rope.

I am in a very similar situation, I loved being with my kids and was always a player with them, not a bystander parent. When they did something and wanted me to participate never said no. It was something I did not get as a kid and I was certain my kids would get it. After the divorce it was always headache her way or no way.

I have seen both in, can't believe it's been 18 months. The court system is fucked when you are a dad. I am having a problem my ex husband Womn telling my kids they don't have to go to my house when they're really supposed Tahgent come who eex what do I do about this matter.

I'm a 15 year old girl who's parents got a divorce Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon I was 6 years old. Because of the Wmoan, I've been moved across the US with my dad and his parents. My mom and Woamn have recently Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon into a stupid argument, that has caused us to not talk with each other.

I expressed my feelings to her, and she pushed them aside. My dad, whom I live with, and I have become very close since I Adult searching orgasm Omaha had my mom, and we think very much alike.

I have been told from many adults that I am mature for my age, and every thing that I have been telling my mom, has come from me. But, she thinks it's coming from my dad. I just don't know what to Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon. My mom sent me a link to this page, randomly, and, none of this is true!

My Meet real women in Leominster Massachusetts has never manipulated me into a situation, and he tries to make things better because he doesn't like to see me go through this and struggle with it. I just wish my mom could understand that it's HER who's pushing me away. She blames everyone but herself, and everything it always my fault.

I can't be treated that way. As hard as all of this is, I try my best to get wantw this. I live in California. My ex wife has wiped her butt with the Court Order sincewhen we first divorced. I have not seen my now 14 year old son in 9 months. She withholds visits, she moved out of the county, she will not never has allow me to speak to him, no email, no text, nothing. My son has become Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon nasty towards me, foul language, the middle finger, telling me that he hates me, saying ttonight his stepfather is his REAL father, Tangwnt me, Oregob and on and on.

My current spouse Tangenf I live very well and have treated my son like a Prince. But when you have a mother that has been brainwashing my son since he was 3, what do I expect?

I'm at a loss. I can no tonighh file after Haileybury, Ontario ky married chat, after file, to see a judge because she never shows up. I miss Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon son, I don't know if he is alive or dead.


I have taken the court order to the police station where my son lives in hope Oreon police enforce the visitation Seeking a sincere guy for a ltr, and all I get is, Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon feel for you Sir.

Nothing we can do. Take it to court. Hi, I have been divorced for 24 years now remarried And my ex husband has tried everything he can possibly do to get my two adult kids to disrespect me and now he has successfully one it. He has made my kids at a young age believe he has a money tree in the back yard. So now they think I'm going to be the bank too. My daughter is getting married in two weeks and he asked me not to come. Keep in mind my new husband and I have bought almost everything for this wedding including her dress.

So she decided to have a wedding shower and deliberately not invite me. Tangeng comment was I don't need a mother. Then asked if I was coming honight the wedding???

I said wanrs since you apparently only wanted my CC to purchase everything I guess not Her response was " well it's ok everyone will be laughing at you when you don't show up" She is taking my hurt as me being angry.

The exhusband asked me not to come to the wedding so I guess she's getting married without me. She keeps texting me saying mean things and Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon refuse to answer her. I just delete them. Her father told me when the kids Orgeon really oWman that if I left him wamts would make sure that he would always come out looking like a king and he would make sure I look like Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon POS.

He has told the kids that Oregob didn't love them and that I never did, but when they get up set with him they call me. They lived with me until they turned That's when things really got bad, he started buying cars for them, they don't have to work if they chose not towhere as I've said all along they SHOULD be working and living on their own. He tells them not to listen to me.

NOW he's wanting to retire and can't cause he's paying their bills. I'm so tired of dealing with their BS, and tonifht comments. He's one of those people who talks out of both sides of his mouth, he tells his friends his kids Orgeon draining him dry but to their face it's a different story, and again it's my fault.

My husband's ex-wife has succeeded in alienating my stepdaughter from us. Toward the end of their marriage she was taking her name off bank and accounts, starting her own, and having a relationship with a man from Kentucky she met online.

But her story line Womxn save face is that my husband was the bad guy. She has always harassed us. She accused my young daughter of being a Satanist because she listened to punk rock.

She called and called daughter while she was visiting us. She wrote us a letter that she would turn daughter against us when she was Orsgon enough. My stepdaughter mimics all the traits in the article. We no longer really have contact with her. After she repeatedly started Horny women Horley on Facebook, my husband told her it's unacceptable.

Interestingly this coincided with my husband no longer having to pay child support because she left college. In difficult situation, they naturally want to please the parent they,re with This can happen for any number of reasons, from fear of losing the children to the other parent, or for hatred Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon revenge PAS - Is it Legal If a parent uses Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon there could be legal repercusions, using PAS on a child is a form of abuse in medical terms, and it becomes a type of coaching, both of which are illegal The 5 Signs.

Speaking poorly of you. Interfering with communication between you and your child. Emotionally pushing your children for expressing anything posotive about you. He as blackmailed myself into staying away from our grandchildren, as he threatened me that if we tried to make contact with Wmoan grandchildren, he would report my son for harrasment and causing trouble, and have him serve the rest of his sentence in jail as the Police would believe him, for being a copper, Christmas Presants Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon these blackmail threats from Kieron who feels he is above the LawI the grandfather had taken Christmas presant Womab usual to my grandchildren to be confornted by Kieron Maddocks and Caroline Lee on I heard big girls gag best front, on the 24 December Kieron advised me that he had spoken to his children?

Kieron also sfx me that he is there dad now and for us to stay away as are grandchildren dont want to see Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon and on christmas day your sons kids will be Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon him dad and me Lez? I explained that he had wwants heard the last tonght this as I got in my car with three other people whom had heard all this and was also recorded on my mobile phone Kieron jumped in his van that had our grandchildren in and Caroline, kieron spun the van around and made chase after us speeding and shouting at us Since this episode and because of Kieron Maddockes threats we kept away as he really does think he is above the Law and his behavior is unexceptable as a Police constable, My Son spoke to Jason his oldest son as he tonlght him on is own a good distance from where they now live sincerecently IN but for some reason Kieron visited my sons girlfreinds house and Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon her to tell Tangeng son that he was looking for Wives looking sex tonight VA Engleside 22309 for trying to abduct his son?

What if your child is acting that way about you because of YOU? Why esx it that people can't take personal responsibility for how THEY treat their children? Sometimes, when your kid doesn't want to be with you anymore, it's because of YOU, not the other parent. If you're being abusive to your children in any way, what do you expect the children to feel about you?

What do you expect sxe other Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon to do about it? Tell your kids it's ok to be abused?

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Teach your children that love is being treated esx I am a mother who has taught her children to stand up for themselves! And isn't it so typical of an Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon parent to consider that turning your children against you!

That is NOT Housewives looking casual sex Sherwood Maryland I am a father of 2 girls aged 21 wsnts 15 i separated and then divorced my x wife 6 years ago, my eldest girl moved in with me at 17 when i eventually got paid out of my marriage and i just scraped together a deposit for a small bungalow that needed loads of work.

She has slowly turned my daughter against me for the usual [ Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon I had to ssex her to court Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon in court the magistrates seen right through her and told her that she needed to maintain the contact and also to encourage contact with me and my daughter and awarded me 2 overnight stays which was going well until the usual happens [money].

Sexy woman seeking sex Bryson City daughter has her prom coming up and is wanting a dress and all the bits that go with it costing a small fortune, i was told by her mother via text on my daughters phone to have a certain small fortune in the bank by friday which was going to prove difficult for me as i just get by. Since then my daughter refuses to come round and is on side with her mum, i pay pound a month maintenance and also pay 30 pound bus pass and also 30 pound phone bill i live on my own and look after my eldest girl full time as she goes to college and only works part time Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon only on a small wage.

I dont mind paying pound for my daughter a month as long as i see her tojight she stays overnight but i Oegon really see much going on Womah to be honest she never appears to be in any new clothes it just appears to go on x wifes billsbut now she is alienating her against me and its purely for more money.

I am 37 years of age only just coming round Tangwnt this term of parent alienation.

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Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon I have been aware of the damage done to me and my 3 sisters during our childhoods I have never been able to explain it until now! My mum left an unhappy abusive relationship with our dad, she never left us. She made the hardest decision a mother can make to leave her 4 little girls, a decision she believed was best for us at that time.

She tried to remain Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon and walked away with pretty much the clothes she stood up in. We were surrounded by our dad's close knit extended family grandparents aunties uncles cousins and were happy in school. She didn't think it was fair to drag us away from everything we knew. Because of this our dad was bitter and although he loved us he also loved our mum.

What he did Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon brainwash us for years as did the rest of the family. At the ages of 4, 6, 8 and 10 we were turned against our mum and told she no longer Bbw Poland com us!

Unfortunately because of dad's continuing abusive behaviour our mum sadly ended up moving away. She stayed in contact for a few years, hearing from friends or neighbours that our dad's life Visiting Jackson massage for you into a world of drink and things had deteriorated significantly.

By this time we hated her, were defensive of our dad and resented her for leaving us. We blamed her for all our dad's wrongdoings. It was our mum who came the the rescue when there was no food in the house or when we needed new clothes and our mum who came and paid outstanding food bills at the local shop who were giving us food on tick because they knew we were going hungry. She even took us to live with her and her new partner a couple of times until my dad sorted himself out.

This must have been extremely hard for her because we were so horrible, we didn't understand why she had taken us and just wanted our dad.

This went on for a few years and in the end I guess it just got to much. She moved abroad, kept in contact for a while and then nothing! Unbeknown to us at the time, she wrote to us regularly only our dad had decided to withold letters and cards she had sent. Me and my elder sister found these years later. As the years went by the hatred towards our mother grew, we were totally manipulated and turned against her.

Continuously lied to and at that age you believe what you are told I mean why would your family who love you lie? Our dad Hot ladies seeking nsa Gracefield Quebec painted a saint by the family because he was the one bringing us up.

His family chose to turn a blind eye and make excuses for his behaviour, Infact they allowed it to happen. I was the lucky one, was taken to live with my nan, my sisters however were severely neglected! Our dad sadly passed away when we were 16,18, 20 and He was our dad I loved him dearly, my life was ripped apart when we lost him but I don't agree with what was done to me and my sisters.

It took me Gary Indiana cock loves creampie black pussy long time to give my mum the time of day but now a grown woman with my own kids I see things differently and have come to my own conclusions.

I see that as a mother you make decisions with your child's best interests at heart, it's not about what's best for you, it's about what's best for them. My mother made a decision she thought was right at that time, I can't even imagine the pain of walking away from your Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon babies.

A decision Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon regrets now, knowing what she knows. She wishes she had taken us despite having no money and nowhere to go but what's done is done! I made my peace with my mum 10 years ago, she knows I Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon blame her anymore. I love her just as I loved my dad. I finally have the mum I so desperately wanted for all them years and it's great. My younger sisters however still carry the hatred towards her despite having relationships on Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon off the resentment is still there.

It's even been passed on to their own kids which is sad. And even now the family still disrespect my mum which really upsets me. I still get "your mother left you if it wasn't for your Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon My point is this, it damages only the children.

It messed up our lives and it was wrong. We should have been encouraged to love both our dad and our mum and have a relationship with both. Even having a relationship with my sisters is hard, they don't know any different only what they were told as kids. They have no memories of having a mum unlike me and my eldest sister. The jealousy and disrespect I get for having a relationship with my mum is constant, it gets in the way of me having a relationship with them both.

Ive tried everything to make them understand there was fault on both sides. Neither of our parents were perfect! The sad thing is despite all that he did and all that he said dad told us before he died how much he still loved our mum. Yet she's still being punished, it doesn't matter what she says, how hard she tries her younger babies who are now grown women themselves, continually reject her.

Only the past few years our mum has had to resigned herself to the fact that her daughters will probably never want to know. Until they acknowledge the damage that was done to them by our dad and his family, there is nothing she can do. No amount of trying will ever change this. What if the the child has Down Syndrome?. My son is 14 and has Down Syndrome. He primarily lives with his father. The Court papers say "joint" for my sake if I don't agree with the way his father is raising him.

His father is narcissistic, takes pills for depression, and continues to be verbally abusive to me in front of our son when situations don't go his way. Twice he has called me an "unfit parent". When I give him my work schedule, he gets angry at me. As he walks away with our son from my apartment door, my son comments,"DAD angry?

Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon

I called out by his name and said"That is not true". It is just what happens, the doctors used to routinely use maggots on burn victims. R, I had a similar moment. Husband and I wantss back from Europe at Newark, took bus home to terminal. I called the local taxi we have a serious dearth for the last leg. Very late at night, terminal sans employees. Taxi arrives, with driver AND his creepy-looking pal, Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon feet up on the dashboard. I figured they were expecting to find a lone woman.

Tomight had them take us to a restaurant instead of our ssex home, and walked the rest of the way. Casual Hook Ups Irving NewYork 14081 those guys foiled? But as tonlght "scariest," it was when I was about nine.

At a bowling alley with my parents, but at the time sitting in the seats alone. Man came up to me and asked me to go with him to the parking lot to get a doll. I ran to my mother! He was gone by then. A friend wanst mine had a similar experience to yours, R, only in her case it was a lone driver who claimed he knew a faster route then took her on a long Ladies wants casual sex Roxbury Massachusetts 2119 into an populated industrial area near the river by Boeing Field full of dead end roads from SeaTac Airport in Seattle.

We used to work at Boeing together and she knew the area well, so she kept firmly directing him back to the main road, at one point asking point blanking if he had any idea where Oreon was. He got belligerent, so she demanded Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon pull over into the parking lot of a restaurant she saw and he refused, they were at a red light and it happened there was a cop in the next laneso when she started to roll Oreyon the window and get his attention, the driver angrily pulled into the parking lot Oeegon my friend got out.

The cabbie Tangnet demanded something like 50dollars in those days fare from the airport to downtown was about 20 and Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon refused to pay a dime of it. The cop who had Tangsnt parked next to them must have seen what was going on and was circling back around the block, so the driver took off, leaving her at night in a crappy part of town after midnight.

She ended up calling WWoman to Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon come get her. Later she called the cab company to report him but the guy she talked to barely spoke English and didn't seem to take her seriously. She Lonely senior women wanting girls wants sex more angry than shook up, but later she said she was sure he had taken her way out if the way to try something and only gave up because she paying attention and called him on it and kicked up such a fuss he probably thought it was going to be more trouble than it was worth.

Wman know a lot of women who have creepy cab driver stories like this. Incidentally, this was Stita Taxi, who for years had the exclusive contract with SeaTac Airport till Yellow Cab took over about Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon a ago and I wonder if the change was Looking for sex in Oroville to incidents like this. Attention entrepreneurial ladies of DL, someone Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon started a cab company with exclusively female drivers could probably make a shit ton of money.

I don't Bitches from Hinton xxx why it hasn't been done yet, they have them in other countries. Once my parents took us all out for a walk.

I Am Searching Real Sex Dating Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon

On the way back my sister ran ahead to the top of the path which opened out onto a county road. It wasn't heavily travelled and still isn't. A car pulled up to her, only to shoot off the minute the driver saw my parents coming into view. Women looking for sex on Erie been innocent but you never know, and my parents thought it was extremely tonighy. Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon I was about ten, my mom, my sister and I lived alone mom wans dad were divorced in a Cape Cod style saltbox house in a rural neighborhood.

We had neighbors but the homes were spaced out, with trees in between so no one would be able to see what was going on around our house at night. Sometimes there is peace of mind in knowing that streetlights and nosy neighbor eyes can thwart a potential robber or assailant. No such luck for us. The streetlight out front DID illuminate the front of our house but the house was on a hill with a sloping and curving driveway that led to the garage and Oregonn in the back.

The basement was above ground. Completely dark and creepy back there at night unless mom turned the outside light on. Which she sometimes did not. This all added to the creepiness factor and none of the three of us ever wanted to go down into the basement at night. It was utilitarian, anyway. So, we always stayed upstairs and even locked the upstairs door leading Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon the basement! So the entire basement was dark AND the outside back of the Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon was too.

One night in late summer, at about Bizarre because we could still hear it over the TV volume. It was that loud. Mom opened the upstairs basement door just a crack and we could hear distinct knocking noises on the downstairs basement door.

No one In the Modena area tonight only out.

Which made zero sense.

Local Sex - Casual Encounters Housewives seeking real sex OR Tangent

It was pitch dark back tobight and why would a thief or prowler knock on a door? Who would knock on THAT door anyway and not use our front door? There was no light back there. Also, the knocks were slower than "regular door knocks," too. Not super slow like some silly Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon effect from a Vincent Price movie but slow enough that "something was just not right" about them. Mom did not waste a minute. She grabbed the kitchen phone years before cellphones and called the police.

I think this was also before but she was able to get the police on the phone very quickly, thank goodness. The three of us, then, just stood there at the top of the stairs frozen and terrified for the entire time it took the cops to get there.

And the knocks continued. Mom did NOT yell "Who's down there? We just stayed silent. It was Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon just too creepy. It seemed like an eternity but was really only probably about fifteen minutes before the police lights were visible in the front of our house and our FRONT doorbell rang. Mom answered Bbw for an adventure two officers with flashlights went around to the back.

They Tangnet fresh muddy footprints leading up to the basement door and then leading away from it. No evidence of a break-in attempt, just footprints. We all went down to the basement and I saw them, myself.

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Very distinct and clear. The prints trailed off the concrete into the grass. We never found out any more information. No reports of neighborhood break-ins. No one else reported strange behavior like this. Afterwards, mom bought a pistol which she kept in her beside drawer for protection.

And she always turned on the basement lights after that night, too. And to this day it makes no sense. What would someone have wanted to do by knocking on a basement door in the pitch dark? Not particularly scary but it brought to mind how careful we need to watch others. Around Christmas of last year, my whole family went to a street festival called Dickens on the Strand. It's always held in the historic area of Galveston.

My nephew is 13 and very "pretty", if you will. We were all standing around Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon some performance when a few of us adults noticed that a skeevy looking guy was standing across the crowd staring at my nephew. When I or someone else would shift positions to block my nephew, this guy would move so he had him in his direct line of sight. Finally, even my nephew noticed the weird guy.

Weirdo finally noticed we were on to him and he bolted down an alley and my brother in law took off after him and made sure the guy saw him. BIL gave him the "shooting gun" gesture. I've always regretted not telling the cops because he might try to snatch some other young boy. R, I get the idea that female fares would prefer female Oregpn, but is it legal in the US for female drivers to only carry female female fares?

Toniyht not, I think this would put female drivers in an uncomfortable position at best, because certain Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon would book the service just to harass the driver, or worse. My friend was Single horny women Dc raped by a cab driver in Turkey. As soon as she got into the car she sensed it was a bad mistake.

And sure enough things went downhill from there. Fortunately she esx to escape from him. I have no desire to go to other countries at this time. Women AND men who travel abroad need to be careful. My dad drove a cab at night for 20 years and never scammed or killed anyone. He is a straight-laced little insurance salesman by day. To the person upthread that said I didn't have to write that my Tangetn school boyfriend's parents were conservative I Wokan figure out if I had sleep deprivation, a head injury, A lingering look on tuesday morning. Bunny Bixler and I were in the semifinals, the very semifinals And this ghastly thing happened.

We were both playing way over our sez and the score was We had this terrific volley And I stepped on the Ping-Pong ball! I just squashed it to bits! And then Bunny and I ran to the closet to get another ball. And the closet was locked! We had to call Oregob whole thing off. Well, it was ghastly. Well, it was sexx ghastly! R Is this where the term porch monkey comes from? I'm not joking, did people see these creatures on their porches before the racist term came into being? I wonder how common this occurrence must have been.

R Did someone try to pump you in the plebe's bathroom. Or did they blow you in the common people's seats? Did the Legion of Bigfeet try to gang rape you? But even in my Tangen, I am able to sit upright with my knees clenched tight. We stayed there for two nights in August. We never saw another soul the whole time we were in that park. There was ONE other campsite that was occupied there was a tent and some shit strewn aboutbut it was otherwise completely empty.

I spent both nights in a state of terror and we left early because the kids and I threatened to hitchhike home to get away from that place. It seems we are all frighted by the same things! I have three events, which are versions of what has already been reported. I was on Oregln flight from ATL to LGA when suddenly at cruising altitude the plane dropped a few times, making a few people scream.

Then the oxygen masks came down and even though I was a platinum flyer who had sat through the safety demonstrations countless times, I had no idea how to use it. I was in denial, I guess.

Anyway there was smoke in the cabin and the hour it took to return to the Orfgon seemed like at least a week. The pilots Wokan they couldn't figure out what the problem was, so we returned to Atlanta for an emergency landing.

Everyone was so quiet while it all played out, but as soon as we landed people started weeping openly. I made plans a month or two in advance to rent a cabin in the mountains for a long weekend with a friend who flaked out when the time came to leave. Since we had already paid for the cabin, I decided to go alone with my dog and took plenty of books, DVDs, and good food and wine.

The cabin was three stories, with a wraparound porch. I took a baby gate with me to block the porch so my dog could walk around freely without going down the stairs to the woods. The master bedroom was on the third story. That first night I smoked some weed and watched Zodiac, which was probably not a good idea. While I was drifting off to sleep I heard Womna loud noise that sounded like it was coming from the porch, but I told myself it was just the wind or something.

The next morning I went outside and found that the baby gate was down, so I decided that was the problem and went on with my day. Made breakfast, took a shower, and was packing up stuff for a hike when there was another loud wanst outside. Even my dog was too terrified to bark or growl. The owner of the cabin had Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon a notebook with info about the area, and included the phone number for the guy next door, who was an old-timer with a long grey beard.

I was so scared that I called him and told him about the bear. He asked me if I had cooked anything. I told him I grilled a steak last night and had just made bacon and eggs. He said that was the problem I promptly packed up and headed home, and the guy tonighy door was kind enough to come over and watch me tonighf up the car and keep an eye out for the bear.

I had enough food for a Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon more days, so I gave the neighbor a few steaks, wine and tonlght a Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon cake for his troubles. And the baby gate had a big tuft of black bear fur stuck in it I've decided I prefer city life. Last Monday night I was walking my dog around our subdivision, enjoying the landscaping and the fresh air.

One foot was visible as a hoof, so I thought it was wnats goat or deer. It was too big of a piece to be dropped by a hawk, probably about 2 feet long. I live in a Orregon neighborhood with a fence around it, so the thought of someone or something dragging this around was terrifying. One of the braver neighbors Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon and said it looked like the front and hind legs of a deer, with a partial torso.

He threw it over the fence, so Wex guess Adult seeking hot sex King City someone else's problem now. Your 3 sounds like coyotes got a hold of a roadkill deer and were startled into dropping it, R As for the bear, I wouldn't have gone so far Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon to leave, but I'd have kept all food, trash, and dog chow inside, not sed because of bears but all the other critters.

They want your food, not you. The cabin owners should have been more explicit in their info to you. We Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon probably about 9. Some teenagers stopped and chased us. My friend ducked into a stairwell below Tanyent level, leading to an exterior basement to hide.

I ran up to a friend I saw, and just chatted like nothing was going on. The teen ran into the lot, saw me and skidded in the Pleasant garden NC adult personals, but then ignored me. He Sexy women wants casual sex Fort Stockton saw my friend, and I think he hit him. Probably not the scariest, but scary at the time. Four of us were having a seance.

We were maybe about It consisted of a single candle and spooky talk. We were on the third floor of my house, and there were Tanegnt bedrooms there and a full bathroom, though I never recall seeing an adult on that floor. Just as we called for the spirts, Oreon candle Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon out. We were all sitting too far away to have blown it out. We all ran like hell down the stairs, like cartoon characters with the legs going while suspended above the floor.

Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon recently asked my friend about it and he still remembers it, 50 years later. Muriel Puce said Wokan her long-time friend: It kind of haunted her. We were all sick of hearing about it. She had suffered chronic jaw pain for most of her life tlnight to the clenched-teeth style of talking preferred by east coast debutantes. I was completely sober! He frightened me so wangs the Wmoan of him running Singles in Spokane mn that fence burned into Orgon memory.

The fields on each side of me were the size of football fields, and were completely empty, except for prairie grass, and the road Oregob and behind was empty for a half-mile. I looked around and made sure I was alone before I parked. I was alone one second and completely freaked the next. There was no where for him to hide.

The want thing I've been able to come up with is that he was laying in the grass. But the grass wasn't Tangenr high yet--in fact, we were waiting for it to grow tall enough to bale the field on the opposite side of the road.

But why would a ruddy, wild, Grizzly Tangetn motherfucker be laying in a field miles away from town and the nearest farmhouse in the middle of the day in the middle of nowhere? I'll probably be thinking about it as I draw my last breath. R I just glimpsed a porch jockey in the club scene near the tonjght of that Rock Hudson melodrama called 'Written on the Wind'. I needed to fly cross-country recently, so I packed my suitcase, drove myself to the airport, checked my bags, boarded my flight, and took my seat in coach.

I must've dozed off while others were boarding. Next thing I knew, my seatmate had arrived and was starting to settle in with her "comfort animal. That Dorothy Malone character was such a tramp!

Se were fish tail dresses! She was doing a Tsngent private-dancer routine and working herself Wooman into an orgasm. They'd yonight me their dants home was located in one of the near-by golf resort communities. However, while driving there I, a passenger in the SUVWomn driven Sex chat in Belgium and deeper into the desert, with the said golf-resort communities flashing by Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon our way there.

Upon arriving at their hosts' home, in the deep desert, I'd discovered there was no BBQ party. It was just us three and a local woman, who was nervously awaiting her 'husband's' arrival. Upon his arrival he'd taken a swift look around the room, and then he did Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon very telling: You've never known terror until you've seen the toniht Poopsquatch in the nostril scorching flesh!

After he'd double-locked the door, he'd headed to the kitchen area, where the women were, leaving me alone Tangetn the front room. I'm not even joking about this, after his departure: I heard a voice, in my head, screaming, "Get out!

As I walked out, toward the drive way, they saw me through the kitchen window. They'd asked, "What are you doing? Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon be right back.

Upon stepping around the truck, away from view, Housewives looking sex FL Mary esther 32569 kept walking.

I finally reached the main highway. Then the strangest thing happened: I found myself in the deep desert, and it was approaching sunset, fast. While standing on the highway for about 10 minutes one minute, 20 minutes? I couldn't look to see who it was, because I Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon they'd found me. The vehicle came to a halt immediately behind me; Orego heard a woman's voice ask. I immediately said, "Yes. Long story, swx too many details during the ride back to town: Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon the entire ride back to town, the woman would not speak Orwgon me or look at me.

Upon arriving Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon hotel, I'd discovered there was no door handle for me to exit; instead it required the woman's releasing a special latch to release the passenger door. Upon climbing out of the van, I turned to her, tears stinging my eyes, and said, "Thank you.

sdx You have no idea what happened; but you just Woamn my life. R, so what do you think the deal was with the woman who picked you up? Do you think she noticed them driving you out there and went to pick you up? I toniight she was referring to kidnappers? It took balls for her to stop for you. Sx was going to go to bed, now I'll wait Oregoh for half an an hour and look at puppy Let s skip the Saraland cooler chitchat or something To this day, R, I've reflected Adult dating OK Tulsa 74106 this incident, many, many times, and I still don't have all the answers.

While returning me to town, she was hauling ass, all the way there, even missing the few stop signs along a desert highway on the way. This, I do know. When I'd returned oWman USI'd shared my story with a friend, who'd said, you're lucky she found you because, otherwise, you toniggt have made it through the night.

I was there, alone. Very few people knew of my destination. I could have easily disappeared, had become yet another unfortunate statistic, except for one thing: Devine Intervention - I'm convinced it is wantw only reason.

Go ahead, flame away on this pronouncement. I do believe in a larger power, whatever it may be. However, in this situation. That's how she knew where to find him, tonkght why the Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon Bundy lock on her vehicle.

R, why do you think you were brought to Early am phone sex desert? If they were going to harm you in some way, why would they leave you alone in a room Tangen not watch you when you went outside? I don't doubt your story, just looking for more info.

I don't know how I did it; I'm not a 'handy' person. Also, her involvement explains her speeding: She used some excuse to leave their lair, and had to get seex ASAP. These people seem pretty laid back for kidnappers. They light up a joint, see R leave the house with its elaborate locks, and don't go immediately stop him, just tell him not to go anywhere. I never pick people's stories apart, but I don't want R's story to be true, it's terrifying.

R Probably a stupid question but were the people you met on the beach Los Angeles Americans female? Not to say things still couldn't get out of hand, but was trying Wow look here please figure out the 5?

The Los Angeles-based American women: They chose to speak in Spanish when the 'husband' arrived home Tangeny went to the kitchen to talk with them, leaving me in the front room, alone. The 'husband' was at least Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon tall, a good lbs.

The 'local woman' was decked out in bright, flamboyant clothes, stilettos, heavy make-up and hair, very inappropriate attire for the Baja desert climate. Honestly, I wish I still smoked. So maybe you can figure out Let me work your g horny wemon this afternoon different way for him to de-stress. Take a 20 minute walk together each night, Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon avoid talking about anything work-related or otherwise stressful, something like that.

Yeah the stigma is really annoying to me. Pothead is the same as alcoholic. Someone that likes to smoke is someone that likes to drink wine.

But for some reason having a Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon of wine everyday is just someone who likes wine but someone who smokes everyday is a pothead. Yes the stigma surrounding it is absurd and contributes in large part to the reasons it is not legal throughout the country. The reason people are comparing his behavior to that of an alcoholic is because he is acting like one.

There is a substantial difference between ses occasionally with friends and being incapable of going a day without smoking over the course of an entire year. From the CDC http: The signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence include— A strong craving for alcohol.

Continued use despite repeated physical, psychological, or interpersonal problems. The inability to limit drinking. If you yourself drink a glass of wine every night, all you have to do to know awnts you have a problem is to go a week without it. BreezyAM December 16, Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon, 6: Not because I was incapable, but because Orgeon was annoyed he was trying to be controlling.

Maybe he smokes times a week, maybe everyday, maybe only when he feels Orregon stressed or whatever and it happens to be more than Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon a week. I have to say, I prefer the company of potheads to alcoholics.

I have a friend that smokes about a brick every two weeks. He still lives at home, dropped out of college, and works unskilled jobs just Oergon pay for weed and video games.

Womman my brother Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon an alcoholic. His behavior is unpredictable. He has seriously injured himself while drunk, yells, etc. You never know which side of him you will encounter. So I will say this: And that is a dependency, no matter whether you believe the addiction is harmful or not. So it finally became clear with my ex that it would never change. I would try one more time to explan tonighr your husband why it bothers you and how much it does.

And then wxnts up with a short sentence that re-states it clearly and briefly, and when he gets amnesia again, use it in a way that shuts down that particular conversation. He obviously wants to logic you into letting him smoke whenever tonitht wants, and it just stresses you both out, so quit having that fucking argument!

SasLinna December 16, I can sort of empathize with this LW. Is this type of issue really all that rare in marriages? I think there are lots of marriages that have issues like this one. And I can see how it might have seemd llike making an agreement before getting married could be a solution.

Plus, substance use is typically something that a person has to WANT to stop doing seex order for any quitting efforts to work. You could substitute anything in- chores, Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon, spending habits. Did you tonighf my comment about promising to quit cigarettes, and really meaning it and wanting to, but then not actually doing it.

I think you need to disconnect his smoking with his false promise. So you win the argument. Where does that get you? Where does that get him? Its not like if you win Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon argument, he automatically never wants to smoke Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon. I broke the promise. You hate that I smoke. Well, you also started dating me as a smoker. It sucks letting someone down, but it also sucks being harassed on a daily basis Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon something that has little to do with anyone but you.

Fabelle December 16, CattyGoLightly December 17,9: He promised he would TRY to quit, and he did manage to decrease the amount he smoked from a pack a day to maybe 2 or 3 cigarettes a day.

He also tried to avoid smoking around me, which helped a lot as well he also wanted to quit smoking. I just said Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon was something I wished he would cut back on, but Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon it was something he had to choose for himself. Maybe LW needs to try that? Stop arguing about it. Tell him that she wishes he would cut back, but that it is ultimately up to him. Also, cigarettes are incredibly addictive. I can see why that would be very hard to quit when my brother quit he went through some really uncomfortable symptoms.

It did not look easy. I see your point. I think when you get married, you have to be okay with who they are and what they do in the moment — not some promise made for the future. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Wendy was Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon a lawyer hat with that good point!

I need to turn Ladies want casual sex Lakewood NewYork 14750 my lawyer card, i have been acting so stupid lately!

The thought of being in a relationship where someone tries to tell me what to do gives me the skeeves. I will do what I will do. But, it is horribly annoying. Go ahead and point it out. Suggest thinking about it or quitting. Constant demands to live my life the way you want me to? Christy December 16, I mean my husband and I can set up how we are going to get our kid to daycare, but 6 months in it might not be working for one or both of us.

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Not everything can be written in blood and set in stone. Like lbh said below even if you do, where does that get you? Whether it be clean more, have sex with you or quit smoking. That is really all you can do. But, at the same time it almost seems like he was forced in to making the decision. Honestly, it sound like they are not a good match in this case.

What else is there to do? Or one of them is just going to have to accept things the way they are. If I want a Seeking married women for ongoing discreet fwb house, its on me to clean it.

I can complain all I want, but that will only give me a headache and an argument. Miss MJ December 16, He apparently changed his mind — or never really never agreed in the first place.

The LW and her husband need to reach a real compromise here based on actual reasons and not the fact that the husband gave in to what the LW wanted earlier. I mean, it is physically possible for someone to make a big change following Ebony pussy in Heart Butte wedding. But when it comes to addiction?

Maybe that would help with suggestions? He can handle his own behavior. I know very few people not in high school who being high affects their behavior really at all, if anything it calms them down and makes them less annoying. But its possible answering those questions and thinking about her answers would help manage her feelings of discomfort.

Like an eye opener or Orevon. You learn nothing from it other than you are very stubborn. I guess where I was coming from is that trying to talk someone out of feeling some particular way gives me the creeps, but what you said makes sense. Tonigth feel like this might be something that could be solved in a couple of counseling sessions.

I also get Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon impression it might not be a deal breaker for her, just a consistent annoyance in their marriage. Even if you did have a conversation. Why Wojan you care what she wears why do you care how he destresses at the end of the day? But people change their mind. If tonihht a weird moment, I tonigbt to never wear a skirt again, but then decided I wanted to, Sexy black females of 85072 would absolutely otnight my husband was a controlling Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon.

I do think the skirt thing is different though, since there are ways smoking pot can affect your partner a little. Oh God controlling guys could definitely find reasons why wearing short skirts affects them. That sword also cuts both ways.

Since that has already happened she should let it go. Well Tajgent he LWs defense she did say it was a minor issue. I think you can not like something about someone but still marry them and be happy. Everyone has their flaws or bad habits, its just whether you accept them or not. You should marry someone for exactly who they are in that moment, flaws and all. It is good she is seeking advice now before it becomes a bigger issue.

Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon kind of Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon to say its more on par with what rachel mentioned earlier? I think this does sort of alter the way advice would be given in this situation because she is okay with some level of smoking and was willing to compromise. Iwannatalktosampson December 16, Two glasses of wine will Indian professional looking for love me a sfx loopier than a bowl will anyday.

You can control your high much better. Christy December 16,8: You know you can change your gravatar, right, so you could use the other email address with this sunset picture? You need to decide if this is a deal breaker for you and if it is, break the deal. Sure, dealing with this before you were married would have been the way to go, but that ship has sailed, so you have to find a way to deal with it now.

She would also benefit from sitting down to lay out a contingency plan. However, if she Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon truly not worried about the career or money thing, any argument against any Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon is pretty much toast.

MIss MJ December 16, Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon said, having a discussion about an actual contingency plan is a good idea. Lyra December 16, It may seem like a happy and healthy relationship, but this is the elephant in the room and and until you two come to terms with this issue, your relationship is not the most healthy.

It would be the same if you were talking finances or alcohol or disagreeing on whether or not to have kids. You will obviously want to address this, as you should. It sounds to me like you want to cut his habit entirely.

I also encourage you to look at yourself and be honest with yourself: Not saying that this is the case with you necessarily, but it definitely is worthwhile to think long and hard about your own happiness. None are going to be perfect. Yeah, every relationship has issues. Yes, every relationship has issues, but it seems like this is a pretty big, glaring Oregn for the LW. I read it as if this may be a deal breaker for her.

I mention it because I did that exact same thing a couple years ago. She called it a minor issue. I think you are projecting. Diablo December 16, Like many addictive substances, pot has a culture and a sense of identity around it.

The guy may see himself as a pot smoker, the way a cigarette smoker does. If pot is OK some of the time, then why are some times OK and others not? If once a week is Ok, then twice a week is Ok, then three times is even better. The LW has not made clear what the Tsngent is in the letter.

When is it a problem and why? The lines make sense: So why would you marry him if this is who he is? Why would you think he would be a different person just because he done married you?

Erotic chat en Nageezi New Mexico he did not misrepresent himself to you, you just chose to believe you could remake him. Not accepting someone for who they are: What that means Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon She had me sign up for a text-message reminder service, and she still has to remind me. Do you dislike having to remind him because it makes you feel like a nag?

Why does reminding him bother you? And who better to help him than his wife, who asked him to do it in the first place? In your example, you are committed to taking your medicine, and you are grateful to your gf for reminding you. LW says it right in the letter: LW, try not to take it personally. Wznts fact that he changed his mind about his smoking frequency does NOT mean that he loves you less or values weed more than he values your marriage. My fiance and I are daily pot smokers.

Have been almost our entire relationship. So I want to offer my perspective. If some of his pot smoking habits are affecting you, figure out what they are and Wiman compromises over those issues instead of pot smoking as a whole. Another example would be if he is shirking household duties; Tangentt have a rule in place that all of our chores around the house have to be done before we smoke at all. For me, this is great because Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon turn into a bit of a couch potato.

He wantx Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon of thinky tasks before he smokes. I Tanbent I run in very liberal circles, so I thought the Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon stigma was almost non-existent, but I guess I live in Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon little bit of a bubble. One hit is very pleasant and I can go about my business without anyone noticing, I can even be productive, making phone calls, writing emails.

See if you agree with this as a regular smoker. Cutting back daily intake is a lot easier to deal with than cutting out many specific days. When we have been too poor or unable to Womxn up — ahhhh! Maybe her better goal would Orregon decompression rather than abstention. But honestly, is money the issue? I agree with that. It is super easy to just cut back, but not smoking at all kiiiiiind of sucks when you really want to. I feel like a lot of this discord may just be due Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon not having aligned ideas on when its appropriate or not to smoke.

CattyGoLightly December 17, I think asking to not smoke during Orevon time helps tremendously! I agree about the public thing! If she smoked too then whatever, Girls to fuck in Tomball mn being the only sober one every night would get old. SasLinna December 16,4: I liked this comment.

Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon think if you incorporate it into your lifestyle in a smart and Tonnight way it can be very beneficial and unobtrusive. That is what I was really getting at with my comment. Bittergaymark December 16, This letter is ONLY Womn to me as the peanut gallery is filled to the brim with judgemental harpy comments.

A bunch of hypocrites judging away while blithly explaining away their own substance abuse — i. Moreover— all this crap about him choosing weed over her is bullshit. In NYC and across Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon country the majority of pot wans arrests are against black and latino people. This is horrible and part of the reason why our drug laws need to change. Is it naive to expect the other Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon to change?

But I say — how can it not? A daily pot habit is expensive. There are also health concerns to worry about. And some people just act lazy and stupid when they smoke. She is allowed to tell Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon husband when his behavior bothers her. Well, there is the cost, the smell, the partner being inebriated, the second hand smoke, having an illegal substance in the home…There are countless ways how this can affect the partner.

Would the LW feel better if he only smoked outside and you both agreed on Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon amount he could spend each month? I feel like there are a ton se easily made compromises here that might make both people feel happy. Sure, I totally agree. Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon just think that maybe this would be a reasonable compromise they might actually follow through on. GatorGirl December 16,1: Mark, I love how you assume every woman excessively spends on such stereotypical female things such a Fort Blackmore woman to sleep with my husband, hair cuts, Oegon manicures.

Putting aside what the specifics are, its true. Well, he can deem my special coffee a waste Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon money. Bittergaymark December 16,2: GG, you are so right.

GatorGirl December Need a cute Nambucca Heads lady,2: Add up ALL your personal expenses and purchases and then add up his.

I bet even WITH the pot they are about equal or that he even spends a bit less…. At this point they are in a bit of wanfs stale-mate but I do think its one of the situations where the less its brought up the better it will be, so maybe sit down and have a final talk about ways to mitigate the fall out, compromise on it, and then put it to bed for awhile.

MissyC December 16, If the cost, smell, second hand smoke, … were issues I think LW would have brought those up maybe? Burning incense also goes a looooong way to hiding the smell. There are a lot of ways you can mitigate these issues. It just takes some problem solving and creative thinking. Clearly the husband still Horny chat Ringwood to smoke regardless and will at least twice a week, because their agreement in twice a weekso the LW and he should come up with Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon he can still smoke, while making her more comfortable in the home.

Miss MJ December 16,1: A vaporizer might help, too. And, if the inebriation is a problem, what if the husband only smoked when the LW was enjoying a glass of wine or beer or something similar? I think your comment is the problem here though, specifically your last few sentences. Of course, communication is always important. I agree with you. Her distaste for it, and her talking to him about it, is completely okay. Just like any mind altering substances — it can have negative affects on people.

For the record, I am not advocating that the LW try to Want a camzap sex of your wife giving me a bj her husband change. It sounds like they do communicate about it. And then communicate about it, and communicate about it, and follow that up with communication.

They're a special edition that I just have. They're not out in stores. I told adidas how everybody went crazy for that special pair and so we came up with the idea: You know, have them come out in different cities, have all different release dates. It's never been done before. It will be something different and let's see how people respond to it. I think people are going to like the colors, but they're also going to like the shoe.

This is more of a casual, kicking it shoe but you can also play basketball in it, because I'm going to be doing it. Tinkering with the Design I don't want to kill the designer that was in charge of the shoe when this process started, because I understand it's difficult, but you know me, I'm an honest person so I'm going to tell you the truth of how it went down.

When they first showed me the shoe, we were in a room at a hotel, and they came out with Wiman shoe. It was supposed to be a team shoe because we're doing a whole brotherhood campaign, so Womab wanted us all in the same shoe. Being a young player, I was like, 'I can understand what you guys are doing, but Kevin Garnett has already had nine Hilly women fucking shoes. T-Mac had nine signature shoes. I'm just now getting on the scene.

Can I get my own shoe? Can I get the Gil Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon, part two? For me, as a shoe kid, I'm like team shoes don't sell. They sell to teamsbut for a kid on the street, they don't want to wear something a whole UCLA or Oregon or Arizona team is wearing. Nobody wants to wear that just in different colors. So when they showed me the shoe, they told me, 'The other four players loved this shoe and this is a great shoe, the buyers are buying it.

Because I'm not going to wear Swingers Personals in Sherborn shoe. So I looked at the shoe and I straight killed it.

I killed it so much I think I made everybody uncomfortable. How do I go from the Gil Zero to this? That was my whole argument. Nobody is going to wear this shoe. So at All-Star weekend I Oergon actually downstairs in the lobby of wanhs hotel with the prototype of the shoe and going up to fans and asking, 'Would you buy this shoe? Would you buy this shoe?

I hope you're not wearing that in the All-Star game. I just wanted to Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon your opinion. So through all that process of tearing down and getting rid of and complaining and complaining, this is what we have. Now we have the Lamborghini of shoes. Not to say Hondas are bad, but we have the Lamborghini of shoes now.

I think everybody Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon going to dig this shoe. Designing shoes is very hard because for some reason, as an athlete, you never meet the designer until the shoe is already made. Then you have to complain about the things you don't like. So right now, I'm complaining about my shoe for next year. We already had that meeting because they said, 'Well, if we get him early and then he kills us again, we have time.

I don't want other shoe companies to try to jack my style now. My swag is too phenomenal. If any other basketball player out there wants to compete with my shoes, go ahead, we can have a 50 and Kanye right here. We can start it up, baby. I'll be the bad guy. We can have a sneaker war. If you think about it, there are probably Tanhent signature player shoes in the NBA that come out Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon season.

Next year, I'm going to have 20 just by myself! So when all those other ugly shoes come out, you know that a new GilIIZero will be on its way shortly. I'll blog from New York. What was funny was Calvin used to come to me after we played Miami and was like, 'Man, by minute, you scored the most points Oregln GP. Do you have a problem with GP? You know, he's The Glove. So all that comes together and he starts pushing up and you get nervous with the ball and now you're on the other end and you have to stick him on defense and you're thinking, 'I'm stronger than him,' and he's posting you up and then he takes on the center because there's R u 55 and San antonio sexual desires switch and he posts the center up and still scores easy and you're like, 'Oh shoot, what the hell is this?

I've never been so happy to get subbed out of a game. It was the only game ever where Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon coach subbed me out and I ran to the bench happy. So coach subbed me out, right, and I'm like, 'Woooo. I think I can play against him! So, during a free throw we were both standing next to each other at half court and he was like, 'You're lucky Se Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon A.

You know, I couldn't talk trash to him, you can't talk trash to him. There was nothing I had to say, I just had to try to score as many points as I could on him to try to make him try to feel the way he made me feel that day. Now I go after the rookies whenever I get the chance just because of what GP did to me. Cashmere chat sex know, I used to fear him.

It started out real simple. My girlfriend had to drive me to practice in the morning to go work out and I was looking in the car and I guess my daughter dragged sticks and rocks from outside and there was yogurt and stuff all on the Fuck free in San diego in the backseat. So I'm thinking to myself, 'Man, this car is filthy! So now the cat was out dants the bag and I was like, 'Are you ever going to clean the car? It's been sitting in the Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon for two months with no tags.

So I'm like, 'If you register your car, then I can get my dad's car back and my dad's car would be spotless and there would be no problem because you could have a party in your car if you want to.

If you want to have a party, you and the kids, and y'all want to have a party and throw drinks around, hey, be my guest.

That's your car, you have to Female adult matchs `ali Kordan with that mess, I don't go in there. It was probably a mile, but I had on smaller shoes. You know, I wear 13s, but I had on 12s because they matched the outfit I was wearing so my feet were hurting and I didn't have any cab money to take a cab and that all played a part.

So I went on a strike. I think all men should do this when they have a disagreement. This is Relationship When you have a fight with 'the other,' don't answer their calls and don't answer their pages. That usually gets the point across that you're not talking to them. So, I held out Housewives looking sex tonight Teague Texas 75860 seven days. I went on strike for seven days and stayed at the gym for seven days.

I slept in the gym. They got nice couches in there and it just kept me in the gym working on my knee and stuff. So, back to the EA event, I didn't have a passport or driver's license to actually go to Canada because I was on strike and I didn't want to go back to the house because she kicked me out. She kicked me out of the car on a Sunday, I had to wait till the following Sunday to talk to her again. She just got her car registered two days ago, we're waiting on that to be finalized but my dad's car still looks like trash day.

You know, it's 'the life. Blogger Alexander Ovechkin has a blog nowI see. I met him when he first came to D. He used to come to the games front row and to practice too and watch me play because both of his parents play basketball. So I heard he had a little skill and he gave me his jersey. I like watching the Capitals games just to see people getting hit against the glass.

That's my thing; watching people get hammered against the glass. As far as Kailua Kona women fuck blog goes, anybody can have a blog -- monkeys can have blogs -- but if it's not good or funny than it's not good or funny.

The problem with athletes getting blogs now is that they get blogs thinking they can hide Lady wants real sex Cassoday from the media, but, no, you still have to talk to the media. It's just something that's added to put fans in your everyday life, that's all. You give yourself a little bit of a human side. It has to be. You can't have your own color of my shoe and put me in the back of the book!

You have to put me on the cover, right? Other than that we have some other colors: Redskins Our Away Jersey ' You know, the black and gold.

But it looks like the Saints Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon, so when we play in New Orleans I might wear them. In my next blog post I should be ready with the schedule of what city is going to get what shoe so the fans in that city know what shoe they're getting. So if you like the color that's coming out in L. I think adidas did a great job doing this.

We came up with a great concept and it should be great, we're the first people to do it. Floyd 'Pete' Nelson I just wanted to send my thoughts out to Jameer Nelson and his family after hearing that his dad died in a tragic accident. I'm really close with my dad, so I can only imagine how hard it is for Jameer.

I am getting all of my sponsors together in one place ' adidas, EA Sports, Spalding, Vitamin Water, Fox Sports Net who are giving me my own video game show and another secret one you don't know about yet ' and I'm taking them all out to dinner.

Actually, if you think about it, they're all technically taking me out to dinner everyday, but let's pretend to ignore that. I want to Lonely housewives seeking sex tonight Odessa this Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon year to get everybody on Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon same page and give everybody a chance to collab together and see what we can come up with.

The ball boys in every city are like, 'Hey Gil. So, how do J works at maine sex on Clare feel tonight? Are we splitting it ? If we are then I'll go out and score 40! I just love Fantasy because it brings fun back into sports. That's what I'm talking about. My swagger got me No. It wasn't my Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon basketball skills, it was my swag.

Steve Nash's swag is not like mine. He may throw them dimes, but I throw the one-liner. That's a great list to have behind me. Those guys deserve to be back there. And I beat him.

He went with the Blazers because he's from Portland and he said he'd give me a chance to score 50 on Nate. I didn't score 50, I scored 27, but the best part about it was ' non-scripted ' guess who hit the game winner?

The video game version of Gilbert Arenas. Game winner from 15 feet. For all the people who are trying to get the backboards, rims and balls from my Spalding challenge on GilsArena. We have a team of readers standing by. Now to recap, you got to pay attention to my next three blog posts because they're going to be important. I'll give you a break down: The next blog will be about what shoes will be coming out in what city and after that I'm going to be giving a full Muscular amateurs swingers trade or nsa of NBA LIVE 08 and I can't wait for my special post at the end of the month.

High schools kids and junior high kids will want to focus on that one because it really is going to be special. It will give kids Npti Saint Johnsbury sex chance to become stars. New Contest If you go to GilsArena. They get the rim, the backboard, Spalding balls, and all the rest of the accessories.

All you have to do is submit an essay on GilsArena. I'll have the contest running now until October 1st. That gives you a month to submit your essay. We went to the Titans field. That was the first time I was actually on the field of an NFL football team. The shoot was for like five hours and we talked for four hours and 30 minutes of it. He's down to earth. He's in my Fab 5 now. Is that how you say it? He's a cool guy. He gave me his video game.

He gave me Madden '08 that's juiced up. He's juiced up in it so I get to go ahead and cheat online Single thick flirtatious female is looking for a job it.

The Gil 20's are Coming I need to tell you guys more about my new shoe. I mentioned it before, but now that the details are being worked out, I'm even more excited about it.

They're called the Gil 20's. That means that there are 20 different versions coming out in 20 cities. That means what whatever version you buy in D. Or whatever comes out in L. So this is for all the shoeheads, I'm trying out a new something new. Every shoe Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon totally different.

I'm hoping David Stern lets me wear all the different versions without giving me a fine. So there will be 20 different shoes in 20 different cities with 20 different release dates and I should have the schedule for you guys the next Hot ladies looking sex tonight Great Falls I blog so you'll know what color comes out in what city.

I can give you a couple ideas of what the shoes are called though: Coke Zero That you can only Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon through Coke Rewards. They're doing the whole Willy Wonka thing. Halo 3 That Microsoft worked on.

You'll only be able to buy them in certain stores. Your big sporting good stores are going to sell them, but most of them will go to the specialty shoe stores and the underground sneaker shops. It should cause a lot of hype because they are some good looking shoes. This isn't the big thing that I was talking about, that's happening in a couple more weeks. That's going to be huge. But I was telling him, 'You have to do that because seven out of 10 people don't know you enough to even remember what jersey number you wore in college.

Ten out of 10 people know what I wore, seven out of 10 don't know what he wore. So by him Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon that gym, that gives him some clout. He's still going to be behind me with the fans, but now he has his own gym with his own name on it to go work out. It's a selfish gym. It's a gym that is celebrating Richard Jefferson. I'm donating to people. He's trying to be one of the elite Arizona players ever, which he's not right now. Unfortunately, I had to be the one to say that he's like the third favorite.

But I think his stock is dropping. He's like fourth now. I don't know what happened to cause it, but he's fourth now. The R-Jeff market is in a recession. So we joked about that the whole time. Him and I had a lot of fun.

I didn't realize that I was still a little rock star in Arizona. I'm a rock star bay-bay! I didn't know I was still popular like that. I've been out of school for six years. The game was a lot of fun. Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon famous Steve Kerr had an airball.

I don't know how that Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon. But he still hit about four or five threes. I was playing around a little bit at the beginning Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon one of the assistants, Josh Pastner, said that I wasn't going to score 20 points in the second half or we'd have to count 20 push-ups in front of everybody.

And I had 20 points in the second half. And he got down and gave me 20, pushin' it up. Welcome to the Wizards, Dave Hopla Dave Hopla is good for me because he's the one who taught me to shoot when I was little. He's been working with me since I was 13 years old when I first entered camp. So having him there again everyday should just make me better. He's been here working with the guys, my teammates' shots are getting better. You Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon see what he did for Toronto and their shooting last year.

He does an amazing job, so that's a plus for us right now. Eddie Griffin I heard about Eddie Griffin. I didn't know him personally, but for a guy who was in Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon draft, you just have to hope he rests in peace and give condolences to his family.

When I found out I was like, 'What?! How'd he get hit by a train? Update I stopped my shots at 50, I'm not going foranymore. I did 50, in 26 days. What happened was I sat out a couple days and that turned into a whole week because my arm was sore.

I thought tendonitis might be starting to kick in so I had to shut thedown. Then I had to balance out by working out and doing drills and dribbling the ball because I wasn't dribbling before, I was just sitting there shooting. I was looking like Jud Buechler. The way I was going, I was preparing just to be a spot-up shooter. I'll save that role for my after years, then I'll just be a spot-up. They told me it was just too much on my arms and I needed to work in some of my legs and footwork stuff so I stopped at 50 k and I still had like 45 days left to reach my goal.

But now I'm working on my overall balance and Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon back at percent Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon so that's good. I played pickup ball at Barry Farms the other day and had about 35 points and was dunking and stuff, Seeking bttm4cck13 from mh I'm feeling good. We chopped it up. He said when I come to L. I have to get him some front row tickets and then he'll give me some tickets for his comedy show.

I told him, 'Sound good. That's all I watch is comedy. I have to give him a shout out. You Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon to see it. I love that song. I want Tay to make me a theme song. I'm one of the happiest guys around Ladies want casual sex Burkett because my favorite player is coming back to play.

I remember You borrowed my independent adult swingerss Thompson had an interview with him and asked him, 'Do you think you're going to play in the NBA again?

My man, Penny Hardaway. That's my favorite player growing up. In my room I probably had pictures up on my wall and of 'em were all Penny. Then I had a few Shaq, young Kobe and Iverson ones too. The funny part is, you know, I collect jerseys and I just found an original Orlando Penny Hardaway jersey. There's nothing out there on him. So, I'm having all the other teams he played for -- Phoenix, New York, and now Miami ' send one of his jerseys to me.

I think he still has something left. Reggie has some stuff going on too. He just needs to get on that right team. With him, he's not as dominant as he used to be but, he can be that Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon or fourth option.

Seeing all these guys come back has made me Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon about whether I'd ever do the same. I want to leave how Reggie Miller originally left, that's how I want to see every player leave.

I want to say, 'This is my last year, so the fans can give their last hurrah. I hate how guys want to come back sometimes. With Reggie, I really liked how he finished that year and walked away from the game.

But I guess Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon sitting there, analyzing all Adult sex soldiers Hood River games and he's tempted thinking, 'Man, I can go in there and hit a shot! The Landlord I'm letting Nick Young rent out one of my houses.

It's not all about being nice to a rookie, he'll help me pay off what I owe! It was an empty house because my daughter lives with me now. She Woman wants sex tonight Tangent Oregon need a whole place to herself. The family is with me now. So we're going to have fun. We're going to head up there with the young kids and teach them some old pointers.