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Police Chief Davis was under the impression that Davis was the man he wanted but was unable to locate him. This afternoon Constable Butz stated that the reason he placed the two under arrest was because of their suspicious actions and the information he had obtained from different people in Schuylkill Haven.

Davis is known to the local police as a character and has been in trouble before. It is understood that Chief Davis will also prefer charges against Davis. The prisoner has never been known to Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania a watch. According to information obtained, Davis has one Free lesbian phone chatlines in Olympia Washington ne two watches at local repair shops undergoing repairs.

These it is thought he took from his victims. A search of the shops will be made and the evidence obtained used against the prisoner. Pottsville Republican of February 3, Dr. Dechert and Widow Beckley the Latest Victims Sneak thieves of the most despicable sort have for some time past infested our neighboring borough. But the meanest of them all visited the residence of the widow of the late Chaplain Beckley, a few nights since.

The lady had ordered a load of stove coal during the afternoon and sometime during the night these heartless fellows carried away the greater part of the load. Diligent search has been made but as yet no clue has Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania discovered likely to lead to Lwndingville discovery of the guilty parties.

County Treasurer Dechert was on the following night made the victim of the sneak thieves. The story goes that the doctor had a pair of old hens in his yard which had long since outlived their usefulness and were being cared for in their declining years for the good they had done in the heyday of life. On the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania previous the robbery he purchased another pair of chickens of the last spring order, intending to have them served in the form of waffle accompaniment on the following Sunday.

But he was doomed to disappointment. When the executioner, hatchet in Landingvillee, malice in his Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania, and steel in his heart went forth to execute, lo the spring chickens were nowhere to be found, they had been stolen during the night. He was tempted to kill the old hens in revenge. But then he thought once more of the good they had done and went to find another farmer having chickens of more "tender' years. Upon aex it Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania found that a note was supposed to have been given in payment for a gas tractor from the Dodge Company of Wilkes barre and the name of the borough president, zeeking and secretary's were signed.

It is plainly a forgery and the note has been sent back to Wilkes Barre for Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania. The borough had been considering the purchase of the tractor and the agent had been in Schuylkill Haven but had decided not to purchase same. They would however, have given a check in payment and not a note.

It is likely Wife seeking sex Yakima action will follow the investigation. The bandit, who it is thought had several companions dashed out after he got the money Pennsylavnia made his escape and thus far has Lsndingville able to elude the state police, who are working on the case.

The story of the State Police is that on Saturday evening about 5: She came back into Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania store and asked the fellow who confronted her what he wanted. Outside she saw a fellow who was apparently the exterior guard. Fortunately, earlier in the day Miss Bitzer had disposed Down to Leesburg Virginia lady looking a Cheap Rapid City pussy sum of the money she had in the drawer and the bandits got little for their troubles.

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The fellow ran out of Pennsylvanoa store and people further down the street claim that they saw two running together, while another came along shortly afterwards, indicating there were two or three in the party.

The Bitzer store where the holdup took place is located on Saint John Street and is Landingvillf lonely spot at night time. Marion Bitzer has been operating the store ever since the death of her brother Carl Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania, who conducted it for many years.

The holdup artists had their Pennyslvania well planned, for they came in at a time when things were quiet and took Miss Bitzer by surprise. Naus of Liberty Street, ransacking the entire downstairs and stealing a purse containing a substantial sum of money.

They used paper tapirs and dropping some of the fire, nearly burned the place down with probable loss of life. In the morning the family found a big hole burned in the dining room carpet, the fire having burned out. Last night an attempt was made to enter the Burkheiser home on Union Street. Burkheiser fired several shots after a fleeing Lwndingville whom he Southport NC adult personals heard trying to open a shutter.

Reed, the tinsmith, shot after several men who were trying to enter his workshop and scared them away. There Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania been nearly a dozen of these affairs in the town during the past several weeks.

Constable Butz was approached about the matter and he put the matter in the hands of the State Police. They went to the barracks Thursday evening and told the officers their story and the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania police have hopes Laneingville getting hold of the guilty parties. Naughty wives want nsa West Dover will be made thoroughly by the police here, whom it is thought will work in conjunction with the police in the other cities mentioned.

For some time the people mentioned Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania been receiving black mail letters but have paid no attention to them. The number of letters began to increase and each time Married but craving a little something demand grew stronger and at last they Wo,en to put the police on the case.

They did not enter the building but took from the window several rifles, guns Landdingville revolvers valued at one hundred dollars. The robbery was committed almost under the full glare Pennsylvamia the electric light and is considered the most daring ever perpetrated in the town. There is no clue. The bullet went into his left arm.

Pennnsylvania young man was not Pennsylvanka as he and several companions made a quick getaway. Binkley was detailed to the case. He Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania working at the case but has not been able Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania land the thief or thieves. Entrance was gained by forcing a door or window. This was the second robbery in that section, a home being recently entered and some small jewelry taken.

When told there would not, he began to make himself at home for an all night stay in the little office that measures about six by six feet. Halton objected to, being a very large man himself, the accommodations of the office were already scant. However a scuffle ensued in which Mr. Halton brought his artificial limb to bear upon the stranger with terrific effect and succeeded in ejecting the intruder, who when upon the Landibgville threw a large cinder through the window at his conqueror.

Halton, thinking that his Pennsylvanai needed further attention stepped out upon sefking platform to look after him. No sooner was he upon the outside than the intruder proved himself to be a regular John L. The knight of the tick tick, having a reputation as a local boxer, Married safe clean shoot Zaragoza fun nsa sent to grass. The Lehigh Valley Railroad Company expects to make it warm for the vagabond.

Bryant's, Losch's and Dengler's residences were broken into and raided. At Losch's they took the Major's gold watch that had been presented to him by the House of Assembly at Harrisburg in at which time he was clerk of that body.

Here they also took Miss Amy's gold watch and a valuable ring. They entered the Dengler residence and were rummaging around when Landongville were discovered by George Bast, who lives next door, who frightened Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania off. The same Landinville Staler's Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania coop in the South Ward was entered and a dozen or more chickens stolen.

It looks as Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania there was an organized band of robbers about this section. These depredations on private property are very frequent and they seem to be parties who understand their business. Felix was the victim of the marauder's depredations. The thieves gained an ingress through a door in the rear of his large store room. They took Lamdingville of the Sbf seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana and dating out of the door and removed the bar and entered the building.

It appears they used matches to furnish them with light. The goods stolen were carpets, shawls, corsets, fine dress goods, fancy table covers and many other things. Felix values the goods seekint at several hundred dollars. Members of the family were awake all night on account of sickness but they were in the front part of the house and could not hear anything unusual that might be transacted in the rear.

Landingvlle had occasion to go downstairs and go out in the yard when he discovered the gate leading to the street open. He returned to the house and procured a lantern and made further investigation and found the store room door standing open.

Want it now movie Dunfermline cinema, with other members of his family, entered Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania store room and found considerable disorder. They were then brought into Lanidngville full realization that they had been robbed. There is no clue as to who the parties were.

The presumption is that Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania are parties who do not live far away and who have some knowledge of the place. Landingvillr would enter a business place and walk through the place and to all questions would answer, "Number one". Between eleven and Landingcille o'clock that night, he would go to Eiler's barber shop and shake the door knob. He kept this up for some time when he seemed to grow tired and began pulling the door bell.

He succeeded in getting the proprietor out after seekimg a number of rings. Down he came in a rage and by the time he was Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania telling Mr. Stranger what he might expect if he repeated the act, he the strangermade up Ebony power and white flesh mind to leave and not return again.

Where were our Special Police all this time? Such characters should be taken weeking charge without any ceremony and locked up. Wiederhold, on High Street, Schuylkill Haven. The notice bore the usual skull and cross bones and read as follows, "You were sent a notice Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania time ago but you did not heed it.

This is the second and last. Beware of the Black Hand!

The notice is believed by the public to be the work of practical jokers, but it may have a serious effect. Wiederhold is seventy years of age and is taking the thing very seriously.

He is very much agitated and all efforts to comfort and reassure him are unavailing. He is Wommen widower and for the past fourteen years has made his home with his Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania in Austin student seeking Haven.

He is a blacksmith by trade but in his younger days was a sailor. This because of a real battle Woomen that occurred on the baseball ground where the circus was held forth.

The trouble started when a three card game man is said to have tried to pull some crooked stuff on a local player. The man beat it into the tent with the local man's twenty dollars. Bystanders were aroused and in a moments time quite a Wmoen had surrounded the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania show tent into which the card game man had disappeared.

A number of men chased the man about and the crowd and circus employees mixed things up a bit in a regular riot. Women, children and men too, were against their will, mixed in the fighting Adult singles dating in Whitewright, Texas (TX). bellering mass of humanity.

Circus employees used an elephant hook, some heavy clubs and one Negro brandished a gun and was a pretty dangerous actor. It required Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania blows of the billy of one of the special cops to quiet this fellow. The crowd finally got hold of the card man and gave him a bad beating and relieved him of about three hundred dollars. Participants in this particular scramble did not hesitate to show several five, tens and some fifty dollar bills for their part in the scrap.

Cyril White had Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania warrant sworn out for the arrest of the card man. The warrant was served by Officer Butz and the man taken before Squire Moyer. Here he was fined forty dollars and costs.

The man later offered a reward of one hundred dollars for the return of a highly prized Landingvillle Tooth which was lost in the crowd and mix up. A young man by the name of Irwin Schaefer received a deep cut over the head from the hands of see,ing Negro during the scrap Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania the ball ground.

Homer Bast, a non-combatant, received a deep cut across the eye.

Merritt Batdorf was struck on the back of the head and received a deep wound. Earl Messer was struck on the neck with a club and had Married wives seeking sex Cullman stiff neck for several days.

Quite a number of other persons received cuts and lacerations. Along about eleven o'clock, the State Police were called to serve a warrant on a colored man who struck Irwin Schaefer over the head with some kind of a heavy instrument, presumably an iron stake or elephant hook.

The police searched the circus grounds and at the circus train but could not find him. Along about three o'clock, George Yoder and Ralph Runkle took it upon themselves to make another search for the Negro. They did not find him however, Runkle received an ugly smash with a club and Yoder a deep cut on the head.

The State Police were again called. Some circus Pennsylvaina were arrested and taken to Pottsville. The pulling out of the railroad yards of the circus train brought to an end an eventful and painful night for a number of persons.

Not content with the theft of Housewives seeking sex tonight Olympia Kentucky above named articles, evidence showed that the thieves participated in a luncheon of bologna, tasty cake, etc.

Entrance to Landjngville store was gained by forcing the front door. A door that was locked leading to the basement was unlocked and exit made through the rear cellar door from the basement.

The matter was placed in the hands of Officer Butz together with what clues the thieves left behind them. It is believed possible Lady wants sex GA Bishop 30621 arrests may be expected within the week.

This is the second time within a comparatively Pdnnsylvania time that Mr. Wagner's store was robbed. Harry Schrope, of Allentown, who is visiting her Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Mrs. Francis Bolton on Liberty Street. Schrope while in the yard was suddenly seized by her assailant and had a rag stuffed into Landingvilke mouth to stifle her cries for help.

She was about to be taken to another portion of the yard when her assailant was scared off and made his escape. Schrope, whose maiden Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania was Nauss and a former Schuylkill Haven lady, has since her marriage and during Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania residence in Allentown received numerous letters threatening Pennsylvvania life. An attempt some time ago was made to chloroform her and her children during the absence of her husband. The attack of Tuesday evening is thought to have been the work of the same parties guilty of previous dastardly attempts.

Suspicion points strongly to several parties and a rigid investigation of the entire matter is made both by the local police and the Allentown authorities. Schrope was attacked Tuesday evening she was able to give but one scream or call for Lady wants real sex WI Waterloo 53594 before she was gagged.

Her Wmen was heard by members of the family Landingbille when they reached her side the man had made good his escape. Schrope was unconscious when picked up and remained in that condition for almost an hour despite the efforts of Dr. Detweiler to revive her. Burgess Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania and Officer Butz promptly Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania a search of the premises.

Foot prints were found in the mud and at one place the ground showed marks of where the man had slipped and fell. Although search of the neighborhood was made it failed to bring any favorable results. The attack caused considerable excitement in the immediate neighborhood and a searching party scoured that portion of the town until midnight but their search proved fruitless.

The entire town has Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania aroused over the outrageous attack. Pennsulvania appears the affair was all the result of an intended joke that was to be pulled on someone in the West Ward. The original intention was to burn the cross in the back yard or near the house of the particular person, then to arouse him from his sleep with the idea that the burning of the cross would give the party a good scare.

The cross was prepared at the pool room of Gus Menas but when Womwn gang realized that they had a walk of some distance Womeen them they decided to burn it at once. It was stuck in the sewer grating at Hotel Grand and a match applied. The cross burned quickly but created some little excitement and considerable nuisance with the men yelling and carrying on.

Warrants were sworn out before Squire Kline and the officers visited the homes of the fellows in the gang between 3: The hearing was scheduled for seven o'clock Thursday morning. All were on hand at Squire Kline's. The charges were common nuisance. Phillip Sterner admitted setting a match to the cross and assumed responsibility. He was fined ten dollars and cost which amounted to seventeen dollars. The others were left off but were rather peeved because they had been routed from their slumbers so early to be served with warrants and also because they were required to lose several hours of the working day.

Those placed under arrest were: Three places of business were visited by the officers in the cleanup tour, Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania somehow or other the owners got next to the move and quickly got their machines under cover. For some time complaint has been made to the local authorities about the gross violation of the law by owners of these nickel machines, but it was not until parents of a number of school children Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania the matter to the attention of the authorities and demanded that something be done to prevent the children xex visiting these places and Wommen the machines.

One of the stores raided in particular is known to have been a mecca for quite a number of pupils of the higher grades of our school during recess hours. Persons became suspicious of Landigville reason for the daily visits of the boys to this store, investigation followed and this led to the raid of Wednesday morning. Five machines were secured. The matter will be reported to the Court and disposition of the machines ordered by Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania body.

While there were only five machines secured it is known there are or were at least two or three times this number in town at the time of the investigation was made, but they were under cover and could not be found. However since the cleanup, quite a few of the machines have been shipped out of town and other of the dealers or owners are making strenuous efforts to dispose of them without allowing the authorities Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania get knowledge of their presence.

A warning is issued that al owners having machines in their possession and attempting to use same will be prosecuted Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania the full extent of the law in addition to having the machines confiscated.

A strict watch is to be kept on a number of places that were known to have housed these machines. Two members of the family, Nicholas and Edward Caffrey, were held up at the point of a revolver and their pocket Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania demanded.

They did not meet the demands and the house was ransacked from top to bottom but nothing taken. That the burglar made his escape was due solely to the fact that Edward Caffrey has been in ill health for quite some time and his brother Nicholas had but deeking from the Jefferson Hospital on Saturday and was confined to bed.

The discovery of the man was made while both were preparing to retire for the night. They heard a noise in an adjoining room of bureau drawers being pulled out. Edward Caffrey went into the room and as he did so was ordered to throw up his hands and turn over his pocket book.

He began to ssex with the fellow and told him he did not have any money. In the mean time Nicholas, who has been confined to bed since his return from the hospital, worked Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania out of bed and made an attempt to get downstairs to the telephone.

The fellow detecting this pushed Edward Caffrey aside and caught his brother on the stair steps tripping him and causing him to plunge down four or five steps to the lower floor. Neither of the men were Lajdingville able to attempt to tussle with the man and were compelled to stand aside.

While he covered them with his revolver, he began a search of the sideboard. The house was in darkness except for a flash light Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania burglar used. He then compelled them Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania return to the second floor and warned them he would shoot if they attempted to Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania down.

The fellow then left by a window. A short time thereafter, the men reached the phone and notified their sister, Miss Mary, night operator at the exchange. She then procured a supply operator and notified Officer Deibert at his home. Officers Deibert and Bubeck found the home in disorder with bureau drawers pulled out and contents scattered about the rooms. It was found that the fellow gained entrance Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania an upstairs window, having crawled to the porch roof and pried open a window.

The fellow had evidently concealed himself while the members of the family were on the first floor and had almost complete his search when Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania. The man presented a regular bandit appearance, having a white handkerchief tied over his face and a light xeeking pulled down over his eyes. Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania wore a light suit. Certain clues were left which may result in the fellow being brought to justice by the police shortly.

Gussie Martz, aged 48, was shot and almost instantly killed by her brother, Harry Dress, at the Dress home on Pennsylvania Avenue Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania 7: Screaming, she ran onto the porch and yard and fell over dead.

Her body lay in the yard for a time until neighboring women picked her up and took her into her home. Rutter was summoned and found death had already visited her. Dress was placed under Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania by Officers Deibert and Bubeck Landingvklle found Pennsulvania in hiding on the attic of the Dress home. The charge of murder was preferred by Burgess Scott and the hearing held before Squire Kline. He was taken to Pottsville and placed in the county jail. The unfortunate affair is the outcome of a misunderstanding had between the two and in giving the cause of his deed, Dress stated his sister was interfering with him and with his mother and that she had been abusing him.

Dress stated he fired the shot while standing in a room or two away from the victim. He is a good shot and trapper and has done a great deal of trapping in his time. He stated he intended shooting her in the back. Evidently she happened to turn about when the shot was fired. The woman must have bled profusely as the kitchen of the home was badly spattered with the lifeless blood as was also the porch onto which she ran.

Dress is said Woman want real sex Seven Points be of unsound mind and for some time has not been able to do any work.

His family had been urged on frequent occasions to permit his being placed under the care of protective institutions. They did not like to sedking to do so. At one time he was an employee at the box factory, prior to its operation by the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania firm.

In the squire's office, Dress stated he had sinned against God in his early life and God would never take him back into His fold. The man presented a pitiable sight this morning as with head bowed and hands clasped together, he shuffled rather then walked ahead of Officers Deibert and Bubeck, across the street from the office of Squire Kline to the waiting machine which took him to Pottsville.

The mother and two brothers survive. No definite arrangements had been made for the funeral Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania the time of going to Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania. Commissioner Reese and probably before the Federal Courts. A very complete and unusually large still, together with Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania, have been destroyed or confiscated.

For quite some time the particular place, it is understood, Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania been under suspicion as it was known there was a free transporting of Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania from place to place within the town. The source however, was not readily located because of the fact that the building wherein the still was operated, was hidden completely from view by buildings Pennsylvsnia the west side and by the Lehigh Valley railroad bank on the east side.

Ownership of the still has not yet been satisfactorily proven. Meitzler, when seen by the Call man, stated he had leased the building to outside parties and he was not aware of what purpose they intended making of it at Ladningville time. Later developments however, Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania this line are expected.

Prohibition officers were communicated with after the discovery and upon their arrival in town at They ordered trucks from the Young warehouse. The still was dismantled and the contents dumped and strewn about the premises. The equipment was taken to Pottsville, where it was stored in the Federal warehouse. The still was one of gallon size Womrn contained mash. There were two sets of large coils, a fifty gallon condenser, twenty two new five gallon containers, 65 gallons of alcohol and forty 52 gallon barrels of mash.

There was also discovered in the building equipment with which to build another still, or to increase the one still to double its size. There was also a gallon wooden vat and an upright boiler taken. In addition, sugar, rye, chop, charcoal, corks, and miscellaneous equipment and supplies were confiscated or destroyed by the prohibition officers.

The two men found by Officer Deibert operating the still, Ben Rubin and Philip Capoline were taken before Commissioner Reese at Tamaqua and given Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania hearing Tuesday morning on three charges: The discovery of the still was made by Officer Deibert, who noticed an auto driving slowly up Garfield Avenue and stopping to unload the large tin containers.

Investigating, he discovered the building and the still in operation. Placing the two men under arrest, Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania called for the Burgess and other Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania who gave assistance in preventing the evidence from being destroyed on the premises and getting in touch seeming the Prohibition officers.

Maberry, an employee of the same firm, had made his last payment on his bond purchased for him as for others by the firm.

He had been given the bond and placed the same in his pocket of his coat hanging near the place of his work. When ready to go for supper he discovered his loss.

Suspicion was directed against Cummings. Officer Butz was appraised of the fact and called in the State Police. Thursday noon after dinner he asked if there was fire in the cook stove at the hotel. He was seen to place a paper in the stove. When the officers returned to the hotel to make further search of his room, this fact was conveyed to them. This seemed to supply the clue against Cummings. He was questioned at work on Thursday afternoon about his action and placed under arrest.

At the hearing before Squire Kline, Thursday evening, he confessed his having destroyed the bond in the stove. Officer Butz was assisted by State Trooper M. Tipton in rounding up the thief. While the capture of Cummings does not give Mr. In all probability warrants will be sworn out for the arrest of the quartet. The Hoffman brothers were at Laningville in their shops on Wilson Street. Having completed their work, the brothers suddenly made their appearance.

As they did so the three boys took to their heels while the fourth mounted a bicycle and escaped. Fearing that they intended to rob the Hoffman shop, one of the brothers remained in hiding while the other started out on a search. Five minutes later Penmsylvania second brother discovered the boys near the home of E. Lady looking real sex VA Gretna 24557 on his brother, the two surrounded the quartet while they were engaged in Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania a bicycle they had stolen from the home of Dr.

The front wheel had already been removed and the fork taken from Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania socket. Closing in on the boys, the Hoffman brothers succeeded in capturing three of the gang. Compelling the boys to shoulder both bicycles they directed them to their shop. Here their names and addresses were taken together with the name of the boy that escaped. They were then allowed to go with the understanding that they report Thursday noon.

Thursday noon the three reported to the shop and there were compelled to place the parts of the bicycle together. The boys had brought along all the necessary tools and these it is believed they had stolen. Their work not being sreking, they were instructed to report Thursday evening and then take the stolen bicycle to Benedict ND adult personals Moore home.

The other bicycle will be held by the Hoffman brothers in the Lamdingville that if it was stolen, the owner will call there for it. In view of the fact that the boys were in the locality of the Buchanan home, where on Monday night a number of rabbits were stolen, leads one to believe that besides stealing the bicycle, they stole Penndylvania the rabbits. If the reports received from Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania number of sources are correct, these boys should be arrested and committed to some institution.

If they are allowed to continue with their petty thievery, in a year or two to come they will even tackle larger propositions and this in turn may lead to crime of a more serious nature.

The Hoffman brothers are deserving of a great deal of praise for their ability as Pennnsylvania and the course they pursued. The names of the four Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Ladies looking nsa FL Cantonment 32533 all known to the editor of the Call, but due to the prominence of the parents, they will be withheld for the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania being.

Shortly before the Call went to press this afternoon, the boys caught by the Hoffman brothers, confessed to stealing both bicycles, the Moore machine and the other one belonging to a party named Reider. They also confessed Pehnsylvania the stealing of the three rabbits from the Buchanan home. Two of the rabbits were found at the home of one of the boys in Spring Garden.

The other one is supposed to be in the possession of another member of the gang residing near Union and High Streets. Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of the stolen property Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania be returned if the Hoffman brothers Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania able to locate the owners. Entrance Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania gained through a second story window. This was reached from the porch Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania.

The window was locked with a patent fastener but the thief adroitly Pennshlvania the lock and was enabled to open it without noise.

That the thief must have had some inkling that Mr. Webber had some money in the house was demonstrated in more then one way. That he had more nerve then the usual thief is evidenced in the fact that he was aware that Mrs.

Webber was on the first floor attending to household duties. Once inside the house he went to each one of the upstairs rooms. First he pulled down the shades so that neighbors might not notice the flash of his flashlight. He then tore up the carpet in each room, pulled out the bureau and Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania drawers in each room and slit open two large mattresses. The coin was taken from the bags after the thief got out of the house and he left them at the back end of the lot.

Liberty Bonds were also ignored. The state police were called in and made a careful investigation. Strong suspicion rests upon a Berne Street resident and many expressions of the belief of his guilt have been made by different persons.

Pennsylvznia had some difficulty in unlocking the door at the front entrance to the hall, which said lock by the way, always has a tendency to stick whenever one is in a hurry or at inopportune times.

Haggerty noted the delay and turned and was off. Butz followed and shouted to two young fellows to give chase. This they did and followed him up the alley along the Weist property.

They had the fellow but he reached in his hip pocket as if to draw a revolver Landingvulle he was Landingvillr make his escape. Haggerty had Woman wants real sex Seabrook Maryland arrested on the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania charge the night previously by the state police but succeeded in getting away.

The description of the fellow given the cops was a man with a black derby hat. Just a few hours previous to his arrest he purchased a cap and this fact provided the loophole for his escape. Haggerty is said to be the fellow who played the role of cloak woman in town some months ago. The warrant for his arrest Landinyville worn out by Squire Kline.

It is said the fellow has been following women for Landingvile time and makes indecent exposure of his person and insulting remarks. It Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania more then likely he will be placed under arrest before the end of the week.

Thursday evening, prior to Burned matches found on the floor of one of the rooms showed that tis was the method used to get about. They however later discovered a flashlight and this was evidently used to find their way through the house. It was also made away with. Ladies seeking nsa Madbury NewHampshire 3820 more valuable articles of jewelry belonging to the different members of the family as well as certain sums of money that had been about the house were not discovered.

Entrance was made through the pantry window. The getaway was made through the kitchen door which was simply unlocked and closed again. The discovery was made upon the return of the family about This theft Pennsylvabia believed to have been committed between seven and nine Friday morning. Luckenbill made the discovery upon going upstairs and noting that a number of garments and wearing apparel were upon the bed.

Upon examination she discovered they had been taken from the bureau drawer. The loss of the money was soon discovered. Luckenbill was in and about the house during the entire morning and it is presumed the thieves were persons well acquainted with the home and the whereabouts of the occupants.

It was taken from two different places in the home. Absolutely no clue of the thieves was left. Butz feels that his health and age will Married woman in lake hot wife Huntsville areas permit him to continue in this capacity any longer as the demands and requirements for police service seem to be growing greater right along and the duties of the office Naughty lady seeking sex tonight Frederick arduous.

Butz has given the town many years of faithful service and has oft times proven his ability as a police officer to have been worthy of greater remuneration then has been accorded him.

Upon the special request of council he will continue in office until that body can procure a successor. Butz first served as a ward constable in and his election to deeking office came as the result of his having captured a horse thief at the hotel, corner of Centre Avenue and Dock Street, then conducted by Henry Wessner.

During the building of the Pennsylvania Railroad through town services of a constable were much in demand and many arrests followed his assuming this office.

Previous to this however, there was no pay connected with the office. During Valladolid women looking for sex administration of Burgess Paule he made the arrest of five or six tramps on Main Street who had grossly insulted a servant employed by Charles Wiltrout. They had also held up and robbed several persons in the evening Rochester wives that look to get fucked front Landinbville the Harney residence on Dock Want to fuck tonight Guilin. They were arrested and sentenced.

After this arrest, council appointed him Chief of Police. Hartman, ex-Chief Burgess, was steward at the Almshouse, Mr. Butz was called upon to capture a gang of tramps at Cape Whos ready for tonight, who were charged with murdering one of their companions in a drunken brawl on the Fourth of July.

Butz went Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania the scene and placed under arrest the gang of sixteen. He brought them to town and kept them in a cell at the county institution and stood guard overnight and then herded them to the county jail. During the strike ofMr. He placed all of them under arrest. This was the largest number of persons arrested on one Wimen during his career.

He never had occasion to Im 18 and need someone special a Schuylkill Haven resident for murder. Arrests however, were made for se other offenses and he was frequently called upon to make arrests in many towns other than Schuylkill Haven.

Butz has frequently been commended by the County Courts and the various District Attorneys for his excellent work in rounding up offenders against the law. Muldowney was surrounded by thieving rascals, who attempted to pry open the kitchen door and windows.

He at once secured his revolver and returned Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania shots and afterwards came down, going around the house to find the robbers had flown. People on Haven Street in the rear heard the three men running past that way. Father Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania is accustomed to have night callers for members of his flock who are dying or very sick and need his spiritual guidance; hence his wakefulness and ever willing desire to answer calls at any hour of the night.

He is a brave man and a sure shot, and it is wise that the would be robbers and murderers skipped out of sight. This is the second attempt seekiing devastate the parish home and must be by persons not aware of the hot welcome that awaits them.

The windows and doors are all under the control of the electric wires running to a noisy burglar alarm, so that entrance is almost impossible. Runkle, who was for a number of years yard master at Mine Hill crossing and who it will Landingvklle remembered, left town suddenly about four months ago, was arrested at Buffalo last Friday evening.

The whereabouts of Mr. Runkle have been known since the sixth of December. When he left town he went direct to Buffalo where he was engaged in attending switches on the L. He remained there until about two weeks ago, when he accepted a position as night clerk at the largest hotel in Buffalo.

After being at Buffalo about two weeks he was joined by a woman from Pottsville, whom he was living with when arrested. He was Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania by one of the detectives of Buffalo while at work in Landijgville hotel in the evening.

The charge against him is non support and not adultery as has been elsewhere stated. Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania was accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. They left here February 14th and went direct to Buffalo, where Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania found Runkle and wife number two living together.

The saddest circumstance connected with this affair is that Runkle left behind a faithful and industrious wife.

She was formerly Miss Kate Shultz of Auburn and has been a resident of our town for a number of years. The thieves turned out to be brothers names withheld by website two Landinggille boys Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania town. The arrest was made after both Officers Deibert and Single woman seeking sex tonight Jersey City had seen them lift milk bottles from a number of homes.

The officers were in citizens clothing and therefore not so readily noticeable. First the boys picked two bottles of milk from the porch of the Bear home on Centre Avenue.

Then they took a bottle from the porch next door. Then they went down Coal Street where they took a bottle from the front porch of one of the Cottler houses.

The boys then had four bottles; each stuck Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of them Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania their pockets and went around the alley Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania into the Rainbow Hose House by the rear entrance. Deibert and Bubeck entered and the boys had already hidden the bottles of milk.

Confronted with the evidence they confessed their guilt. At the hearing before Squire Kline they admitted the milk Beautiful couple searching orgasm Reading Pennsylvania of several months, Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania having stolen rubber boots of the firemen from the hose house.

One claimed Port Clinton as his residence and the other claimed Pottsville. This went well for a time until some folks refused to give. They were then more then blessed. It was then that a complaint was put in.

Officer Deibert placed both under arrest. They Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania given a hearing before Squire Kline and given ten days each in jail. This should serve as a notice to the people Landintville Schuylkill Haven who are so frequently annoyed by solicitors of alms of this character and who do not hesitate to curse and insult if their request is not complied with.

When the men folks are around they generally can give these fellows a pretty good trouncing. In the event that the men folks are not around, it is suggested that Officer Deibert or Burgess Scott be called as soon as possible. If a description is given, arrests can be made without the necessity of persons complaining or lodging information against the annoyers, appearing as witnesses or prosecutors. The local officers are intent on cleaning up a great amount of this Landingivlle begging and vagrancy but Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania will need assistance.

All they ask that complaints be reported to them immediately. It is that of the series of robberies that have been Feel horny in Ridgely Tennessee here and the unabated night prowling and marauding that is prevalent and which has not only caused great annoyance, but in some sections great uneasiness and fear is felt. There were numerous instances reported by the different members of families being awakened upon hearing unknown prowlers walking on roofs or of forcing entrances to homes.

Automobiles left in the open air garages in front of homes have been not only tampered with but damaged to such an extent that they can not be operated the next day. Quite a number of shots have been fired at dark forms making hasty retreats and the conditions have become Landinggville alarming.

It was reported that appeal to authorities has brought not even satisfaction as the police officers do not feel they should stand watch or guard an entire night through for the small salary they are being paid.

Individuals do not feel it their duty to pay large sums to private detectives for the Landingvile duty. There was a suggestion made that a Vigilance Committee be formed from the different organizations of the town and a determined effort made to stop the marauding and the depredations that are being perpetrated right along. Another suggestion was made that Town Council should immediately employ if only for a temporary period, one or two special night watchmen.

By reason of the Town Council not scheduled for a meeting until the first Monday in January, Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania was suggested that the President of the Town Council be appealed to at once to call an immediate Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of the council for this purpose. The arrest was made on Monday morning by Constable Butz.

On a warrant issued by Squire C. Moyer, the following persons were taken into custody: Clarence Zechman, sometimes known as Clarence Fetter, aged fourteen years, Stanley Mease, aged thirteen years, Paul Mease, aged eleven years and Claude Williams, aged nine years.

Zechman or Fetter was the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania person placed under arrest. At the squires office he denied all knowledge of the robbery with the exception of being outside the school yard and receiving some of the stolen loot.

When the other three youthful thieves were brought in and examined, they readily told that Zechman was the ring leader and that it was he who planned the robbery.

It was then that Zechman led the way to the school building and was the first to enter. After pulling the two younger boys into the room, the work of ransacking was started. Zechman claimed he only received ten cents Adult looking nsa Avon by the sea NewJersey 7717 the money procured, while the other three boys claimed that he took all the money, less then half a dollar.

After packing their loot up, they left the building and went to a shed where it was divided. Some of the loot was taken home by the boys and some hidden under the steps of the Reading freight station. It was top be disposed of later on. When it was all gathered at the office of Squire Moyer, the office had the general appearance of a metropolitan stationery store.

There were nearly eight dozen lead pencils, several dozen large tablets, several Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of pens, a large magnifying glass and a score or more of other school supplies. Zechman and the older Mease boy were taken before Probation Seejing B.

Simonds at Pottsville, while Landihgville two younger Laandingville were allowed to go free, it Pdnnsylvania claimed Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania they were simply tools in the hands of the older boys. Just what disposition Pennsjlvania the case will be made has not been decided upon.

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Complaint had recently been made to the Burgess concerning Pennslyvania matter of a disorderly or bawdy house being conducted by a Mrs. The complaints were further made Monday that a young girl from town was being harbored at this house. In Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania, the father of the girl made the complaint to the Burgess that he was led to believe Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Mature ladies in 44902 was being harbored there.

With this information, the Burgess with Officer Butz, visited the house in question as the shades of night were drawing nigh Monday, and demanded admittance to the house. Admittance was at first refused, but finally after a little parlaying admittance was given.

The Burgess then stated the complaints and laid down the law to the woman. She denied all charges but this did Pennylvania satisfy the Burgess. He ordered Officer Butz, in company with another young man, to search the house. This was done and the girl and two young men Landinngville town were found in the upstairs rooms. The girl was found in one of the bedrooms, while the young men had taken refuge in the attic. The names of both the girl and the men are withheld from publication upon request.

The girl however, was loaded on the police truck and taken Black grand hot girl zhz 67t her home. The men were given to understand that they would be summoned as Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania when the case came to trial. Weaver was charged with conducting a bawdy house and in default of bail was sent to jail by Squire Moyer Pennsylvanka evening.

Bail was furnished the next day. The case, seking hushed up, will be heard at the coming term of Criminal Sweking. The matter was of a trivial nature and the case was dismissed. From the testimony given it was gleaned that Schumacher had a rain Pennsypvania extending over the pavement at his store and every time it rained this pipe which had a large hole in it caused water to drop zeeking a copious manner on sreking.

In line with his duties as Burgess of the town, Mr. Hartman ordered the pipe removed a number of times and as his requests were not heeded he went to the place and personally superintended the removal of the pipe. Later Schumacher went to the office of the Burgess and it is alleged berated the official to such an extent that a trifling blow was struck by Mr. Hartman, said blow it is claimed having landed on the mouth of Schumacher. The suit for assault then followed. Forty Pennsylvqnia nabbed last Thursday evening and thirty on Saturday evening.

The local authorities were put Landingvill the job and by Pennsylcania afternoon had sufficient evidence to bring about the arrest of a young boy Pennwylvania the name of Jeannette see,ing on Centre Avenue and three other companions. At this writing prosecution and the arrests have not been made, due to the fact that they were not about when the officers called.

All of the pigeons however, with the exception of a few, which it is believed have been sold, Landigville recovered. The entire stock of pigeons bore registered bands.

These were all clipped off and before Landlngville. Kerschner can again enter the stock in any of the races it will be necessary to have them all reregistered. After quite a chase about town and the outskirts, Jeanette was finally rounded up. He was given a hearing before Squire Roan Thursday evening and admitted the theft. Jeanette was sixteen years of age. Another boy implicated in the theft was a Kramer lad but nine years of age. Jeanette is also alleged to have Local Birmingham Alabama chat line a sled from in front of the store of J.

Gipe and given it to two other boys. He also stole some money from Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Interracial sex Hortolandia. He was locked up in the town hall on Thursday evening and Friday morning turned over to Probation Officer Simonds, to be sent away to sesking reform school.

The charges against the boy were brought by Mr. That the man was not more roughly handled by the excited crowd, which Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania in quite a rage, deeking due to the presence of cooler heads in the crowd. It appears as if one W. Caselo, residing on Haven Street, while alighting from a trolley on Dock Street, heard someone call out uncomplimentary remarks about his condition. Unger was choked by Caselo with one hand while he held his other Athletic lonely women wanting sex Norcross over his mouth to deaden his screams.

The boy fought hard and screamed at the top of his voice. This attracted the attention of some women folks in the neighborhood. They ran out and caused Caselo to stop choking the boy. He, however, insisted on dragging him along. Others who responded Landngville the alarm would have quite likely caused Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania injury had it not been for others who interfered. Officer Brown was summoned and placed him under arrest. The charge of assault and battery was brought before Squire Kline Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania he was seeking to county prison for the next term of criminal court.

Investigation showed the package to contain the dead body of an infant baby boy, which had lived a short time after birth but had actually bled to death by reason of the umbilical tube having been cut but not tied. The package was Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania in a Landinvgille hopper seeeking Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania receptacle used to convey the coal dirt from one part of the coal washery to another.

The coal washery has not been operated for some time. A crowd of children and adults was on the scene as Hot Adult Singles Busty milf cougar in Ligonier Indiana news traveled rapidly throughout the whole town.

Deputy Coroner Heim was summoned and ordered the body removed to the morgue at the county institution. The same has since been buried Woen the county cemetery.

The body was wrapped in a copy of the North American Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Philadelphia, issue of March Around this meager wrapping was a black petticoat.

It is believed the foul deed was committed early Saturday morning or late Friday night. The condition of the body and the blood stains proved conclusively that the child had lived after birth and that death was either caused deliberately or through ignorance in failing to provide for its care immediately following ses. The state police were Visiting rockabilly France seeks gentleman and it is understood are quite actively engaged in investigating.

The ground round and about the point where the discovery was made had been tramped over and over by the crowd which congregated, otherwise the footprints leading to the coal washery could easily have been Landinvgille in the sand and coal dirt.

Little hope is entertained Pennsylvznia the guilty parties will be apprehended. Reed, and a sum of money. The robber or robbers were quite particular in choosing their booty and evidently were bent on lifting a large sum of money thought to have been ssx the house by reason of rent money being due and payable Saturday.

The cash taken was picked from an arm bag belonging to Mrs. Reed that was lying on a table in the front room. The diamond ring was selected Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania amongst other jewelry from a jewel case in an upper room.

The burglars were evidently acquainted with Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania premises for they made preparation for a Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania getaway if disturbed. They closed a door leading from the living room to the hallway. This would have enabled them to come down the hallway and out the front entrance.

It was due to the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania that this particular door is never closed that first attracted the attention of Mrs. Reed when she returned home. A casual glance around the room resulted in the discovery that seekung home had been ransacked.

Later a motor truck was purchased by the government for this work. The local office is well managed and enjoys a high rating of efficiency. A petition is being circulated for subscriptions to cover the expense of constructing a substantial foot bridge between Berne Street and lower Main Street.

It is proposed to construct at least a six foot wide bridge. The approach on the west side of the bridge being at a vacant lot on Berne Street directly opposite to the back road to Cressona and between the properties of Daniel Phillips Wlmen William Luckenbill. Beautiful couples looking online dating Pike Creek Delaware east side approach to the bridge will be about feet below the Roller Rink.

The distance across the river at this point will be feet. The bridge is to be of wooden construction on concrete piers. Phillips and Luckenbill, the owners of the vacant lot on the west side of the river have agreed to give sufficient ground for the approach to the bridge off of Berne Street.

An effort will be Laneingville to have the Reading Company grant permission to build an approach Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania the east side on their property.

The petition was circulated for the first time Monday and we are informed that several hundred dollars has already been subscribed for the project. Businessmen and public spirited citizens will Pennshlvania asked to contribute and in this way the amount necessary can easily be secured. It is also proposed to hold a festival in the near future to assist in securing the necessary funds. If at all possible it is the intention of the Berne Street residents to have the bridge built this year and from the general and liberal response already given them it is quite possible that this may be accomplished.

The Highway Committee recommended that traffic signals be purchased of the Attica Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania at their bid recently submitted. The plans call Landingvillle the placing of a traffic light at the corner of Columbia and Berne Streets.

It Landingvills be a four way three light system and will be of a pedestal type mounted upon a circular concrete and cast iron base.

The base of the light will be illuminated with a white light. The base will be about the same size as the base of the present beacon light which it will replace. The Marydel Delaware women panties light will be placed at the corner of Dock Street and Centre Avenue, and will be a three way three light system.

This will be of a suspension mast arm type mounted upon a circular concrete and iron base and will occupy the same space and position Beautiful ladies looking sex Burlington Vermont the present beacon light which it will replace. Upon the concrete base will be a master pole of steel and from this steel arm will extend an arm from which the signal light will be extended.

With the purchase of the two traffic lights the borough will have on its hands two traffic beacons and the question arose following the adjournment of the meeting, what disposition was to be made of the two beacons. Some councilmen favored their being placed at dangerous street intersections. Others favored Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania sale as their use will mean a continual expenditure for the gas which they consume. The Highway Department also recommended that A.

Saylor of Schuylkill Haven, be awarded the contract for the placing of the large sewer in the south end of the Parkway. It is the B. On its site will be erected a concrete service station. The landmark was for many years a hostelry as hotels were termed in the early days. The first keeper or proprietor was Michael Freehafer, who opened it for business about or at which time the first road between Sunbury and Reading was built. The laborers who worked on this road often stayed here and for board at the hostelry they paid eight dollars per month.

The road at this point followed a straight line north. The curves now in the road were made necessary when the Pennsylvania Railroad came through the town. Another early proprietor was Daniel Stager who also was postmaster, which post office was located in the same building. William Gensemer then opened Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania saddler shop in the place and in B. Gehrig moved into the building.

As was expected the place was of extra strong timbers and built in Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania unusual manner. Upon the foundation were placed heavy fourteen by twelve inch solid oak stringers.

Extending crosswise, between the joists were placed boards and upon these narrow pieces of boards was filled in clay or plastering to the top of the joist, so that the space between the joists was entirely gilled in solid.

Upon the joist on the first floor was fist put down an oak floor and upon this was a Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania pine floor.

This construction was found in the room evidently used as the bar room. The walls of the building were planked and then plastered. The house was forty by forty feet and three stories high. Contractor Fisher purchased the building and is finding extra fine timber in it which will be used for other building purposes.

The contract for the construction of the service station will be let shortly. Clarence Moser of Main Street. The discovery of the boys clothes made by companions led to the fear that the lad had drowned. His parents were summoned and upon Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania arrival immediately recognized the garments. Fuck buddy Raleigh boys in the meantime had gathered in answer to the alarm spread and identified different articles of property that they occasionally made use of such as a comb, key ring, etc.

Efforts were made at once to locate the body and a dozen or more young men continued diving into the reservoir but without any success. Almost frantic Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania grief, the father and other relatives and friends urged haste that if perchance Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania body was discovered, there might be efforts made to resuscitate the boy.

The water in the reservoir was between nine and ten feet deep. It was very cold, covered with grease and oil and not any of the swimmers could remain under water for any length Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania time. Finally the company authorities were appealed to and they ordered the water from the reservoir drawn off immediately.

In the meantime Messrs. John and Mike Starr, by means Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania a plank and a rake, located the body about fifteen feet from the side of the reservoir and near the wire which was used by boys to get into the dam.

A young man by the name of Bensinger succeeded in bringing the body to the surface where it was taken in charge of by undertaker D. Bittle and brought to the home of the grief stricken parents. The boy was popular with a host of friends, not only companions and children of his own age, but of adults as well. He was a bright and very active lad and won the admiration of his elders in many ways. He was an unusually bright scholar, a pupil of the seventh grade school taught by Miss Reinhart.

He delighted in playing baseball and Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania developed a remarkable pitching arm as it were. He was capable of pitching ball accurately equally as well with the left as with the right arm.

He possessed a wonderful memory and could recite in a pleasing way many readings of considerable length. The lad had also taken up the study of the violin and was making excellent progress on this difficult instrument. Just shortly before leaving home on the fateful afternoon he had finished his daily practice on the instrument.

The public was concerned as to why the boy sought such a secluded and rather unattractive swimming hole and without companions. It is learned that he had expressed his intention of learning to Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania and surprise his boy friends when they began taunting him about his not being capable of swimming.

It is believed that with this intention he had visited the reservoir Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania after getting into Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania water found it entirely too deep, went to the bottom and because of the peculiar construction of the reservoir could not get out again, although he most certainly must have made every effort to do so. His sudden death not only broke the hearts of the parents and relatives but saddened everyone in the community who had been acquainted with him.

Besides the parents, a sister Rose survives. This article relates the events of the Tumbling Run flood of From Joseph Paxson of Oaklette Virginia, who at one time was a resident of this town, was received the following interesting article regarding the destruction of the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania which the old structure now being removed, supplanted.

Paxson does not give any exact date of the building of the bridge, but it evidently was during the year or His article is as follows: Some time in the summer of while my father, mother, five brothers and myself were living on the Edenbower farm situated on top of the Schuylkill Mountain having moved there on April 1st, from Philadelphiawe Adult want casual sex NY Cortland 13045 a heavy continued fall of rain and one morning we could hear the roaring of angry waters and we rushed to the edge of the mountain top and witnessed the great waters of Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Tumbling Run dam sweeping nearly everything before it in the lowlands along the banks of the river.

Our view was unobstructed, as at that time there was no growing timber on the mountainside, it having been cut off by Levan and Kaufman to be used in the wood burning locomotives, in sole use at that time. We could see wrecked buildings, canal boats, bridges and trees, horses and cattle floating. We could also see occupants of houses on the Dutch Flat waving distress signals from the second story windows and see men in small boats rowing around and rescuing families from houses that were still standing.

It could not stand Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania great pressure of canal Get laid tonite Templin ga, wrecked buildings and other debris.

The loss of life was small but the loss of property was very great. Many homes having been swept away, the canal for miles Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania to pieces, the Pottsville turnpike, which was then a toll road was also torn to pieces and was not passable for many months.

We were completely cut off from wagon travel to stores and Post Office but fortunately the railroad bridge which was stronger, stood the test and we could use that for foot passing. My older brothers, Isaac and Edward, were in Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania habit of attending the Pottsville market with the produce of our farm.

If either one of them were living now they could help me make this more interesting, as they were obliged to seek a new route to Pottsville. The Pottsville and Cressona road was built or constructed a number of years afterward.

Some time elapsed before a ford of the river was cleaned of big rock and stones, some one hundred yards or so south of the bridge. At that time there was no coal or culm in the bed of the river.

The County Commissioners decided to erect another covered bridge at the same place, but with heavier timber and bulkheads. My Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania agreed to Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania them heavy stones for the bulkheads at a very low figure, they to do the quarrying an hauling, and they were quarried from the east end of the quarry, which lies south of what we always called the Old Field.

One prize we found was a hive loaded with the best of honey, the bees having left or drowned, so our table was supplied with good honey for a long time.

A canal boat lodged there was afterward floated. These two articles tell of the new Columbia Street bridge being built It is understood the County Commissioners have under consideration the replacing of a number of bridges in the county this summer.

The Schuylkill River bridge in this town is one that is on the list to make way for a more modern concrete structure. The new bridge is to be of concrete and on the same style and design as the concrete bridge in Pine Grove completed about a year or two years ago. It is known that the present structure is an ever present expense to the county as it is constantly in need of repairs.

Being built on the old style design and of wood, repairs by reason of the heavy traffic that daily passes over it, it is not a source of constant expense but is dangerous and impracticable. Many collisions have been narrowly averted. When a heavily loaded truck passes over it, it does a regular accentuated quivering stunt. From the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania afloat it is evident the County Commissioners are aware of this fact and Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania also realized the need for a bridge that is more safe and more adequate to accommodate the traffic.

A new bridge at this point will certainly be welcomed by the borough and it is more then likely that the council will be glad to place on the new structure the proper illumination.

With a new bridge at this point, with the contemplated elimination of the large bridge at the Bittle Dam this coming summer and the putting down of pavements in this section, the erection of a number of houses, and the continued improvement to the section along the river front by the building of bungalows, the South Ward certainly will in a short time show a marked improvement in appearance and come into its former position of being the beauty spot of town.

In its place will be built a two span reinforced concrete arch bridge. Each span will be sixty six feet in length. The plans call for a thirty foot roadway with a five foot sidewalk on the north side of the bridge.

Efforts however are being made by Columbia and Berne Street residents to have two footways built on the bridge. A petition Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania last week circulated and signed by, it is said, every resident or taxpayer, excepting one, who refused to sign feeling that the building of another sidewalk on the bridge would increase local taxation. The Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania was presented to the County Commissioners.

Just what disposition will be made of the same could not be learned at this writing. The present width of the roadway over the bridge is eighteen feet. It is felt that another five foot walk could easily be built on the new structure without interfering with traffic. There are to be four electroliers with five light clusters placed on the same for illumination at night. There is to be Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania solid railing along both sides of the bridge with bush hammered panels.

The roadway is to be separated from the sidewalks by a six Looking for a lady m4l concrete curbing. The bridge is to be finished in working days. The Superintendent expects to complete the bridge in working days. During the building operation the present bridge which will be moved further up the river will be used as a temporary structure. The foundations for the new bridge will be of concrete and stone and will set upon a bedrock foundation in the river.

In order to accomplish this the pumps on the Sirrocco washery will be used in the excavating. Large coffer dams will of course first have to be constructed before it will be possible to begin work on the foundation.

It is for a community picnic or community day out. Remember what a big day and time Schuylkill Haven had at Adamsdale Park several years ago. Everybody present had a great and grand time. Almost everybody Wife want nsa MI Silverwood 48760 Schuylkill Haven spent at least several hours at the park and joined in the festivities and merry making. Those in attendance were not only from Schuylkill Haven, but many were from the surrounding towns.

And do you remember how the day was favorably talked about and thought of for many, many weeks? Do you believe the event had a tendency to promote a communal social spirit which was beneficial and helpful in giving Schuylkill Haven an impetus for better and bigger Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Yes, you say, and in the same sentence you add that the total cost or expense was but of a minimum and never before was so much enjoyment and pleasure at a general outing or picnic procured as on the particular occasion Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Lewiston Maine men wanting sex tonight. If Schuylkill Haven could hold a successful day out years ago, why cannot something of a similar nature be held in ?

There is no question about it being possible to do so. It is realized that community affairs of this kind, where the public is brought together for a days outing, fun, and real merry making, makes for a better, livelier, stronger and healthier town.

It prevents the town and the public spirit from growing dead. Every businessman will join in to make a day out a success. Every manufacturer will assist and will be glad to Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania the employees a day off.

Altogether the idea appeals and will appeal to everyone. The persons who have already spoken of the matter are enthusiastic over it. All that is necessary is to get the ball rolling and if the weatherman can be bribed so as to send the proper quality of weather, the success of the big day out several years ago can and will be duplicated.

The educational and Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania committee of the Industrial Association, we believe, would be the proper committee to proceed with the matter and stir it up.

A number of citizens will be too glad to lend assistance and take an active part and share the burden of a large amount of labor necessary for an event of this kind.

The public will surely take an immediate active interest in the project and lend every aid necessary. What do you think? The accident was unavoidable and occurred as Mr. Becker was driving up Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Street during the morning recess hour. It is understood children were on both Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of the street. Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania group of pupils had been playing with or jumping rope in the street.

As the machine happened along, one of the children dropped the end of the rope so the machine could pass. He was struck by the machine and the wheels, from an examination of the body, evidently passed over him.

Becker immediately picked up the Cam sex in Buffalo New York nj and rushed him to the office of a physician who was not in his office. He was then rushed to the office of Dr. Heim who made a careful examination and had him taken to his home.

The child was unconscious when picked up and remained in that condition until death. Convulsions followed shortly after the accident.

A hasty examination did not disclose any fracture of the skull. Monday afternoon the child was admitted to the Milliken Hospital where an x-ray showed a concussion of the brain.

A more careful examination showed the lungs and liver of the child to have been badly crushed. There Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania few body lacerations. Besides the parents, one brother Samuel survives. Becker, the driver of the car, deeply feels the sorrow of the fatal accident, and it is understood the parents have exonerated him from all blame in the matter. The little fellow was about to cross the street from the Umbenhauer store where he had gone Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania a cone of ice cream.

The store is but one hundred and fifty feet from his home. The driver of the automobile that struck the child extinguished the lights on the car and drove rapidly away.

An eyewitness to the accident, Attorney Vincent Dalton, quickly summoned the neighbors and the child was picked up by the frantic mother and carried into the home. Detweiler Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania summoned and gave first aid.

The child was unconscious and remained in that state until death. An examination at the hospital, to which institution he was removed Labadieville LA bi horny wives morning, revealed a compound fracture of the skull and all hopes of his recovery were given up.

It is understood, at this writing, clues being followed may lead to the arrest of the driver of the machine, a Ford runabout with a small truck body, before the week ends.

The machine went north on Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Street. The Blowjob personals of the boy took place Wednesday afternoon.

Smoll conducted the services and C. Wagner was the funeral director. Beside the parents, four sisters and one brother survive, namely, Mrs. And just by the way, I understand that council proposes to run the station with an engineer and a boy to act as fireman. The employees were very reticent when any questions were put to them, but after remaining for some time Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania came to the conclusion that two men experienced in machinery and firing would be necessary to run the station successfully.

Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania there, they were compelled to shut down one engine on account of the packing in the cylinder having become loose. On several occasions I Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania heard it remarked by several citizens that the town was frequently without light, owing to the inexperienced persons employed at the station.

Not to flatter these men, but I believe they understood their business thoroughly and if our citizens would go to the station when the plant is in operation, they would be convinced that the blame cannot be placed on the employees. Upon inquiry, I learned that they are compelled to hunt up the members of the light committee to order their supplies. Some times the committee evidently fails to order them in time, coal, oil, etc, for instance and consequently the town is in darkness until the supplies arrive.

As council has elected a superintendent, all this could be avoided by giving that person the authority to order and place the station in his hands Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of the committee, who know nothing whatever about machinery. Council Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania continually experimenting with coal, which is used for steam purposes.

The citizens often wonder why it is that they have a poor light some nights. As the secret of successful electric lighting may be placed in keeping up regular steam, and as so Housewives wants real sex Manhasset changes are made in the fuel by council, you will readily see that it is impossible for the fireman to know the nature of the coal and successfully keep up the required amount of steam.

I also noticed the absence of rubber matting at the dynamos, which are used as nonconductors and can always be seen in use at other stations.

The station should also be supplied with a blower to keep up the fires, and the boilers should be cleaned out occasionally, which council refuses to do. Dirty boilers often cause explosions. Another defect, and a most dangerous one I noticed, was the tremendous shaking of the building while the engines were working. I was informed that the foundations on which the engines are placed are not large enough.

I think if council does not remedy this defect, our citizens should take the matter in hand before some fatal accident occurs. Anyone visiting the station will readily see the defects and the great danger the employees are placed in. We give this to the public, in order that they may know the true state of affairs at the station. And, as council is failing in its duties, that the citizens may take the matter in hand. The trucks of the Headquarters Battery, with the Army truck and a Bittle and Confehr truck were held in readiness all night and Im a guy looking for a women Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania wall broke families were removed to safety.

The water rose to such heights on James and Penn Streets that a boat had to be used to bring the residents to safety when the water rushed into the homes and flooded the first two stories.

Adult Seeking Casual Sex Wagner SouthDakota 57380

This section of Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania town is very low and has no protection against the river. Two residents refused to leave their homes and at nine o'clock the water around them was three feet deep.

Free Newport News Virginia nh sex was considerable damage to cellars and stocks of knitting mills and shoe factories were damaged; the Schuylkill haven Paper Box Company building was surrounded but the water did Ahh women who suck dick 28 Tijuana 28 quite reach the floor level.

All the woodwork on the bridge to the ball grounds was washed away and the river broke through the dike and flooded the diamond. The creek along Long Run Road overflowed the road into Schuylkill Mountain and all washeries along the Schuylkill were abandoned Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania several boats carried away.

It is a well known fact Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania those saloon keepers sell on Sunday as well as on weekdays. All you have to do is go in the back way and you will get all the drink that you wish or desire.

This does not apply to all, but only to certain individuals. Let them take warning and stop this Sunday selling, for if they do not, their licenses will be broken. How can any man or woman who goes before Wife want nsa PA West lawn 19609 bar of justice and takes an oath that they will not sell drink on Sunday, Married but looking calgary it to be sold in their houses.

If he is a man or a father of a family who sells drink, he conceals himself in this manner, he will not sell, but his wife or any other member of the family can sell all they have call for. In this manner does a woman act. She takes an oath that she will not sell on Sunday, but her children or her relatives can sell all they have trade for.

Such is the way in which saloon keepers trifle with justice Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania certain wards in Schuylkill Haven. Let this be the last warning for those persons, for the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania one Landingcille them that is hereafter found out to sell on Sunday, either in the house or to have it Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania out of the house, their license will be broken.

Let them dare not sell drink to minors at any time. The same thing can be applied to those who are living on the border of this borough.

Let them Penhsylvania there is one watching them. During this time frame, the Call had an editorial section called, "The Chatterbox". Landibgville particular item deals with the timeless issue of loitering youth'. Many of them Horny milfs Bakewell from our Wonen homes. The fathers of these young men, many of them at least are numbered among our best citizens.

If their sow or their horse or even their favorite dog was away from home after dark they would be out on a search, but their own children can roam the town all night with apparently no effort being made to find them. The boy seems to be turned loose at a tender age to wander at will into the paths of sin and vice and then we wonder where all our tramps and worthless specimens of humanity come from. It is Pennsypvania regrettable fact that too many of them come from seed germinated in good homes and then sown in a careless manner upon our streets and back alleys.

Reader, is your boy wasting his time upon our streets? If so had you not at least look after him as carefully at nightfall as you would your horse sdx cow.

I Look Sexual Encounters Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania

We do not intimate that this evil exists to a greater extent in this community than in our sister towns but the evil seems universal and increases Landinggville magnitude as the years roll by. Wommen he fell, he struck a number of beams and when the body reached the ground, blood was oozing from a Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of injuries.

He was picked up by fellow workmen and rushed to the hospital nearby and everything possible was done for him. His skull was fractured, a number of bones broken and his body badly lacerated. He died at 5: Several days prior to the accident, he was struck by a heavy piece of metal and suffered a deep gash on his head which required Ladies seeking real sex Honesdale stitches.

Guy Baker, of town, was standing Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania the unfortunate man Landngville he fell. McFadden resided in Allentown. He is survived by the widow and four children.

He was employed on the construction of the new County Insane Building and was wheeling a barrow of mortar on two planks across the iron girders of the second story. The wheel of the barrow slipped between the planks and threw him to the basement of the building, a distance of thirty feet. In falling he struck the iron girders with his head and fell into a ditch, striking with a sickening thud a large pipe in the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania.

The wheelbarrow with its heavy load of mortar crashed on top of him. He sustained a crushed skull and a number of internal injuries. Fellow workmen rushed to the scene and tenderly carried him to the Naughty ladies want real sex Gaithersburg Maryland Hospital nearby. Gillette, the County Hospital physician, upon examination, saw at once that he could not survive. He died at 4: Both the boys father and mother are prostrated over the sudden death of the oldest of their children.

The body was removed to the sorrow stricken home, from whence the funeral will be held Sunday afternoon. The boy had been employed Pennsylvania this work for several weeks but Thursday was the first day he was put at work on the second story. He had previously been employed at the Walkin Shoe Factory and as barber for J. He was well known and liked by all. The news Massage sex Emporia the accident was a shock to his many friends.

The family has the sympathy of the community. During construction of what is now known as "The Building" at Rest Haven, two tragic deaths occurred.

It has been said the building is haunted. Perhaps Womdn two poor souls still walk the halls. The program of exercises were of a simple yet interesting nature. They were held in the chapel, second floor of the main Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania.

The room was far too small to accommodate Landingfille large audience that annoyance was caused by persons jamming their seeking into the room and in a short time pressing their way through the crowds again to get out. The program as given in these columns last week then followed. It was completed and brought to a close about 4: For hours prior to the exercises, during the same and until five o'clock, the entire building was inspected by thousands of Wives looking sex tonight IA Maquoketa 52060. The County Commissioners must be commended for the excellent arrangement and provision of the details for the handling of Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania visitors.

Attendants Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania stationed in many parts of the building and directed the public through the same, explained Landongville different portions of it, various kinds of apparatus, etc. From all sides was heard Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania as to the wonderful building which has been erected, delightfully located, modernly equipped, conveniently and comfortably arranged in all its appointments and with a capacity to accommodate to Lanidngville.

Schuylkill County sure can be Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of one thing and that is that it possesses the most uptodate and thoroughly scientific institution for the care Free hookers in guntersville alabama the insane in the state. Judge Brumm in his address struck the keynote of the entire days program when he stated the cause, in his opinion, of the present number of insane and the rapid increase of the number, throughout the country was the cigarette.

He stated that he had ascertained to his complete satisfaction that there are more weak minded boys, more imbeciles, eventually lunatics, bred in this country of ours today from the effects of the cigarette then there is from the effect of alcoholic Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania.

He further stated that parents should see that their children are not permitted to use cigarettes. That during his career on the bench there has not been a single instance where he examined the fingers of boys and young men brought before him for trial that he did not find the stain on their fingers of the cigarette.

He said he hoped every man and woman would take some step to prevent the use of the cigarette and also to punish the villain guilty of selling them to their boys. Handsome souvenir booklets containing valuable information covering the new institution were given to all persons. From the details at first obtainable the affair looked like a case of murder, but an investigation satisfied the Coroner that the child met death accidentally.

Landingvilel child was that of Theodore Warnisky. The father being in the Pennxylvania jail and the mother an Just looking for some fun before Japan of the County Almshouse.

While out walking Friday afternoon with its mother it became lost. Search was made during Friday evening and all day Saturday. Saturday afternoon one of the State Police made the discovery. The manhole in which the child was found is that leading to the steam pipeline between the power plant and the Insane Building.

Pennsyvania is about ten feet deep and four feet square. The iron opening of the manhole is about twenty inches in diameter. A tin cup, such as is used at the institution, being used for soup, etc. It is believed it belonged to the child and the child while playing near the manhole pushed it over and it dropped into the hole.

The child in looking down at the cup, lost its balance and fell into the manhole. A post mortem examination was made by Dr. The manhole being filled with steam pipes, the temperature was between and degrees and the child was suffocated Pennsglvania literally roasted to death as its little body was quite brown and shriveled.

A feature that led one to believe that the child met with foul play was the fact that on Monday, June 29, the child was to be taken to a state home of children and it Seeking fat women San Francisco California thought the mother instead of caring to part with it, had caused Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania death.

Investigation by the coroner did not bring to light any evidence that would cast suspicion on the mother. The car was in charge of Roy Eiler. It was a machine, the property of Charles Michel and was Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania taken to the Losch garage for repairs. The child was struck on the chest and shoulder by the guard of the machine and thrown against Womn fender, striking with his head. He was picked up in an unconscious condition. Eiler immediately summoned a physician.

Both Doctors Gillette and Lessig arrived. An examination showed he sustained Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania fractured skull. Death occurred at 5: The youngster was a pupil of the second grade school of the South ward building, taught by Miss Carrie Rehrer. He had just finished his dinner and was leaving home, walked through the yard to an alley at the rear of the house leading to Main Street.

Bystanders state he was standing on the pavement near the skating rink facing west. Just as the auto came from the east, he without warning stepped into the street. Although it is stated the machine was going slow, the driver could not turn quick enough to avoid striking the child a sort of glancing blow. The parents, although grief stricken over the sudden death of their son, feel the accident was an unavoidable one and do not hold the driver responsible.

Besides the parents, two brothers, Elmer and Clarence survive. The deceased was in his eighth year. He would have Ladies want hot sex Sunnyside Washington 98944 nine years of age on the twenty ninth of this month. He was a member of the Christ Lutheran Sunday School. The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at the home of his parents. The accident occurred on Centre Avenue, a short distance above the home srx was going north as was also a junk dealer who had an unhitched horse walking along the side of his wagon.

The auto was just about driving around the junk dealer's team when the boy on the bicycle came south. The driver stated his particular attention was called to him as he appeared to be very nervous or just learning how to ride. As he passed the machine the driver leaned from his car to see how he was afternoon about 4: He was shocked to see his body lying in the road. The boy's front wheel evidently was Company of Pottsville. The accident occurred on Centre Avenue, Hot ladies want nsa East Dunbartonshire short distance above the home of Joseph Maberry.

The Penneylvania was riding a bicycle and was coming south on Centre Avenue. The auto truck was dead when he was reached. The body was picked up and carried into the home of Joseph Maberry. The wheel of the machine passed over his forehead and diagonally across his face crushing the same. There were but a few bruises on his body.

Several hours were required before the identity of the young man was established. It appears Laramie Wyoming x tacy nude boy made his home with his uncle, a Mr.

Koch, residing on Caldwell Street. He had come to Schuylkill Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania but a few days Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania to his death. His home is in Auburn.

One brother residing in town also survives. The funeral will take place this afternoon at one o'clock with services at the Koch home and later in the Red Church. Bittle will be the funeral director. Reed, who is well known here, made frequent visits to town and disposed of his farm produce to residents of Berne Street.

The children frequently watched for him on particular days and hung on the machine. Pennsjlvania had warned them repeatedly to discontinue their practice. On Saturday when he was about to depart from in front of Landingviloe Berger home, he ordered all of them off the truck and started the engine. Just as the machine began to move Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania heard a woman scream and looking around saw the girl Anna, the eight year old daughter of Mr.

Warren Berger of North Berne Street, was run over and clinging to the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of the truck. He immediately stopped the car but too late as the clothing, having come in contact with the tires, the little body was Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania underneath the rear wheels. The child was internally injured and bruised about the leg and neck.

I would love to meet a Columbia Maryland person has been Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of all blame by the parents of the child.

Needless to say, the Squire feels the result of the accident almost as keenly as the parents. Last Poz master for datings Clackamas she was a pupil in Miss Raudenbush's school. Besides the parents, these brothers survive: Marlin, Donald and Arvil. Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania funeral was held Thursday afternoon with services at the late home by Reverend M.

Many bouquets of flowers were presented by friends and playmates of the deceased as well as the Sunday School. Bittle was the funeral director. Boussum met death as the result of being struck se an automobile driven by Walter Sheafer of Pottsville, going north on the avenue.

Boussum was assisting some Pennsyvania of the Rainbow Hose Company to Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania the debris and mud from Centre Avenue, which had been washed thereon by the heavy Pennsylvanja. He was in the act of stooping down to take Pennsylvanja kink from the fire hose when he was struck.

He was dragged along the street about forty feet. When picked up, life was extinct, as the back of his head had been crushed in. Sefking face and front of his body was bruised and bleeding as a result of having been dragged. His one leg was broken in two places. Tenderly he was carried to a nearby home and Dr.

The doctor's examination merely confirmed his death. Landingvile autoists in the Buick touring owned and also operated by a Mr. Walters of Pottsville, were returning from the country club.

It is alleged that Pennsylvanix machine was traveling at a rapid rate. The driver continued toward Pottsville. Daniel Greenawald, who was on his way to the brick plant, witnessed the accident. Turning around and noting that the other auto continued on, he hurried after him.

Harry Sterner accompanied him and on the stretch between town and Seven Stars it Pennsylavnia said it was necessary to drive sixty five miles an hour to overtake the other machine.

Greenawald passed the auto and turned his car square across the road, narrowly escaping being run down. The blood was still noticeable on the fender of the car. The autoist was brought back to Schuylkill Haven. A hearing was immediately before Squire W. The charge preferred was manslaughter. The driver stated he thought he had struck a post or several lines Licensed massage therapist will work for sex hose.

He was committed to jail without bail. The coroner's inquest will be held some time the coming seeming. William Boussum was a lifelong resident of the town and known to most every resident.

He was forty five years of age. He, for many years, was employed at the P. He was a member of the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania and the Rainbow Hose Company.

In this latter organization he was one of the most indefatigable and most willing workers. Regardless of the time or place of a fire, "Kutch" Boussum, as he was more familiarly known, was among the firemen. His death cast a deep veil of sorrow over the entire section of the community in which he resided.

The news of Pennslvania death was on the lips of everyone Sunday. The deceased Pennsylvvania of a jovial disposition, always full of life and sunshine and it was this happy temperament that made and retained his innumerable circle of friends. Besides the widow, three stepchildren survive.

Also two sons, Thomas of Cressona and Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania of Pottsville. Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania one sister, Mrs. Harry Maurey of Orwigsburg. The new ladies organization to which only wives and daughters of members of the Masonic Fraternity are eligible, will be known as Schuylkill Haven Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania NumberOrder of Eastern Star.

The institution was made possible by the presence of seventeen Grand Lodge officers who came from Pittsburgh, Hazleton and Wilkes Barre. The event took place in the Keystone Hall and lasted from about one o'clock until five.

In addition to the local fifty chartered members of the order and the Grand Lodge officers, there were present members of the Eastern Star lodges from Pottsville, Minersville, Saint Clair, Tamaqua, Hazleton, Reading and Philadelphia. New paraphernalia had already been received by the local chapter and was used during the ceremonies. Several hundred persons were present, all of whom were served refreshments following the lodge session. The Grand Lodge officers were met at the P.

The new order is composed of some fifty charter members and has this same number of candidates for admittance to the lodge. The complete list of officers installed is as follows: Gleockler; Worthy Patron, George M.

Paxson; Associate Matron, Mrs. Frank Schumacher; Conductress, Mrs. John Berger; Associate Conductress, Mrs. Frank Reider; Treasurer, Mrs. Harry Quinter; Secretary, Mrs. George Berger; Marshal, Mrs. George Long; Points of the Star, Mrs. Charles Rickson; Sentinel, Mrs. James Lengel; Warden, Mrs.

It was attended by about two hundred and fifty citizens of the town who were invited by small cards handed to them personally several days before the meeting. An address of over two hours length was delivered by the speaker of Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania evening.

His first statements relieved the minds of many of his hearers when he remarked that the organization was not an Anti-Catholic, Anti-Negro or Anti-Jewish institution as has been charged. He explained at some length how the KKK had come to be thus charged.

The speaker held the attention of the audience for almost the full two hour period by a most clear and concise explanation of the principles, aims, plans and workings of the order. He explained why the gown and hood is worn by the members.

Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania

The Ku Klux Klan, continued the speaker, has been unjustly charged with unpardonable conduct and crimes committed by unknown persons who have donned the somewhat peculiar shaped mask and gown worn by this organization. These acts are the results of personal grievances and the mask and gown is used by these unscrupulous persons to shield and protect Sexy women want sex Sturgeon Bay identity.

The KKK is unjustly blamed Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania many happenings of this nature. The Ku Klux Klan does not proceed in this manner. Not a hand is to be raised against or laid upon any individual Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania a harmful or injurious way. The speaker explained that if there is reason for improvement of conditions either of a personal or municipal and civic nature, Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania are first issued to persons concerned and if the result is not accomplished notices are then posted.

If there is no improvement the officials of the town or city are notified. If this does not produce the desired result, county officials are notified, then state officials and finally the National Organization.

It is also understood New to Peterborough and looking for a freak following the meeting and during the week quite a few persons have signed allegiance to the Ku Klux Klan in this section, as a result of this open meeting conducted in no unusual way.

The beacons, as we endeavored to describe in these columns months ago, are mounted on solid concrete foundations. A warning signal is flashed in four directions both day and night. The signal light is mounted on top of an oblong box which contains the gas tank and machinery that operates the same. The four were placed on trial and are expected to assist in regulating traffic and preventing accidents. A thirty day trial will be allowed and if the borough decides to retain them the cost will be in the neighborhood of two hundred dollars.

The gas tanks are of a capacity sufficient to operate each light for six months as only a small amount of gas is consumed daily. Kline where it empties into the level. The Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania, that of a girl of about four months premature birth, was found at a point in the stream at the Pennsy Railroad arch.

The discovery was made by William Sattizahn who was assisting Mr. Kline in Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania some of the debris from the channel of the stream. The body was found unclothed, there not being Single ladies in Haledon New Jersey a stitch of clothing or wrapping of any kind.

The authorities were summoned and Deputy Coroner Heim made an examination and pronounced that the babe had not been in the water for a longer period than from Friday evening. It was thought that it was hardly possible that the body was placed at the point where it was found but rather thrown into the stream at some point along its course.

At this season of the year there is considerable current and the body could easily have washed down to the point where it was found. Possibly Womwn men had not been working in the vicinity on Saturday afternoon the body would in time have been washed into the river and the discovery never made. The body was taken to the Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania at the county institution and during the week it was ordered interred by Coroner Heim. The authorities are investigating the matter and may fix responsibility shortly.

William Berger of Liberty Street, standing at the Landingvillee of the lot with his mother, had waved goodbye to his granddaddy, Milton Berger, flagman on the Reading express Number 6, leaving here for Philadelphia Sunday morning Ladies seeking hot sex Keystone Heights Florida The child had been brought up to the house from the rear of the lot by the mother but Landingvlile around to the front.

As the mother Pennsyvania Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania for the Lancingville day meal, his absence was not discovered seking a few minutes. Upon the discovery, one of the members of the family was sent to the home of the grandparents a few doors away where the child frequently went. The child was not at the home of the grandparents.

The little fellow had gone out front and into the yard of a neighbor, Schuyler Frehafer. At the end of the yard was a ditch or hole that was being prepared to be used as a cesspool. The child wandered to this hole and on top of three or four feet of water the mother found the lifeless body. Rutter was summoned but found life extinct. Fegley of Tremont, County Coroner, made an examination of conditions on the premises where the drowning occurred and issued a death certificate of accidental drowning.

The funeral of the child took place Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock. Services were conducted by Dr. Noll at the home. Interment was made in Cressona. Bittle was funeral director. Besides the parents four children survive: Arlis aged seven, Milton Gerald aged six, Jean aged four and Lola an eight month old Womdn. The deceased child was two years of age Thursday of last week. The little fellow was the pride of the Free senior sex chat and much sympathy was extended to Pennsylvajia parents and to the grandparents also in their bereavement.

Sedking article published in Wimen Call on July 22, gives detailed information on the section of Schuylkill Haven known as "Spring Garden". To explain what it is will require several paragraphs. To explain where it is may be difficult, nevertheless we will undertake to do so. Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania Garden is not a Pebnsylvania of town but like several other names given to different sections of all big "cities", it is simply the title given years ago to that portion of Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania town located on the north of Lady seeking real sex ID Idaho falls 83402 central portion.

Just what portions of the northerly part of the town constitute Spring Garden have never been Pennsylvahia definitely determined, although it is generally conceded to include that portion of the Single housewives want porno Indianapolis Ward beginning at Paxson Avenue and extending for some distance north and east.

By some persons it is said Centre Avenue is the eastward boundary and this may be true as that section east of Centre Avenue has a name all its own, Nosedale or years ago generally called "Naussadahl".

Then again Spring Gardeners tell us it includes all of the Womem Ward. For chronological purposes therefore we will take it for granted that is exactly what it consists of; the entire North Ward. Well in the early history we understand, physically Spring Garden was a separate village from Schuylkill Haven. It was separated near Paxson Avenue by a huge swamp which in later years was filled in by the borough.

Minutes of the town council years and years ago show that considerable filling had to Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania done at that point and at other places trees had to be cut down. Spring Garden was the title seking assigned to that particular section.

Just why such a name was chosen, older residents do not seem to be with wooded hills, the river and several streams running through it. Then too there was a spring on what is now Haven Street near the Pennsylvania Railroad station.

A spring that has proven to be of a never failing supply and a spring whose water Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania always fresh and very cold and a wonderful thirst quencher.

The spring prior to the laying of water pipelines, supplied hundreds of families with Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania. It was a spot where housewives would meet during the day to greet one another or perhaps discuss some item of interest that occurred in this section.

It became a regular town square and folks gathered in that section and Lqndingville away hours at a time. The spring today supplies many people with good Pennstlvania and cool water. As to its purity at this time we are not too certain.

Several years ago a sample of the water tested by the State Health Department was not given a very satisfactory or clean bill. There are many prominent features in Spring Garden that can be enumerated to Pemnsylvania or prove, "What it is" and therefore answer the first question in the Lanidngville. There are male taxpayers and female taxpayers in this ward. According to a report made by the Fire Chief of town on July 16, there are houses in the North Ward. This Springdale Arkansas hookers fucking it is thought Women seeking sex Landingville Pennsylvania been somewhat increased since this date.

Spring Garden was years ago one of the busiest sections of the town.